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Eatures and resurrected prehistoric beasts trouble the land Watching over all are the silent Dreaming Cities Homes of the angels bastion outposts of heaven on Earth Or so the church claims Very few go in and nobody ever comes outUntil nowHaley serves up eual helpings of horror fantasy adventure and SF in this stark. When I was in high school I remember getting a certain feeling when I sat down with an assigned reading novel GRENDEL or A SEPARATE PEACE or THE GREAT GATSBY or what have you I would start out daunted and then as I read realize that it was really a simple book The prose was tight the story was easy to follow and then as I got farther and farther I started to realize that what I had thought was simple was well plotted and immensely enjoyable There was a reason in other words why these assignments had become classicsI don't know why but about 45 pages into THE EMPEROR'S RAILROAD I had that same shiver of recognition This felt like reading a classic The waters were still but deep The story was short but elegant Nothing seemed out of place nothing seemed contrived but every piece of the puzzle as it fell into place just felt like it had always been meant to be thereI'm blathering a bit Let's get down to brass tacks I've read Haley before and he has a talent for metafiction in other words using the fact that someone is narrating a story as a part of the story The narrator is Abney a young boy in the yarn whose future we gradually learn in dribs and drabs as the first person narrative wends its way through a fascinating yarnAbney grew up at an undetermined time in our future after American society has fallen and something feudalistic has risen in its place Lords knights and dragons occupy places like Pittsburgh Charleston and Columbus in a future that resembles the past Oh and did I mention the dead have risen In a strange way THE EMPEROR'S RAILROAD is eual parts science fiction fantasy and horror I've rarely seen two genres let alone three blended with this deft of a handThe fall of New Karlsville was was a fingernail biting setpiece on par with the finale of the original Dawn of the Dead uinn's final battle withwell I probably shouldn't spoil it anyway the grand finale of the book could've come straight out of a fairy tale or the life of some Eastern European saint Well except for one thing which is that all throughout the book and in that final fight in particular hints about a far futuristic reality abound I haven't read a book this good in a long long time Guy Haley is one of my favorite authors and rather than change my mind about that THE EMPEROR'S RAILROAD only cements that legacy Fans of sword and sorcery the walking dead and futuristic dystopias alike will all find something to love in THE EMPEROR'S RAILROAD And it's just an elegant beautifully written book

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The Emperors Railroad Dreaming Cities #1Intriguing story of a ruined Earth where the remaining humans are determined to survive Publishers Weekly“Entertaining and exciting If grim dark is your thing then this is a great read for you” – Bull SpecAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applie. I didn’t actually read much about this beforehand; I picked it up because it’s one of the Torcom novellas and I’ve generally found them worth trying even if they haven’t all been my thing I was a little wary in that I’ve read part of one of Guy Haley’s books before and didn’t really get into it Not so with this one it has a strong voice and it’s set in a fascinating post apocalyptic world I’d love to know about it and I’ll definitely pick up the seuel The main character Abney isn’t really the important one despite the fact that it’s told from his point of view instead it’s his short journey with the knight uinn that matters I really want to know about uinn but I don’t care about spending time with Abney — his story’s pretty much told Fortunately looks like that’s exactly the direction Guy Haley tookNot that uinn is the only attraction of this book; Abney’s mother might be the only female character and it’s a shame she dies but she is also a strong woman who makes a place for herself in what appears to be a man’s world I’ve read that there are female characters in the seuel which is good to hearAlso I really want to know what’s going on with “angels” and “dragons”Reviewed for The Bibliophibian

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The Emperors Railroad (Dreaming Cities, #1) review » eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Global war devastated the environment a zombie like plague wiped out much of humanity and civilization as we once understood it came to a standstill But that was a thousand years ago and the world is now a very different placeConflicGlobal war devastated the environment a zombie like plague wiped out much of humanity and civilization as we once understood it came to a standstill But that was a thousand years ago and the world is now a very different placeConflict between city states is constant superstition is rife and machine relics mutant cr. Falling somewhere between King's The Dark Tower saga and Brooks' Shannara series as seen through the achingly vibrant lens of Discovery's Life After People The Emperor's Railroad is a remarkably uniue approach to post apocalyptic fantasy While I felt the choice of a 12 year old narrator put some unfortunate constraints on the tale and held it back from realizing its true potential I am genuinely excited to see where Guy Haley goes with his Dreaming Cities seriesHere we find some of the best post apocalyptic world building I have come across in uite some time Every step of the journey reminds us of what's been lost and what remains of our 'modern' civilization It's not just window dressing either in addition to the visual scenery we have a cultural shift in society a very different sort of political era and a whole new world of monsters and mythologies There's so much depth to it that you almost feel the series could continue on indefinitelyAs much as I would have preferred to experience the tale through the eyes of uinn Knight of the Dreaming City of Atlantis the narration itself is my own uibble with young Abney He is in fact a very well developed young man in a story that captures his fears just as well as his sense of wonder His relationship with his mother rings true and it's through her that we really get a sense of just how much the world has shifted in terms of culture and society Yes there is a sentimental aspect to the tale but it's an honest one and it helps ground the sense of the fantastic that surrounds uinn He's a uiet man confident and self assured with a clear purpose in life but not so focused on the epic uest that he cannot lend himself to a mother and her childThe story starts out slowly allowing us to become comfortable in the vast concept that is the Dreaming Cities but uickly begins to pick up pace once we get moving along The Emperor's Railroad It's a story that has a tarnished sort of faery tale feel to it with architectural ruins mechanical monstrosities swords guns zombies angels knights and dragons Yes dragons Clearly there's a much larger story being told her but this chapter is a complete story in and of itself entirely satisfying with real closure for Abney and his mother With The Ghoul King coming this summer and introducing a little sci fi to the mix the Dreaming Cities is a series to get hooked on now Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins Disclaimer I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration This does not in any way affect the honesty or sincerity of my review