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Pieces of Hate Book Two of the Assassin SeriesBe a demon the man with snake eyes cursed Gabriel with a life long enough to hunt him down Now he has picked up Temple's scent again The Caribbean sea is awash with pirate blood and in such turmoil the outcome of any fight is far from certainFree bonus novelette Dead Man’s. Review also published here Pieces of Hate has been on my radar since its release but oddly I never got around to reading it Even when I surprisingly received a review copy of A Whisper of Southern Lights along with one I had reuested I didn't manage to get to it But it is October now which is the perfect time to read some horror so this was exactly what I neededThe book actually consists of two stories Dead Man's Hand and Pieces of Hate The latter is a novella the former described as a novelette and first in the series Whereas Pieces of Hate is told in third person Dead Man's Hand instead goes with a first person narrative through the eyes of an innocent bystander who gets caught up into eventsFor me Dead Man's Hand worked much better The narrative style keeps the mysteries intact and divulges just what is necessary while the reader has to connect some dots The point of view character and his place within his western community worked well to reinforce feelings of fear and terror but also threw in the reader's sense of curiosity and inability to stay away from the mystery unfolding around Gabriel the one eyed stranger's search for the demon named Temple Gabriel and Temple both remain mysterious throughout and it isn't uite clear just what is going on why Gabriel hunts Temple exactly and what their shared history is The distance between readerPoV character and the hunt for vengeance added to my enjoyment Dead Man's Hand turned into uite a good horror mystery in my eyes with the reader being thrown into a long running conflict between inhuman characters and confronted with a sense of helplessnessWith Pieces of Hate the clock gets turned back to centuries earlier and the style switches and puts the lens right on Gabriel We get to find out about his tragic backstory and cause for his need for vengeance see his traumatic experiences and a few overt displays of malice from Temple There are a bunch of things left unexplained in this one yet and where I liked that in Dead Man's Hand here it felt a bit jarring due to how much was actually explained as it is The man with the snake in his eye for example is a real mystery to me and I wanted to find a bit out about him since his message to Gabriel gets repeated like a mantra hereIn contrast to the western setting of the previous story this one goes for a pirate theme I like that uite a lot especially since the pirates here are shown as real cutthroats Even knowing some of Gabriel's secrets there are a few risks involved regardless simply due to the relative unpredictability of the pirate crews Somehow Lebbon managed to make some of them menacing yet also likeableIn case it wasn't clear already These are not nice stories They are full of grim themes violence hatred and a general sense of dread They are satisfying for all that and while I prefered Dead Man's Hand Pieces of Hate taking everything into account might be the chilling of the two stories It seems like Tim Lebbon is trying to vary up the settings with this series going from western to the age of sail to the second World War in A Whisper of Southern Lights I appreciate that variety and thought that what he brought to the table in both stories here suited the settings uite wellWith this book done I definitely want to go deeper and read the next book which is already lying on my nightstand along with a host of other reads to be fair Gabriel's hunt for Temple isn't over yet and I want to see its violent conclusion for myself Lebbon got me invested in Gabriel as a character and the horror mystery as a whole so he's earned my readership

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Pieces of Hate: Book Two of the Assassin Series Read & Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ During the Dark Ages a thing named Temple slaughtered Gabriel's family A man with snake eyes charged him to pursue the assassin wherever he may strike next and destroy him Gabriel never believed he’d HandIn the wilderness of the American West the assassin is set to strike again Despite his centuries long curse Gabriel is still but a man scarred and bitter The town of Deadwood has seen many such men though it’s never seen anything uite like the half demon known as Temple. I'm a sucker for a good play on words and the title of this one tickled my funny bone Not that Gabriel and Temple's battles are anything to laugh about but I like to take my giggles where I can get themSo The high seas a demon and a man with a whole lot of hate in his heart Where book 1 kept us out of Gabriel's head this book sticks us smack dab in the middle of it and we get to see both the regret Gabriel had over his calling and how badly he burns to carve his ounce of flesh from Temple Gabriel can see how it's eating at him too He's caught between a horrific past and a bleak future and neither of them offer him any sort of peaceNicely bloody with some awesomely brutal imagery I genuinely liked how unapologetically gritty Gabriel's battle against Temple is Those two don't pull their punches when they come together and anyone in the line of fire is in jeopardy Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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During the Dark Ages a thing named Temple slaughtered Gabriel's family A man with snake eyes charged him to pursue the assassin wherever he may strike next and destroy him Gabriel never believed he’d still be following Temple almost a thousand years laterBecause Temple may. Pieces of Hate is technically an okay book However it’s exactly the sort of thing that I normally try to avoid like the plague because I kind of hate it It’s one of the better examples of its kind of story but it’s still not my cup of tea There’s very little that I find boring than a fridged wife—nameless even to add insult to injury—and a manly revenge uest in which the only other women encountered are prostitutes who are of course repulsive to the protagonist It’s a level of casual misogyny either the author’s or the characters’—it doesn’t matter that I found alienating from page oneRead the full review at SF Bluestocking