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FREE READ Bloodmage (The Age of Darkness Trilogy, #2) 107 · The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war but their future is looking darker than everBYRNE is a Guardian of the Peace investigating a series of murders in which the corpse was drained entirely of lifeFRAY's expertise with magic is needed to catch the killer butAnd attempting to prevent a massacre that will topple two dynasties and destroy the fragile peace in the city for everGuardians and spies assassins and criminals will clash on the streets in this magic fuelled adventure from the author of Battlemag. The last book was all about war while this one have spies cops and criminalsByrne and Fray are guardians who are investigating horrible murders I liked them and their hunt for the killerChoss is trying to find what happened at a recent fight and that brings us the underworld I was not that keen on Choss or his investigations The best part was when Butcher showed upA character from book 1 is hanging about and I so wanted about him but alasKatja is a spy who is sent to infiltrate bad guys who are trying to assassinate two ueens I think I like what she did during the daytime than her spying her daytime was interesting Everything these characters are doing will come together at the end one way or anotherI enjoy this series It is light in the way written I know I say that a lot and everyone thinks ohh light no no not the actual story I mean people are butchered But who it is written cos the story flows and I read it fast And now I want book 3 Which again will be about new character Arghh I so want the god stuff Please just give that to meEnjoyable and fun

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The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war but their future is looking darker than everBYRNE is a Guardian of the Peace investigating a series of murders in which the corpse was drained entirely of lifeFRAY's expertise with magic is nee. Rating 295Review Again with the bad cover artThis installment resides in the same world during the same period with different characters other than a few Talandra is back in a supporting role along with Vargus If you are into Palace intrigue spies and the brutal underbelly of a city then this is for you There are still battles yet they take on a personal edge as our heroes are at the forefront of mostI was entertained despite a lot of truncated scenes This “Bam Boof we are done and everything is resolved so let’s move on” type of writing leaves much to be desired Like poignancy’s gift to a well developed story line Did I care about Fray Munroe or Goraxx Not really As main characters they never developed to the point where their loss might affect your ability to buy the next in the series They were just average in development and shallow in depth Even Choss whom was the pivot point for most of the action was not to be missed should he catch a fatal steel bolt through an eyeLack of character development when there is plenty of movement usually spells disaster for most novels as there really is no excuse to not imbibe them with depth Sacrificing characterization for the sake of raw entertainment renders the story line mundane Mathew Riley’s novels encompass the same ideals and always leave you a little emptyLet us hope that Chaosmage pumps the brakes a bit and allows for depth to be built

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Bloodmage The Age of Darkness Trilogy #2Ded to catch the killer but working with the Guardians destroyed his father years beforeCHOSS is a champion fighter trying to diffuse a war in the underworld that threatens to turn the streets red with rivers of bloodKATJA is a spy from a foreign l. I loved this book even than Battlemage book 1Aryan really knows how to write a good battle scenewhether its a huge battle in the middle of a war like in Battlemageor smaller hand to hand street fights like in this oneI was glad to see some characters from Battlemage make an appearanceand again the author managed to add characters that I liked and wanted to root for This story had a intimate feel because it takes place mainly in the city where its own criminal underworld has a significant role to play which happens to be a favourite plot of mine While there is plenty of actionits smaller in scale There is a magical murder mystery to solve an assassination plot to be foiled and a civil war between different criminal families to be averted So this story focuses on intrigue and mystery than on straight up battle scenesAgain the pacing was greatthe world building is becoming expansive as we learn about the different peoples inhabiting this world and the action is exciting and well done As I mentioned earlierI just like Aryan's characters I think he balances them well and gives them plenty of depth and diversityAlso each of these books can be read as standalones if you are not in the mood for a series PersonallyI am really enjoying my back to back reading of them and I'm looking forward to starting Chaosmage tomorrow 😁