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Read & Download The Shootout Solution à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Leah Tang just died on stage Well not literally Not yetLeah's stand up career isn't going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she's offered employment with the mysterious Genrenauts Foundation she soon discovers that literally dying onLeah Tang just died on stage Well not literally Not yetLeah's stand up career isn't going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she's offered employment with the mysterious Genrenauts. A preposterously creative idea with the writing talent and humor to back it up Light hearted and very rewarding I'm looking forward to the the future 'episodes'As a side note the wonderful Mary Robinette Kowal crushes the audiobook narration of this one continuing to win at life as she always has

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Foundation she soon discovers that literally dying on stage is a hazard of the jobHer first assignment takes her to a Western world When a cowboy tale slips off its rails and the outlaws start to win. The premise is simple yet somehow ended up hitting me really hard there's our regular everyday world and there are story worlds that exist in another dimension in space orbiting Earth impacting Earth based on which story world that's at issue Problems in the story worlds cause problems on Earth so if you can fix problems on the story worlds you can solve Earth's problems For me someone who is pretty damn worried about Earth's problems on a pretty regular basis this simple solution that is also so much wish fulfillment as a geek was really rather poignant I had to actually put my Kindle down for a moment and take a break because of how happy the concept made me and how sad I was that we don't have such an easy fix The cast of characters will probably be dismissed by folks who hate diversity for diversity's sake or checking off boxes on the SJW checklist but honestly it was really refreshing to see so many non white non male characters They all felt like solid characters not tokens and for being a novella what we saw of each character's motivations made sense and workedSo far as the plot went I saw the twist coming about a mile away but I was happy that was where the story went and I was definitely pleased with how the ending was wrapped up on Western worldI'm impressed with the pacing and the plotting because there's a lot of ground to cover and really not all that much space to do it in These could easily be much longer books but the episodic nature and short time span addressed in text by staying too long in story worlds Bad News Bears means the story has to be tight and it is There are still however plenty of mentions of real world issues and current events This is very much a book that is of this moment this moment being 20152016 with all the socio political class race gender environmental issues that conjures up They don't all get mentioned overtly but it's obvious that the issues are apparent and important to the characters and I expect some of them will come up in later books in the seriesIt's certainly not for everyone and the folks who it would immediately turn off have probably long stopped reading this review If you're looking for a fun adventure that's socially aware and culturally relevant I think this would be a good book for youI was provided with a copy of this book for review by the author

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The Shootout SolutionIt's up to Leah and the Genrenauts team to nudge the story back on track and prevent a catastrophe on EarthBut the story's hero isn't interested in winning and the safety of Earth hangs in the balanc. I received an early copy of this novella through NetGalleyI confess right from the start I'm biased I read this as an early draft and loved it and I was overjoyed when Genrenauts was announced as part of a new novella series at Tor The concept is a delightful and original mash up of uantum Leap and Sliders and so many other fun shows Earth has parallel worlds that echo tropes of literary genres and if a story on such a world goes off kilter it impacts people on Earth Leah is recruited straight out of her stand up show and dropped into a bucketful of weird and unbelievable It's a fun ride as they jaunt off to western world where troublesome tropes do exist but are delightfully subverted by Underwood's deft plotting I can't wait for the next installment