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Review Û Spear of Light (The Glittering Edge, #2) 109 Ý When the post human Next suddenly re appear in a solar system that banished them humans are threatened Their reactions vary from disgust and anger to yearning to live forever like the powerful Next who are casually building a new city out of starships in the heart of the rEvolution threatens to undo everything by attacking the Next on Lym and their desire to eradicate the post humans is greater than their desire to save humanity’s home It is entirely possible that they will draw the wrath of the Next onto all of humanityIn the meantime the Next’s motives remain inscrutable Why are they here at all What do they want Why are they interested in the ancient past of a planet that has been ravaged and rebuilt at least onc. Brenda Cooper has had her ups and downs in her eight novel career and sadly “Spear of Light” Pyr 400 pages 18 falls short of her best “Spear of Light” is set in the same time and universe as her three previous novels which concern humans and transhumans advanced artificial intelligences robots that began as human beings in a galactic settingThe Next as the transhumans are known are seen as a threat to human beings by many while at the same time many humans volunteer for the painful and sometimes fatal process of becoming Next There’s political intrigue violence romance and after four novels a carefully developed society but “Spear of Light” which may be the end of The Glittering Edge series but may not just doesn’t click There’s a major reveal at the end which comes pretty much out of nowhere solving a puzzle that seemed secondary to the main themes but otherwise the book simply ends rather than concludesAll in all the four novels based in this society are all over the map For example one is a thinly disguised version of Eva Peron’s life which has little to do with the themes explored in “The Edge of Dark” and “Spear of Light” which are a long way from “Diamond Deep” the first book My advice Check “Diamond Deep” out of the library and see how much you like it – and then go from there

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He Next are building strange cities he never imagined and other humans who want to destroy the Next are his worst enemies Ambassador Nona Hall strives to forge links between the powerful station she’s from The Diamond Deep and the people of Lym The formidable merchant Gunnar Ellensson appears to be up to no good and as usual his motivations are suspect Why is he sending ships to Lym and what does he intend to do with them when he arrivesThe Shining R. 45 Rating Review first posted at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape and The Speculative HeraldDiscalimer I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion and reviewThe GIVEAWAY is located at the bottom of this reviewEdge of Dark was one of the best books I read in 2015 my review and one of the novels I included in my 2016 Hugo nomination’s ballot The reason I loved that story so much and kept thinking about and recommending it to other readers a full year after I finished it was because of Cooper’s futurist ideas about transhumanism that brought the uestion”what does it mean to be a human” to the focus I was deeply hoping that Spear of Light would be a continuation of that and other futurist ideas and it was but this time it took a back seat to the plotA few weeks have passed since events at the end of Edge of Dark Charlie has negotiated the treaty with Next and while the Next are keeping to themselves the people of Lym are none too happy that the Next are there at all regardless if they are keeping to their promise And with this giant wall the Next are building around all of their territory the people are close to revoltingThe people of Lym aren’t the only ones upset with the Next While they are angry because they are on  their planet the people of the Shinning Revolution hate that Next even exist at all After the actions of the Few Free Men ship the Shinning Revolutions has an even greater following – in the millions – and they will stop at nothing to end the NextAt this same time Nona is coming to Lym as the official ambassador of Diamond Deep to see how the Next and Lym are doing – and how Charlie is This will be the first time she has seen him since the system wide vote and the one night they made loveOf the Next Yi Jason Chrystal and Katherine are still considered the first of the new generation of Next and meant to be a type of ambassador and public face of the Next to the humans Even though Yi and them are higher in the chain of command than the newer converts and soulbots they do not even know what the meaning of this new wall they are building is nor why the Colorimas or Jhailings are on Lym or what the Next’s ultimate goal isAs you can tell from my brief plot set up the Spear of Light‘s plot heavily centers around the Next’s purpose on Lym and has multiple threads in order to tell this story – thread sand POVs than last timeWe still have Charlie’s and Nona’s perspective as last time Charlie working to keep peace on Lym between the normal people gleamers and Next; and Nona working as the ambassador a sort of relay point for information between Lym and Satyana on the Diamond Deep Then there is Satyana as well Her chapters serve to let us know of the happening in space with their war with Shinning Revolution and allowed us to keep an eye on Gunnar and his money schemesThe two new perspectives this time are Yi and Nayli Nayli is a co leader of the Shinning Revolution and the person who “murdered” Chrystal at the end of Edge of Dark With her we finally get to see the inner working and motivations behind the Shinning Revolution Yi is one of the members of Chrystal’s family Yi gives us a better glimpse into how the humans turned soulbots turning into Next are handling the change and gives a closer look compared to Charles and the rest of the human at what the Colorimas or Jhailings are up toYou should have noticed two major things one there is no Chrystal POV; two I am using the word “human” freely in this review These changes are at the root of where I wish Cooper decided to take the story in a different directionChrystal was central to the plot of Edge of Dark with her becoming of a Next and the uestion of “what defines a human” and after the ending of last book I figured the conseuences of that and the reactions it would cause would be central to Spear of Light as well But it was notWe do not get any new Chrystal chapters; we do no see how other characters react to the “new” Chrystal; her family members don’t seemed bothered by it and we don’t get much of an explication why; even Nona’s meeting her is anti climatic The only place we see an effect of this “new” Chrystal is with Nayli Nayli has a little moment with it in her first chapter but by the end she has decided that the Next truly aren’t human And that is also the end of any of that “what defines a human” talk that was so central last timeWhat Cooper does this time is instead of focusing on one topic in depth she focus on several issues with slight analysis We have Yi and Jason both of whom are becoming Next but Yi has always been excited to become a Next and see what he can be capable of while Jason still wants and misses being human There is also now a Yi one and Yi two; and Jason one and Jason two There is a love connection between a Next and a gleamer The gap in communationunderstading between Yi and the Colorimas Jhailings mirrors the difficulty he is having talking with Charlie – even thought it has only been a few months since his change EVERYTHING with the Shinning Revolution and their belief that people should NOT become a Next The Shiining Revolution is a perfect example of how close minded ignorant inconsiderate and childish some people can be because someone or something is “not like them” or because they believe that something else is wrong or not what their opinion isEvery time one of these topics these highly controversial topics come into focus in the story just as my appetite is wetted and I think we are about to dive into it exploring all the reasons and beliefs and opinions for each side we simply keep on going and move on the with plot One thing this story is not is slow Spear of Light is an excellent example of how to keep a story moving and the reader glued to the pages by constantly advancing the plot and always moving forward But what I LOVED about Edge of Dark was how Cooper was able to move the plot while also exploring the moral and ethical dilemmas of becoming a Next Personally and this may sound strange but I felt Spear of Light was too focused on the plot and telling the story of why the Next are on LymIt would have been great to explore of what happens if a gleamer and Next fell is love with each other To see in detail the difference between Yi and Jason with the changes they are undergoing or use Yi’s gap with ColorimasJhailings to show how great a gap between him and Charlie And I was waiting for someone to call the Shinning Revolution out for what they did and were doing and why they were doing what the did their close mindednessThere are topics this story touches than I just mention there and a few paragraphs earlier and if Cooper had picked only one of these to be the focus and dig intoAs you can see from my rating I really liked the book No it’s not as good as Edge of Dark but it is still a very good book and the ending – why the Next came to Lym – was excellent and a twist that I did not seeIt would be extremely remiss of me to not recommend and say that The Glittering Edge duology is a must read sic fi series45 RatingThe Glittering Edge duology 45 Rating◊   ◊   ◊ GIVEAWAY Open to US residents only sorry and runs through June 15 2016 061416 Please click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win a paperback copy of Spear of Light by Brenda Cooper Good luck  RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY  ◊   ◊   ◊ DJ

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Spear of Light The Glittering Edge #2When the post human Next suddenly re appear in a solar system that banished them humans are threatened Their reactions vary from disgust and anger to yearning to live forever like the powerful Next who are casually building a new city out of starships in the heart of the re wilded planet Lym The first families of Lym must deal with being invaded while they grapple with their own inner fearsRanger Charlie Windar is desperate to save his beloved planet T. The second and last Glittering Edge story this finds Charlie Nona and Crystal and her family on Lym while Satyana continues to bring people together on the Diamond Deep Everyone is still wrestling with what does it mean for everyone that the Next are on Lym what are their intentions what does it mean to be humanThe Spear of Light doesn't provide any easy answers to the uestion of what makes someone human but shows each character's struggles to understand their place and their feelings in this situation I really appreciated how Brenda Cooper respects her readers and doesn't take the easy route in this story; ie the Next being simply evil and bent on the destruction of their forebears In fact by showing a number of different reactions to the situation through her different characters the author presents fascinating uestions and choices to the reader In this story there are PoVs with us getting a chance to hear Satyana's and Yee's thoughts in addition to most of the original PoVs in book one It was fascinating to see the humans from first Crystal's and now Yee's perspectives and how they perceive other much older NextI also loved how much most of the characters behaved like adults preferring not to automatically descend to violence in the face of their fear at the Next's presence I really appreciated how often characters chose to talk and negotiate their way to solutionsI now want to read the earlier stories by this author about Ruby and the Diamond Deep