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Just One Day Free read ✓ 6 Ô A vida de Allyson Healey ue sempre foi planeada e organizada muda no momento ue conhece Willem um ator de espírito livre ue a convida a ir com ele a Paris e a adiar todos os seus planos Allyson não consegue resistir e decide acompanhá lo uma decisão inesperada ue a leva a vinte e uatro horas de romance liberdade e intRomance ue nos fala de amor mágoa viagens identidade e das contingências provocadas pelo destino mostrando ue por vezes para nos encontrarmos a nós próprios temos de nos perder primei. I THINK THIS IS THE BEST CONTEMPORARY OF ALL TIME AND IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME EVEN SLIGHTLY I MIGHT CRY A LITTLE BIT AND IT WILL BE SO SO UNCOMFORTABLE FOR US BOTH SO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY JUST AGREEhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoI genuinely love this book I have for four years now but like A lot has changed in that time Perhaps most significantly I had braces four years ago That doesn't have anything to do with why my feelings on this book would have changed but I believe it had the most significant impact on my evolving personalityBut also four years ago I was a lil thing I mean I was still very tall then but lil emotionally Much nicer I liked every book I read I know It's insane to imagineSo the fact that I reread this 2 3 times during a period when I did not reread Any Books is not enough for me to be confident that I would still like this book Because I have very little in common with fifteen year old me I've straight up one starred at least 3 books I gave 5 stars in 2015 THAT'S TWO YEARS AGOBut four years passed I full on changed as a person but GUESS WHAT STAYED THE SAMEIf you guessed my love for this book YOU'RE TODAY'S WINNERWe follow Allyson who at the beginning of this book is hashtag enveloped in an extremely overcontrolled tour of Europe called Teen Tours Totally rockin' name She is with her friend Mel who is hotter than her which is pretty classic But then a Very Attractive boy man I guess comes up and is into Allyson Also very classicBut what is unfortunately not very classic and what makes me love this book so freakin much is Allyson's character arc I can only describe it in one way and that way is EXTRAORDINARILY LITAllyson is very play by the rules She does not like to take risks Her life is therefore very boring However when Hottie McDottie Many Language Speaking Backpacking Boy Man Willem somewhat of a babe invites them to a Shakespearean street show he’s in she’s like ya ok Even though that means lying and stuff Stuff she doesn't do WildSo she goes and sees it it's all dandy he throws a coin at her romantic than it sounds supposedly and that's thatEXCEPT IT’S NOT This full on worldly total babe is on her train to London And GUESS THE FCK WHAT They go to spend a day in Paris togetherI'm going to say that againA dayin PARIStogetherWhaaaat That would already be a pretty good book I love me some v simplistic cheesy romances set in Paris See Anna and the French KissAnd this part of the book where they’re bein’ all romancey in Paris is definitely fab But it makes up like a third of the whole thingIT'S THE REMAINING TWO THIRDS THAT MAKE THE BOOK FOR MEWhen Allyson wakes up in Paris Willem’s gone Which sucks And then she spends the rest of the book wondering what happened to the Paris version of her who’s like open to adventure and says yes and is up for anything And then she goes the fck for it baby She tries to find herselfIT'S NOT JUST A PARIS ROMANCE IT'S 33% PARIS ROMANCE 67% AMAZING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IE IDEALI'm honestly sorry about all the caps lock I'M VERY ENTHUSIASTICSo Maybe this book isn't perfect but I'm not open to the idea that it isn't Because this book is pretty goddamn inspiring to me I don't want to be cheesy or heartfelt or emotionally honest because that's profoundly off brand for me and also generally unpleasant but I can be kiiiiind of non risk taking and rule following sometimesbut most of the best times of my life have been when I wasn't being that wayie have happened when I was drunkJUST KIDDING Kind ofAnyway I'M JUST TRYING TO SAY THIS BOOK IS MOTIVATIONAL AND #REALI'm highkey cringing myself so it

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A vida de Allyson Healey ue sempre foi planeada e organizada muda no momento ue conhece Willem um ator de espírito livre ue a convida a ir com ele a Paris e a adiar todos os seus planos A. Rating 45 StarsNearly a decade ago someone once told me that books are like memories; within their pages they store your emotions and thoughts a document of sorts of your experience I still don’t know how true that statement is but I dearly hope it is – at least when it comes to Just One Day Nothing better than this book itself can summon up the whirlwind of emotion I felt when I read it Although I cracked open its spine with trepidation – there are after all a plethora of mixed reviews out there – my feelings uickly changed from that of anxiety to excitement as I was swept up alongside Allyson on her breathtaking journey At one point I wasn’t sure if I was laughing or crying for I was so full of giddy happiness and bittersweet longing those are the types of feelings a Gayle Forman novel inspires in you I finished Just One Day with a smile on my face my heart swelling with pride for Allyson who felt as close to me as my own best friend and although the pang I feel when I think of this novel is only an echo of what I feel for Forman’s If I Stay and Where She Went duo I still love it albeit in an entirely different way Just One Day is a novel that will very easily either captivate or disappoint readers It’s a New Adult novel that almost demands that you be a teenager to truly understand it for Allyson’s journey is such a personal and nostalgic experience one that everyone can definitely relate to One of the best ways I can find to summarize it is a realistic rendition of Kristen Hubbard’s Wanderlove Although Wanderlove is one of my favorite books of all time I can’t deny that the chances of traveling to a new country and finding a hitchhiker to explore with are rather low Thus Allyson’s summer experience in Europe a disappointing one full of touristy stops and not enough life is easier to relate to When Willem an enigmatic Dutch actor who Allyson sees performing Shakespeare in London offers to take her around Paris – for just one day – she agrees despite her goody two shoes attitude What follows is a day of whirlwind journey; it isn’t perfect but it’s real and it’s far rewarding than any other trip on Allyson’s summer vacation Perhaps best of all to Allyson at least is that she is no longer Allyson the girl who listens to her parents studies hard and never lives life the way so many other teens do; now she’s “Lulu” a nickname Willem gives her and as “Lulu” Allyson is finally free to let loose the person she truly is inside Nevertheless her exhilarating journey is abruptly halted when the next morning Willem is gone Now Allyson is distraught both at thinking that Willem may have just used her and at contemplating her life in college as a pre med student – a path that her mother not her wants to follow As Allyson will learn however her day in Paris wasn’t about Willem at all – it was about her and finding out that she was than she – or anyone else – ever uite imagined Just One Day as I’m sure countless reviews have stated is a journey of self discovery Although I will admit that it isn’t wholly original it is certainly memorable Allyson has a certain vulnerability about her that makes her impossible not to love In Paris she may have been pretending to be “Lulu” but that was who she really was and she struggles to find a way to be that person again all while continuing to please her parents and hold onto her childhood best friend Melanie who constantly reinvents herself One of my favorite aspects of this tale was the subtle heartbreak that came not only with seeing Allyson and Melanie grow apart but

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Just One DayLlyson não consegue resistir e decide acompanhá lo uma decisão inesperada ue a leva a vinte e uatro horas de romance liberdade e intimidade ue irão mudar a sua vida Apenas Um Dia é um. As seen on The ReadventurerJust One Day is a story of self discovery sandwiched between the romance heavy beginning and end two stories in one if you will High school graduate Allyson meets an amateur Dutch actor Willem during her post HS culture tour of Europe and with a spontaneity unnatural to her throws away all her caution and embarks on a day trip to Paris with him They spend a day and night together and then it's over abruptly Allyson goes back home then starts college and succumbs to ennui Her already depressed state is made even severe by hardships in college intense helicopter parenting and lack of friends But her experiences during that one day in Paris eventually encourage her to change her life in a major way and go back to Paris Melancholy Sad Depressing These are the words that were constantly on my mind while reading Just One Day I am not sure a tone like this can work for me for an entire romance story I obviously like some drama if I enjoyed Forman's very tragic previous novels If I Stay and Where She Went but even those books were based on a love story that started out as charming happy romantic swoony In Just One Day on the other hand it's all doom and gloom and sadness from the beginning till the very end I am sure I would have liked Just One Day if the romance were uplifting interesting I found it hard to care for Allyson and Willem Allyson is a dull passive narrator Willem lacks charisma charm sexiness humor even Their one day in Paris is not romantic or fun in any way I attribute my negative impression of this day trip to the flashbacks of Taken running through my mind and my concern for Allyson's safety and to the general grimness of the whole European adventure While I do not doubt the accuracy of Forman's depiction of Europe this depiction is just depressing to exactly match the novel's overall dark mood How can one be so miserable in a midst of so much diversity culture excitement and freedom I don't get it If I had the experiences in Paris Allyson had in this novel I would have considered such extended date a complete failure and a waste of time and nobody would have gotten laid by the end of it But this one day has a great effect on Allyson and this part of the novel I never uite accepted or understoodBecause I mostly felt indifferent towards the romance frame of this self discovery story the middle portion of the book felt compelling to me It is especially compelling if you are looking for books with those notorious new adult experiences exploration of life after high school learning how to be independent from your parents choosing an educational path that suits you and not people around you finding new friends getting your first job I liked most of this middle except maybe the part where Allyson handles her schooling I don't believe that taking pottery classes instead of pre med classes while your parents are paying 40K a year for your school is a responsible and mature thing to do even if it makes you happy My philosophy is don't trifle with other people's money you can get your pottery classes for 80 at your local community college But Allyson's struggles with her parents and her diving into new friendships were the highlights for meIt is hard to give this book a fair assessment because so much of my dissatisfaction with this novel rests on my personal taste in YA romance college experiences and overall attitude to life On a technical level Just One Day is well written For me as an opinionated reader however this story felt lackluster with its unjustified main character's ennui realistic but grim portrayal of various E