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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne Free download Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç Um negócio gerido por uma mulher Em 1798 Parece impossível Mas é esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne após a morte do pai Apesar de saber ue se trata de uma jogada arriscada ela está disposta até a contratar um belE férrea de Emma cuja frontalidade é simultaneamente exasperante e sensual Darius decide tentar então uma nova abordagem ue não só fará com ue ela se renda a ele mas proporcionará imenso prazer a ambosDepois da série As Flores Mais Raras Madeline Hunter volta a encantar nos com a saga da família Fairbourne. Emma Fairbourne’s father has recently passed away leaving her alone in the world What Emma should do is allow the sale of the family business – the prestigious Fairbourne auction house – which would provide the money she needs to continue to live in the family home But Emma has other ideas She hopes that she can run the business herself and preserve it for her lost brother’s return – for although everyone believes her brother died in a shipwreck a long time ago Emma will not give up hope But it won’t do to have a woman running such an establishment even if she has spent most of her life helping her father to do it Society just won’t allow it and as Emma finds out there will be many unforeseen obstacles in her way One such obstacle is Darius Alfreton the Earl of Southwaite Why does he keep hanging around the auction house and why is he suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her father’s death When Emma learns that he is actually a secret partner in the business she begins to wonder what other secrets her father hadThis book is a Regency era romance between two people who seem destined to be apart – not only does society suggest they shouldn’t be together but initially they also find each other deeply irritating Emma may not be a great beauty but there is something about her that people cannot pinpoint She is honest and direct and Darius finds her impossibly single minded in her bid to keep the auction house running Darius meanwhile is tall handsome moody and intense He too is tenacious in his plans for the auction house More experienced he knows the physical effect he has on Emma and he hopes to use it to gain the upper hand but to his frustration he finds her obstinacy and directness somewhat alluring and he is unexpectedly drawn to herThe plot follows Emma and Darius’s separate paths of discovery in solving the mystery behind Emma’s father’s death and their freuent misunderstandings regarding the running of the auction house The book is well written detailing both Emma and Darius’s point of view which helps you to engage with both characters and understand their motivations and viewpoints I loved the descriptions of and witty comments about Emma and Darius’s tumultuous relationship which often made me smile“You would also be wise not to call me presumptuous unless you are eager to see just how presumptuous an earl can be” “Then I will find other appropriate words High handed Conceited Arrogant” She burned his ears with every other descriptive she could think of while the horse bore them awayShe stood Her color rose Her eyes flashed lightning He half expected a spear to appear in her hand and for her to bellow a Celtic battle cryThere were also some lovely descriptions of tender moments where you are reminded of how alone and out of her depth Emma must be feelingShe did not have to stand alone in that embrace or be strong There was no sorrow while those kisses pressed her lips her face and neck and no worry or calculations No thought at all just the delight of new fresh sensations much like feeling the first warm spring breeze after a hard winterThis book features many of the societal scandals typical of the Regency period and with some spies smugglers art history and a country at war with France thrown into the mix it provides an interesting backdrop to Emma and Darius’s story With a rounded heart warming ending I really enjoyed reading this first book in Madeline Hunter’s new series and I look forward to reading

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Um negócio gerido por uma mulher Em 1798 Parece impossível Mas é esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne após a morte do pai Apesar de saber ue se trata de uma jogada arriscada ela está disposta até a contratar um belo e encantador homem para servir de disfarce tudo para manter vivo o legado da leiloeira Fairbo. While I generally like MH's work this one was kind of on the boring side Her love scenes were too vague at times Emma's father has passed away and all tha that is left is his auction house She also found out that her dad had sold half interest in the business to Dariaus Southwaite and an earl no less Right from the get go he is already making a nuisance of himself trying to run her show Heck no she has to save it for her brother whom everybody believes was lost at sea two years ago But Emma feels he isnt' and is going to fight to hang on to his legacy So begins the battle in the office of who is going win this battle Pretty soon though things heat up in the bedroom as well Darius soon catches on that there is going on that what Emma is revealing and secret meetings are being held Pretty soon he finds out the truth and Emma puts her life on the line that will garner her a name of traitor or a lifetime of love I had a huge beef with the final chapter of the book it was too cut The scene with her brother made no sense to me The whole entire book was devoted to getting him back and then when he is back it is like no big woop So what I was about to ruin my life for you and he is like well couldn't you have waited awhile longer I was having such a great time as a prisoner Very strange Hopefull the next story will work better for me I like Cassandra she is a hoot

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The Surrender of Miss FairbourneUrne’sSó ue o patriarca Maurice Fairbourne tinha um sócio desconhecido Darius o Conde de Southwaite Darius é um homem habituado a ter o ue uer e sem o menor interesse em gerir uma leiloeira muito menos uma desconfia ele envolta em escândalos ue poderiam arruinar a sua reputação Não contava era com a vontad. When Emma Fairbourne’s father unexpectedly falls off a cliff and diesShe makes a number of dismaying discoveriesFirst unbeknownst to her her father had a partner The obnoxious officious domineering condescending gorgeous overbearing dictatorial Earl of Southwaite who is set on closing the auction house because god knows a woman couldn’t manage the place properly Second unbeknownst to her her father had fallen in with smugglers And the smugglers now expect her to take up where Daddy left off Third the obnoxious officious domineering condescending gorgeous overbearing dictatorial Earl of Southwaite and his two BFF’s are actually agents of the government trying to catch smugglersFrench spies Fourth it turns out the reason Daddy had been helping smugglers is that her brother Robert whom most believed to be dead was actually being held hostage to assure her father’s –and now Emma's—cooperation even to the point of treasonAnd finally it seems that when the obnoxious officious domineering condescending gorgeous overbearing dictatorial Earl of Southwaite wants to win an argument with her all he has to do isand she's Silly PuttyThis one was a little too alphasub for me The hero never did have to check his domineering tendencies She might've been described as having a biting tongue but in truth at times when I think any normal woman would view spoilerESPECIALLY when he basically put her brother's life in danger dissed her concerns dragged her off without a stitch of her own clothing to wear and made a prisoner of her But no she's all hide spoiler