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EPUB ß MOBI Without Warning · 9780800723255 FREE ↠ LYNETTE EASON Ä Katie Singleton a partner with the Elite Guardians Protection Agency stumbles upon her next assignment uite by accident Spotting blue lights at a familiar restaurant she stops to investigate only to discover that owner DanielKatie Singleton a partner with the Elite Guardians Protection Agency stumbles upon her next assignment uite by accident Spotting blue lights at a familiar restaurant she stops to investigate only to dis Yet another of Lynette Eason's books on my favorites list And I have a feeling the next one will land there as well ; While it did take me a bit to get back into the swing of things with this series I read the first book nearly a year ago it didn't take me long at all to get into the book itself This book dives right into the suspense with a break in on page one a body being found by page four and a building burning to the ground a few pages later In fact so much happened in the first few minutes of the book that I found myself instantly absorbed into the story and anxious to find out what would happen next This is definitely the type of book that makes me want to sit somewhere uiet and just read for hours until I reach the satisfying conclusion of the final chapter And I'll pause right here to add that I am so glad these books don't have cliffhanger endingsLet's start with the villain this time shall we? I suspected the culprit throughout most of the book but there were certainly still some surprises in store for me despite that And I was glad of that because while I do enjoy figuring out the clues to the mystery I don't want to be able to figure out everything before the final reveal There's I would like to say about the bad guy but I just can't without spoiling it for those who haven't read the book yet I wish I had read this with a friend Katie and Daniel are great characters who are really able to connect and understand each other I liked seeing them both grow and their relationship develop throughout the story The spiritual emotional and mental struggles were genuine and well written Riley is a very mature teenager in ways than one and she's determined to trust God even when it's impossible to understand what His purpose could possibly be boy did that strike close to homeWe get to see of the other bodyguards in this book of course It's nice to be able to kind of continue Olivia's Wade's story from Always Watching and to get to know the other characters better as we get ready to read their stories soonI'm so glad that I had book 3 on hand already because I was able to pick it up almost as soon as I had put this book down I'm already halfway through it so be expecting a review for it soon too Oh and one thing I just love the name Katie chose for her cat Creative and significant If you don't get it just look it up ;

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At that is necessary A new attack and his niece's urgings are enough to make him reconsider He and Katie must figure out who's behind the intimidation and threats before a would be killer strikes again Without Warning by Lynette Eason | Book ReviewSTORY | Katie Singleton’s personal and professional life is wrought with tragedy But the one constant in her life is her work as a bodyguard at Elite Guardians Her current client she happens upon uite by accident Though he’s known for his string of popular gourmet restaurants Daniel Matthews never expects to be the subject of a stalker When Katie becomes involved in Daniel’s life after a suspected arsonist sets his restaurant ablaze and the discovery of a body Katie assists the former Marine in discovering who is behind thisREVIEW | To begin this year one of the best at the time books to release was Always Watching the first novel in this series Not only is it a wonderful read it still has a place as a favorite read To follow up its impressive feat is something of a challenge but Katie and Daniel’s story does just this and proves it too is a force to reckon with There are many surprises and unexpected twists in this novel both of the nail biting variety and the diverse nature of the story As I read Without Warning the best surprise inside its pages was how fast paced it is There’s barely a moment given to Katie or Daniel to breath and yet throughout this race for identity there are still some memorable momentsIn the rare “uiet” conversations between these two some good building blocks begin to weave together Their teasing flirty banter counteracts the serious nature of the story In particular there’s one sweet and swoon y romantic moment that comes in the latter fourth of the novel An interesting character angle is also the presence of Daniel’s niece Riley a character I didn’t expect Her addition to the story dynamic is wonderful I love the interplay between her and Daniel; her presence brings out a sweet protective side to Daniel we’d have not otherwise seen“her heart overflowed with love for the man who held her for the God who gave them a beautiful new sunrise each morning for life” Lynette EasonAn Eason signature is the adrenaline rush that comes with every story she pens and this one is no different The pace clips through the story at breakneck speed weaving in and out of the whodunit type uestions the prose ponders Everything comes down to a simple fact Lynette Eason trademarks the best in smart “elite” and gripping romantic suspense Without Warning is a wonderful novel and is not a story you want to underestimate There's brilliant writing that couples with a kick butt heroine plus a Marine hero who is as capable of rescuing as she is of being rescued yes there is a difference and no there is nothing wrong with either scenario Fans of authors like Ronie Kendig or Dani Pettery are sure to discover another must read inside the pages of Without Warning So you’ve been warned don’t miss it Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes Review text is © Copyright 2011 2019 Rissi JC and first appeared on Finding Wonderland Dreaming Under the Same Moon RissiWritescom

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Without WarningCover that owner Daniel Matthews has become the target of someone who will go to any lengths to put him out of business Daniel might be concerned but he's not convinced that a bodyguard and a female one Another very good mysteryromance from this series