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Two very different men have a chance at happiness but only if they can let go of their painful pasts and allow love to take precedenceAfter spending his teens and twenties raising his son James Maron is now dating Gabriel Juarez the wealthy and sophisticated CFO of the TechPrim technology empire But after a life of proudly. 45 Stars This entire story was brilliantI love reading stories about people realistically falling in love and this was a prime example when its done just right This story followed the transition of Gabe and James from acuaintances to friends then lovers I enjoyed every single bit of it and I wish it never endedOthers might call this slow moving but for me the pace matched the story that was being told perfectly Especially with the sort of person that James was and the baggage that both he and Gabriel carried around I wouldn't change a thing about it; imperfections and all It is my wish that we get a novella or something following these men some time after the events of this bookin their future because while this ended on a solid HFN my greedy little heart needs some permanency or solid indicators of such But hey that's just meHighly recommended

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BowerbirdsOney usually clears most of the bumps and when a boyfriend walks away Gabe figures it’s for a good reason But James isn’t like other boyfriends He doesn’t want Gabe’s money for one and if Gabe wants to keep his relationship together he will have to finally face the ghosts of his own past and reconsider his prioriti. So we met James and Gabe in Empty Nests Gabe is a billionaire IT mogul and James is a single father who works with computers and is barely scraping by The two are at once completely different yet totally the same and manage to find themselves dating in book oneIn book two things are nowhere near “settled” James is having panic attacks because his son Dylan is turning 18 and graduating This is a huge thing for a guy who worried every day that Dylan could be taken from himGabe is stressed because he’s got a huge “world changing” deal going down and it’s taking every moment of his life – BUT he wants to keep James and keep him happyIn this book there is only a little smexy times but lots and lots of feelsBoth James and Gabe are finding that they want than anything to be together – but love isn’t always enough it takes a lot of work to make things stickI loved this book even than book one For one I really felt connected to the characters There was a lot of time spent in both their heads and hearts and I really feel that their love – though not going to be easy – is than just a “Cinderfella” storyI also really liked Dylan and his involvement in the story What an amazing kid It will be fun to see where the next story takes him too The tamales the telenovelas and most especially the scene with James’ budget really touched me and I am so excited to see where these guys end up I think I want Gabe to make James’ life easy almost as much as Gabe doesI highly recommend this to fans of the first book and if you missed the first you should get it so that you can read this one

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review ↠ Bowerbirds ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â Two very different men have a chance at happiness but only if they can let go of their painful pasts and allow love to take precedenceAfter spending his teens and twenties raising his son James Maron is now dating Gabriel Juarez the wealthy and sophisticated CFO of the TecHolding his head above the poverty line with the ethos of work priorities responsibility and thrift he is not looking for a Sugar Daddy he does not need to be rescued and Gabe’s wealth is as terrifying as feeling love for the first time Gabe has never been good at balancing his high pressure job with his relationships M. This seuel to ‘Empty Nests’ is as completely wonderful as the first book in this series but in a slightly different way James and Gabe were familiar to me from the first story and I though they were pretty awesome complex characters As different as their circles were the coincidence that threw them together and the subseuent exploration was as fascinating and complicated as it was sweet and touching But let me tell you this seuel takes that to a whole new level of amazing Now that they have established they like each other have gotten to know each other’s likes and dislikes and gained some confidence in being able to date the real problems are bound to come out And boy do they everJames is a proud man who has managed to raise a son single handedly keeping both of them just above the poverty line by sheer force of will He is not ready to accept anyone’s help and a boyfriend coming in to “save” him is not on his agenda As good as Gabe was about not just offering James money “to help” and expensive gifts so far the longer the two are boyfriends the tempting it becomes James runs at the first sign of Gabe giving him “stuff” he hasn’t asked for and never would James is terrified of the feelings he develops for Gabe and afraid he’ll get used to something that can easily vanish James has never been in love before so he as no experience that might help him deal with what is going on He has been relying on only himself for too long and it’s very difficult for him to revisit his principles and priorities – no matter how much he loves Gabe Admitting those feelings however even to himself proves to be nearly impossibleGabe doesn’t have an easy time of it either He is very conscious of having to be careful and when he slips up he is devastated It is only when he begins to let himself remember his own background growing up “on the wrong side of the tracks” that he begins to be able to feel what James might be going through Gabe opens up and that is a step in the right direction But there is still his work his determination to make the world a better place and that is really beginning to get in the way of a proper relationship Sheer lack of time to be together is one problem but James’s recognition of how important Gabe’s work turns out to be the other Gabe has to come to a fundamental agreement with himself to make some real changes or he’ll face losing the one thing he is beginning to care about than his job JamesJames and Gabe are not an easy fit and not because of a personality clash It’s “life” and the way they deal with it that gets in the way Luckily there is enough love between them to make them want to work it out but I held my breath than once as I was reading this novel The style is humorous and lighthearted most of the time yet gentle and deeply emotional in the right places The supporting characters really come into their own in this second installment and I especially liked Tamyra Gabe’s than competent PA and Dylan James’s graduating sonIf you like stories about men who are as different as they are determined to make a relationship work if you enjoy stories that are character based and give real insight into a developing relationship and all its practicalities and if you’re looking for a read that is funny sweet and hot then you will probably like this novel as much as I did I’m hoping for a seuel – juts because I really like James and Gabe and I want to see James write his bookNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews