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Into the Whirlwind BOSS Inc #2Fe Meg has no choice but to turn to her former bodyguard Dirk Reynolds Dirk's never forgiven Meg for the way she left him after their brief affair But with bounty hunter Luke Brodie on his side Dirk knows he's got to help Meg rescue her. BOSS Inc SeriesInto the Fury Book 1 REVIEW HEREInto the Whirlwind Book 2Into the Whirlwind is the second book in Kat Martin's BOSS Inc series If you haven't read Into the Fury book 1 that is okay It isn't NECESSARY to read the first book in order to love Into the Whirlwind HOWEVER I would totally recommend reading both books because they are just that good Dirk and Meg were secondary characters in Into the Fury and I was SOOOO excited to learn that they would be getting their own story in the second bookFive months ago Meg O'Brien broke off her short relationship with bodyguard Dirk Reynolds And even though he begged her to reconsider she didn't want to tie him down with in instant family She thought she would never see him again That is until her three year old son was kidnapped from her homeSo she turned to the one man she KNEW would do anything to get her son back to herDirk was heartbroken when Meg decided to end their brief affair But the reasons behind Meg's return into his life are bigger than either of them An innocent child is missing and he knows he and his friendco worker Luke Brodie can find CharlieInto the Whirlwind was everything I wanted in Dirk and Meg's story It was fast paced thrilling steamy and romantic At the end of book 1 Meg had some grovelling to do to get Dirk to risk his heart with her again I appreciated that Ms Martin made Meg work for a relationship with Dirk and earn back his trust and not the other way around Luke Brodie was a major secondary character throughout the book and he is up next I CAN'T WAITOTHER PLACES TO FIND ME Blog wwwtwittercomalyseypoo21Bloglovin'

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Into the Whirlwind BOSS Inc #2 Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À A bodyguard a bounty hunter a private investigator no one can handle the heat like the men of BOSS Inc Megan O'Brien is at her wit's end Her three year old son has been kidnapped No police says the ransom demand FSon The few clues they’ve gathered send them spiraling into a murky world of big banking and international crime Meg may be way out of her depths but she’s seeing a side of Dirk she never suspected one no woman could possibly resis. So yeah I finished this book and it wasn't as bad as the first one it basically follows Dirk and Meg from the first book and what happened between them after the break up and there is a lot of kidnapping to rekindle their relationship it was an alright book but not my cup of tea

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A bodyguard a bounty hunter a private investigator no one can handle the heat like the men of BOSS Inc Megan O'Brien is at her wit's end Her three year old son has been kidnapped No police says the ransom demand Fearing for her son's li. 5 I never knew you were such a trouble magnet StarsIll openly admit that curiosity was 100% the reason I reuested the ARC of Into the Whirlwind having seen so many positive reviews on line for it and having a little gap in my schedule I thought 'what the hell' and decided to give Kat Martin a whirlAnd I am so glad I did this book was an absolute roller coaster from start to finish some of the twists expected some not so much but all really enjoyable and relevant additions to the story line overallI’ve been in this from the start I’m going to finish itI have to say that one constant source of gigglement throughout the book was the author’s description of our uber alpha hero Dirk Reynolds because whenever his horseshoe mustache was mentioned and it’s uite freuent I got the following image in my headAnd also there was a bit of this –All joking aside though this was a really really good book I haven’t read anything by the author before and this is the second book from her BOSS Inc series so can absolutely be read as a standalone He was the lover she had missed every night since she had sent him away Meg O’Brien and Dirk Reynolds have history being her Bodyguard whilst she was on the road modelling five months previously ended up with them having a relationship at that time Upon returning home Meg ended things Only over those intervening months she realises what a monumental mistake that was especially now her young son Charlie has been kidnapped and only Dirk and his colleagues from Brodie Operations Security Services Inc can helpI wasn’t fair to you I assumed things about you I shouldn’t haveDirk agrees to help especially as the ransom note specifically stipulates no police involvement and together with another team member from BOSS Inc Luke Brodie they go on the hunt for the kidnappers Charlie and the person involved behind the scenes It's not long before the feelings he thought were well buried rise to the fore and Meg makes it her mission to make him understand that she want's him back in her life as he is horseshoe mustache and all This is romantic suspense at its best just when you think you know what is going on the author throws another spanner in the works she also wasn’t shy about adding a little brutality at points although the people being brutalized deserved everything they got I read Into the Whirlwind in a day it just grabbed me from the off and kept me entertained until its finish I found the end a little ‘cut dried’ but still cannot fault the story as a wholeLuke is up next Into the Firestorm is due for release February 2017 sigh I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of story the author gives him I am also lucky in that as an author new to me Kat Martin has an impressive back catalogue that I can get my teeth into while I waitARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review