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PDF Ï BOOK Divah By Susannah Appelbaum FREE É Eloise meets Rosemary's Baby in New York City’s very own Carlyle hotelSeventeen year old Itzy Nash is spending the summer at the exclusive Carlyle hotel in New York City But the hotel harbors than the rich and privileged; it is host to a gorgeous fallen angel reclusive movie stars and—ItzStraddles the Upper East Side and the lush trappings of the Carlyle hotel and Paris during the Reign of Terror in 1789 Marie Antoinette is the ueen of the Damned Marilyn Monroe is an expert demon hunter To kill a demon Hermès scarves Evian water and a guillotine are the weapons of choice Lucky enough to get an early preview of this book Susannah is my neighbor and I am not YA audience I'm loving it I've visited the bar and restaurant and stayed at the Carlyle many times and I'm finding this book so evocative of the feeling you get if you visit the hotel so many ghosts there both good and evil famous and unknown I fear some of the reviewers missed the point This is not realism It's a day dream Familiar yet surprising Truth with fantasy Improbable but possible Let yourself drift into the book without skepticism or judgement and it is a delight

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Zy soon learns demons of the worst sort When the ueen of the Damned checks in all Hell breaks loose Itzy is called upon to save herself and all of humanity from the ravages of the Underworld There’s only one problem Itzy’s possessedPart gothic thriller part historical fiction the novel Itzy is a seventeen year old girl who is invited to spend some time with her snobby aunt at New York's Carlyle hotel Once there she meets freaky people and receives a torn up pamphlet about Divahs or female demons As her eyes are opened to the supernatural she realizes she is surrounded by soul stealing demons and fallen angelsWhen the ueen of the Damned checks into the hotel with the intent on possessing Itzy for eternity Itzy has to save herself and stop the ueen from opening the gates of Hell and unleashing death upon the worldMy Thoughts Truly a Gothic creep fest This story is the time old tale of the battle between good and evil one that replays itself several times throughout history The setting really steals the show The Carlyle hotel is the embodiment of long forgotten decorum and polite people who will sweep anything under the rug even murder The hotel is riddled with underground tunnels and strange staff members There is even a bar filled with paintings of bunniesItzy and Luc are the two main characters Luc is a fallen angel who is trying to earn back his wings by protecting Itzy and falling in love with her of course We get his back story and learn all about how he originally was fooled by the ueen of the Damned back in Paris 1789 Itzy is a fun character with an interest in photography I was amazed that she didn't run screaming from the hotel at the very beginningPossession demons oh my The story is an original tale of horror and dark fun I did find a couple plot issues which kept me from giving this one a perfect 5 I'm going to mention them so that if any of you figure them out you can let me know SPOILER ALERT First at the very beginning Luc mentions demons crawling into your bag if you place it on the floor Why then does he not shake out Itzy's bag at the train station? It would have prevented the whole mess Second the only way to open the gates of Hell involves having an angel's feather Itzy steals back the feather so how is Divah still able to open the gates in the hotel? And last regarding those gates We are told that if they open it is the end of the world Well they open and nothing happens Nothing comes out Plus they don't shut them again just fill the basement with water What? How is that supposed to stop demons So that's my two centsI did love the story telling and the characters are so rich and bold I give this one 45 stars and if you like dark humorous horror you really should read it

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Divah By Susannah AppelbaEloise meets Rosemary's Baby in New York City’s very own Carlyle hotelSeventeen year old Itzy Nash is spending the summer at the exclusive Carlyle hotel in New York City But the hotel harbors than the rich and privileged; it is host to a gorgeous fallen angel reclusive movie stars and It I've had to defend my rating of this book I did almost rate it higher because at least I was never bored But in the end this was uite possibly the worst book I've ever finished and if that isn't worthy of one star I don't know what is You know how sometimes you get trapped watching a movie and even though it's so bad you're stuck? That was me with this book Divah can't decide what it wants to be It's a Gothic thriller horror YA romance with some historical fiction thrown in I thought it might be a comedy too but I couldn't tell if it was intentionally funny or not Demons hate French and can be exorcised by Evian water But all the silliness is done with a serious tone which made it less believable instead of funny I kept wondering if I was reading a spoof I wasn't sure if it was making fun of itself or just bad I looked it up and nope it's not listed as a comedy It's just so bad that it's funny There were many cliché horror aspects and the main characters seemed like they were straight from a YA checklistItzy was spunky friendless and uick to fall in love Too often she rushes into danger or doesn’t listen to warnings But in her defense the people warning her did a lousy job of sounding sane Her going into dark tunnels after a dog that previously bit her was particularly stupid Her love of old fashioned photography was a nice touch though even if it's only so she can see the supernatural There isn’t much to Luc other than he’s handsome and brooding Even after a way too long flash back we don’t learn anything about him Except I’m now convinced he's insane He spends most of the flashback like a uarter of the book carrying around a severed head Why? No clue We get to meet the other fallen too all of which have personality than our love interest I read this book because I wanted a forbidden love I suppose technically there is but there isn’t much romance other than she thinks he’s cute More a crush than falling in lovePippa was one of the better characters after her personality did a 180 The first time we meet her she’s a major bitch acting horribly and not caring that her dog bit Itzy Then when she next shows up she’s nice and she’s friends with Itzy Wait What?I wanted world building Demons come from hell but they're parasites taking over humans They look really gross But all we learn about angels is that like demons they don't have souls and as a result feel incomplete Luc and his friends are called fallen There are also Demon hunters called scholars who are often famous people because demons like to hide among them Marilyn Monroe was one of the greatest of all time See what I mean? It sounds humorous right? But the author didn't go thereI kept reading hoping there was a reason for all the weirdness and craziness but there wasn’t I wasn’t confused and the main plot made sense but there was a certain irrational uality to all of the characters Maybe everyone’s just nuts In the end I wish I’d given up This is definitely a book I wish I could unread Point of View Third Person Itzy First Person LucSeries Standalone? Predictability 4 out of 5 Where 1 is totally unpredictable and 5 is I knew what was going to happen way ahead of timeSource Edelweiss I received this book free for an honest review My SummaryAn angel fell from heaven because he fell in love with Marie Antoinette a demon He's given a chance to earn his wings back by protecting a girl named ItzyIn 1998 Itzy is seventeen and sent to stay with her aunt for the summer in rich hotel in New York City A hotel crawling with demons who are all after Itzy