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The Distant Hours Free read ¸ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Tudo começa uando uma carta perdida há mais de meio século chega finalmente ao seu destinoEvacuada de Londres no início da II Guerra Mundial a jovem Meredith Burchill é acolhida pela família Blythe no majestoso Castelo de Milderhurst Aí descobre o prazer dos lUe modificaram os seus destinos para sempre No interior do decadente castelo Edie começa a deslindar o passado de Meredith Mas há outros segredos escondidos nas paredes do edifício A verdade do ue realmente aconteceu nas horas distantes do Castelo de Milderhurst irá por fim ser revelada. I am a sucker for ancient decaying castles with occupants who are eccentric and obviously have secrets to hide When Morton sets the stage and begins to play out the lives of the Blythe sisters children of a famous and ultimately bizarre writer during the time of WWII she has me hooked At the same time she introduces the modern day story of Edie Burchill the daughter of a WWII child evacuee who was sent to the castle to wait out the war It is her mother's story that Edie is determined to unearth but in the process she finds herself enmeshed in the story of the Blythe sisters as well This contrivance of running parallel stories in different time lines is fairly common and seldom well done Morton does it well She makes us eually interested in both stories and anxious to see how they converge one upon the otherI would never argue that Morton's books are great literature They are pure enjoyment Now and then that is what we need and what we seek I never feel disappointed by having spent my time with her characters and she keeps me straining to figure out what the truth of the mystery will be which I never do

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Tudo começa uando uma carta perdida há mais de meio século chega finalmente ao seu destinoEvacuada de Londres no início da II Guerra Mundial a jovem Meredith Burchill é acolhida pela família Blythe no majestoso Castelo de Milderhurst Aí descobre o prazer dos livros e da fantasia mas. 4 out of 5 stars to Kate Morton's The Distant Hours a beautifully written and compelling story of sisters mothers and daughters across two different time periods set in London and rural England Why This Book I'd read one of her other books The Forgotten Garden and fell in love with Kate Morton's style effortless reads and vivid settings and characters I had to continue absorbing as much of her books as I could but given they are usually 500 pages and uite intense I have to layer them in every few months I happened to arrive in my building's laundry room a few minutes early and perused the library's bookshelves while waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle Lo an' behold there she stoodSome kind soul had dropped off this book and it beckoned me to depart uickly with it Well as soon as I finished getting all my clothes out of the dryer It sat on my living room's bookshelves for a few weeks until I'd seen a review of it this week and decided to move it up on my TBR list SO GLAD I DID Overview of Story Edie Burchill a thirty year old book lover working in the publishing industry recently split from her live in boyfriend is visiting her parents one weekend when a letter arrives in the mail postmarked nearly 50 years ago Edie's mother Meredith tells her very little only that it came from one of the Blythe sisters who live at Milderhurst Castle where Meredith stayed as an evacuee during WWII's German Blitz Though Edie and her mother aren't very close she knows Meredith hasn't told her the entire story And when Edie finds herself driving near the castle and an opportunity to take a tour arises she jumps on it Inside Edie meets 85ish twins Saffy and Percy who care for their much younger sister Juniper who is in her early 70s All is not well with Juniper who thinks Edie is actually Meredith from nearly 50 years ago Edie visits local historians presses her mother's family and becomes closer to the twin sisters in hopes she'll discover what hides behind her mother's wistful eyes And as she falls deeper in the story she learns of a broken engagement a missing fiancee a long lost love a crazy author an affair and a few mysterious deaths Not to mention the mystery of the mud man who the sisters' father Raymond Blythe wrote a famous fiction or was it story nearly 70 years before Approach Style The book alternates time periods every few chapters showing what happened in 1939 1941 and what is happening currently in the 1990s Chapters take on different points of view and focus from all of the core characters Raymond Blythe His 3 daughters Saffy Percy and Juniper Edie spends time with her parents and her mother's sister Rita Mr Cavill the missing fiancee has his own stories and connections and his family is still looking for him in current time The stories and characters unfold chapter by chapter leading readers to discover all the covert relationships and actions that have occurred to bring everything to current times Strengths Kate Morton is uickly becoming my favorite author Her writing style though a little exaggerated and too lyrical at times is astoundingly beautiful You will always picture the setting the views and the backdrops Her choice of words ranges from intoxicating to phenomenal And her ability to stop the story at just the right moment before switching to a different character or point of view is dazzling And sometimes it's not even a cliffhanger or point of suspense; it's a mere change to give you a chance to breathe and let your imagination run free for a bitThe plot is intricate realistic and intense You uestion with each chapter the motivation of the good people and the sentiment of the bad people You wonder why they make the decision they make only to find out later you should never second guess it I can imagine Morton writes very detailed outlines over several months determining when to drop certain hints and when to hold back for a complete and utter shock She's clearly writing in a forum and a genre that is well suited to her strengths Open uestions Concerns At times the story is a little too unclear In 90% of the cases it works to your advantage as your suspense and thrill increases; however every so often it goes a little too far unravels than it needs to and opens itself up to a few too many uestions that don't fully find resolution In particular with the ending of this one I wasn't sure of a connection to make with the delay that happens on the bus no spoilers here that said it's easily forgiven but this reader wanted it a little tidied upEmpathy for the character of Juniper should have been a stronger theme Readers will feel attached to her but when you discover what truly happened to her in the end and how it seems so much could have been prevented you wonder whether she was just there to suffer A tweak here and there might have made this a little acceptable but then again reality doesn't always work that way either People have a misguided notion they are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons Final Thoughts If you love flowery language tremendous detail and an ethereal uality in a story you must read Morton's books And this one in particular shows the pushpull between siblings and parents and children all the things you never know even though you live together for so many years We are all different people and despite sharing so much in common our relationships are uniue This book shows us how to uestion why a sister can control another how a mother can choose not to truly love her child and how a man could go crazy over losing so much in a lifetimeGo into this one expecting a long and intense journey and you will be pleased Go into this hoping for a thrilling ride of great leaps and shocks you will be disappointed This is not about how dastardly someone has behaved; this is about how people disappoint one another when they least expect to About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Thanks for stopping by Images are from GIPHY

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The Distant HoursTambém os seus perigosCinuenta anos depois Edie procura decifrar os enigmas ue envolvem a juventude da sua mãe e a sua relação com as excêntricas irmãs Blythe ue permaneceram no castelo desde então Há muito isoladas do mundo elas sofrem as conseuências de terríveis acontecimentos. I abandoned the effort to read The Distant Hours about a third of the way in I don’t know uite what to make of Kate Morton whose writing at least for me gets increasingly annoying with every book she publishes At some point she has begun to confuse languor with atmosphere and the pace of this book is like sitting on the leading edge of an advancing glacier It could be millennia before it gets where it’s going Morton is plainly far interested in the details of setting and landscape than in narrative and character and conseuently she spends far time on description and explanation than on dialogue or action with the result that I started to feel as if I were having a guided tour of a novel instead of reading one This is all the frustrating because somewhere under all the visual detail there’s a story I was kind of interested in hearing but she just wore me down with page after page after page of rambling stylistically torpid journeys through landscapes both external and internal I gave up after a two and half page description of someone looking for a pile of laundry Life is just too short