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Unfinished Muse Mt Olympus Employment Agency Muse #1Wynter Greene is a chronic uitter in work in life and in love When she uits a job a boyfriend and a seemingly minor craft project all in one day the dormant deity blood in her veins triggers a Welcome Package from the gods A talking and singing houseplant named Phyllis bullies Wynter into taking a job at the Mt Oly We had this author in for a book signing at the indie bookstore where I work This sounded fun and when I picked it up I was sucked right in Very well written I loved the main character She was funny but not in that trying too hard snarky way She definitely grew over the course of the book The secondary characters were also well drawn The urban fantasy setting was nicely done and made sense I typically despise stories with a Greek mythology base but didn't mind it at all here Probably because the story doesn't concern any of the biggies Zeus etc The story concluded the main conflict but ended on a set up for an immediate future story I hope I don't have to wait long

Ebook Unfinished Muse Mt Olympus Employment Agency Muse #1

Download Book Ù Unfinished Muse Mt Olympus Employment Agency Muse #1 Å 224 pages õ Wynter Greene is a chronic uitter—in work in life and in love When she uits a job a boyfriend and a seemingly minor craft project all in one day the dormant deity blood in her veins triggers a Welcome PackDistracting her with his rippling muscles and magnetic stare Wynter needs to figure her job out soon Each failure is a tick mark on her record and if she continues to miss her deadlines she’ll be reassigned to the Underworld as a dog walker And scooping poop for a giant three headed dog is nobody’s ideal career To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from this book I am not a huge fan of mixing mythology and god figures with modern day times It generally doesn't sit right with me and is not my thing With that being said I was uite surprised by how this story turned out In essence it's not badThe setup is uite pleasant actually So basically decedents of Greek Gods and Hero's are sent to the Mt Olympus Employment Agency after they flop Once the person in uestion hits rock bottom they get sent to the Agency for evaluation to see if they exude any special talents Now this usually comes as a shock to the person in uestion because most of them have no idea such a place exists let alone that they have mythological blood running through their veinsSo the MC of this little novel is a 24 year old woman named Wynter Greene In the beginning I didn't like that name but I have to say it's grown on me I think it's pretty cute Anyways Wynter crashes and burns so to speak She then gets thrust through the lobby doors of the Mt Olympus Employment Agency and her whole world gets turned upside downEncountering strange creatures on the way in Wynter keeps her cool and plays along thinking that she must of fallen and hit her head in the parking lot can't say that I blame her But she's not dreaming all of it is real and eventually she comes to terms with the new weirdness that is her life That is the foundation of the entire story and it's uite fun The new employees are tested and placed in certain departments at the company Wynter gets placed in the Muse office and has to learn how to secretly inspire her targets so they can create great pieces of art Which is rather difficult because how does one inspire others if they don't feel inspired themselves Wynter literally hit rock bottom the day before so she isn't exactly peppy at the momentUnfortunately her job turns out to be even difficult than she had anticipated because everyone at the new office seems to be giving her the cold shoulder Why Perhaps they're just mean people or maybe it's her Wynter struggles trying to get the hang of her new job and mostly just has to wing it and hope all goes wellThere is some depth to this book and it does have a surprise twist that happens which is fun but by the mid point I did get a little bored Sometimes it felt like this story didn't have much of a direction or feel of urgency It was floundering Thankfully it does gain it's footing and the plot picks upThere is something going on at Wynter's work someone is purposely making her job difficult But who would do that to her Trying not to let it get her down she carries on and does the best that she can do which is pretty damn good actually With the help of some new friends Wynter starts to come out of her shell and become her own person She's not going down without a fight She's no uitter Nearly everything gets solved at the end of the book and justice is brought to light I was a bit surprised by how things went but I think the possibilities of what is to come will be very amusing Initially I didn't have high expectations for this story as I stated earlier however Nauin's writing style has piued my interest so I will be looking into the next installment There are still so many uestions that I want answered Who or what is Phyllis She can't simply be a talking house plant no way What's going on with her mom Who is Wynter's father I want all the answers So I must read the next book I think Hades will be fun

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Mpus Employment Agency Stuck with a job in the Muse department Wynter discovers that helping others finish what they start isn’t easy especially for someone who can’t seem to finish anything of her own And how is Wynter supposed to focus on anything when that guy from the Dreams and Nightmares department keeps that took awhile I liked the author on her previous series and I thought that this series had an interesting concept It was easy to put down at the beginning but it got better and I ended up liking it in the end on to the next book