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Busy reinventing their lives Stu reduces his airline flying schedule to train for triathlons while Angie escapes the daily horrors of a prosecutor’s job to pursue pro bono work But death threats soon prove that the only thing Angie escaped was the protective arm of the District Attorney’s office With a graphic photo of a ritual stoning Stu’s only tangible clue he sets out to protect a wife who refuses to protect herself Obsessed with catching a murdering rapist Angie plunges them both into a web of global intrigue But who indeed what is the real When I first started reading the story I was confused because I thought the character from Prologue Zhueb Azwad was involved in the story and but instead meet Hosaam and Kashif Later understanding comes that Zhueb was the ancestor of Uday I think because of the confusion and trying to figure out the connection it distracted me from getting into the story I liked Stu and Angie's story line It was complex with so many factors affecting them both as individuals even after 26 years of marriage Deception between them almost cost them everythingI felt the characters showed a complexity that is not often seen The scenes where Stu is fighting the urge to take a pill and Angie's bura speaking to her showed flaws that made them real Flaws that made them relatable and understandable We are shown the perspective of devout believers of Islam and how even within there are strong differences of opinions I think that is important to acknowledge that not everyone wants to be a soldier or be a part of jihad The story is fast paced with an almost happy ending which adds to the reality of the story I felt the events that played out could have happened somewhere in real life Overall good read for anyone who enjoys suspense and fast paced action Look forward to reading the seuel

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Face Of Our Father Enemy? Honor Love Life All are at stake as the Pierces struggle to uncover the truth both the enemy’s and their own Sometimes the biggest enemy can be the one right next to you FACE OF OUR FATHER is too literary to be a thriller yet too thrilling to put down a uniue blend of action and intimacy a thriller with a soul How often does fiction change how we define integrity prejudice and evil? To get at all that a novel needs a rollercoaster of a plot coupled with an acute understanding of identity love and where these intersect Test your beliefs Read When I first picked up Face of Our Father I had no idea of the treasure that awaited me To call it a modern thriller is practically a misnomer it is thrilling but it is also far than this suggests This book is deeply and consistently intriguing I read the whole of it in two sittings and never did I find it predictable At every turn this book is unconfined by generic tropes and expectations and this made it a true pleasure to readWhat was perhaps even pleasantly surprising was the well integrated progressive nature of the book It includes various social perspectives and offers an unobtrusive commentary on marginalised groups and at no point did this feel in any way forced It simply included and represented than simply the usual white Western perspective Aside from all of this it's also a terrific story nuanced full of surprises and brilliantly written A great novel all round

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kindle Ê Face Of Our Father 377 pages Ð randarenewables · Pitir does it again Some authors speak of genre bending some authors prove it After winning the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for ActionAdventure and receiving the BRAG Medallion FACE OF OUR FATHER was just awarded the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction by thePitir does it again Some authors speak of genre bending some authors prove it After winning the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for ActionAdventure and receiving the BRAG Medallion FACE OF OUR FATHER was just awarded the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction by the 2016 eLit Awards This novel has it all One part The Bourne Identity one part Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and one part The Notebook this poignant tale leaves the reader haunted by its characters long after the novel's final page has turned Stuart and Angela Pierce like many disillusioned careerists are This is a complex story that will force you to rethink Stu and Angie have been married for 25 years and raised two children but something seems to have gone out of their relationship Stu suspects Angie is keeping secrets and it’s tearing him apart Kashir Hosaam and Abbud have been trained by their Mullah in Afghanistan to hate and wage war against Americans but are their motives simply a matter of training and can they follow through with the slaughter of innocents? Uday is a prince of The Realm but behind the glitz and glamour is a monster waiting to be unleashed The author expertly takes us through the lives of these people digging deep into their motivations and relationships and exploring how far they are willing to go for their cause The story is very complex but perfectly written This is the author’s first book and it is stunning I would recommend it to any adult reader as long as you’re willing to be open minded