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Sixteen year old Mackenzie knows life is always better for the lucky ones the problem is she’s never been one But when Mackenz. I have a teenager daughter who is always looking for new books both YA and adult fiction that are entertaining and clean Chasing Midnight has just would I would recommend for her This novel boasts a uniue what if plot that allows the main character Mackenzie Love and reader to wonder and wonder through a day in the life of ourselves only like we wish we were But wait is that what we really want This is fun experience for Kenzie and the reader to pursue and choose from two romantic interests when before no one seemed to even know she was alive But where will it go further into this world of wishing or back to reality The last of the three parts has a uniue story style that is like a mini novel with the novel Loved the way it's written and loved the ending Makes me wonder Highly recommend it

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Chasing MidnightIe finally gets her wish she uickly realizes the royal life isn’t exactly what she had in mind And her dream prince is nothing. Short and cute a little confusing but captures teen emotions well

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characters Chasing Midnight ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Sixteen year old Mackenzie knows life is always better for the lucky ones—the problem is she’s never been one But when Mackenzie finally gets her wish she uickly realizes the royal life isn’t exactly what she had in mind And her dream prince is nothing close to charminClose to charming With running shoes as glass slippers this modern retelling of Cinderella is an enchanting and entertaining re. I think this is like “A Christmas Carol” not in the Christmas setting with a Cinderella ending than a Retelling of Cinderella MacKenzie Love gets her very own fairy Godmother in the form of a “Bird Lady” as MacKenzie has come to know her Kenzie has a brother who has terrible asthma that is a great brother a set of younger boy twins who are all over the place an older brother in college whom she begs to come home on the weekends and eternally optimistic father and a healthy eating and great cook and caterer mother She has the bestest best friend ever too She loves her family They don’t have a lot of money and rent their home but it is a good life She works at an old record store that has a baby grand in the back for piano lessons as well Which she loves to play but doesn’t think she is that good at it While working there one day Cale comes in He is easy on the eyes and they can banter back and forth with ease Her heart races while he is there but she still thinks she wants James Odera one of the lucky ones Then the eccentric Bird Lady comes in with a clock charm on her neck and asks her what she wishes Then she leaves her charm necklace for MacKenzieThat same evening one of the twins breaks his arm So MacKenzie goes to the catering event in her mother’s place that is at the home of one of “the lucky ones” the rich people that live up on the hill with her dream boyfriend James She is slightly humiliated there She also finds out that Cale is one of the “lucky ones” too as he is there But the others don’t want him there He doesn’t act the part of a “lucky one” Meaning he lives a normal life; he has chores to do He wears normal clothes none of the name brand stuffLater that night Spencer has an awful almost deadly asthma attack while her parents are at the hospital MacKenzie panics and doesn’t know what to do Her parents return in time to take him to the ER But now MacKenzie wants her wish to heal Spencer along with the other ones she made one of them also being to be a “lucky one”The next morning she wakes up as one of the lucky ones She is in the same big home as the one she worked in the night before But her family is different and her little brother twins were never born There are lots of things that are different Including Spencer who is now healthy but they aren’t close now Her dad is not the happy go lucky dad any and works nonstop Her mother works too but not as a caterer And her big wish of being James’ girlfriend is true The uestion is Is it what she really wants The Bird Lady makes a few appearances in her eccentric way but MacKenzie has to figure things out on her own And then there’s Cale He keeps getting in the way between her and James But she enjoys Cale’s companyNow she has to figure out what’s really important and what’s really a silly wishIt was a cute story I loved the characters Well except maybe most of the Lucky Ones They are rude in my opinion I loved how MacKenzie handled most things and how much she cares for her family and friend Aly and figures out what really matters in the end Her adventure was a fun one I loved the Bird Lady I hope there will be another story with her in it Kenzie also has some work ethics even when being a lucky one If I were in her shoes there is a pun to it when you read the book I don't know what I would have done I would want my brother healthy too But I think Kenzie had already caught Cale's attention before her wish I wonder if she knew that would she still have made that wish What would you wish for The fun is in the journeySo if you like Cinderella The Christmas Carol finding out what is important family fantasy and finding a romance of your own then this might be for you