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Free read Arzach AUTHOR Mœbius ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ This collection of nine short stories six of which are told without the use of dialogue or sound effects features the mysterious character Arzach first created in 1976 by the French writer and illustrator MoebiusIt is not apparent whether the eponymous characteE surreal Fantasy and Science Fiction storytelling made popular by French comics magazine Métal Hurlant and its English language counterpart Heavy Metal What it is apparent is that Moebius has created a truly uniue world populated by strange and fascinating charactersArzach is recognizable by his cone shaped hat his fl. The pterodactyl riding warrior Arzach might be Moebius' best known creation As a matter of fact the Taarna segment of the 1981 animated science fiction anthology film Heavy Metal was originally supposed to be an adaptation of Arzach However the filmmakers could not secure the rights to the character so they created the talkative white haired action heroine Taarna as the centrepiece instead While we are at it I would also not be surprised to learn that the Harry Canyon segment was at first meant to be an adaptation of Moebius' The Long Tomorrow as the look and feel of those two stories is very similarNonetheless Arzach is a much weirder friendship than either Taarna or Harry The wandering pterodactyl riding knight's adventures are completely dialogue free and often feature some of the strangest and most surrealistic but also most artistically impressive fantasy artwork in Moebius' oeuvre and that is really saying something The stories also show a very French absurdist sense of humour often playing around with heroic fantasyscience fiction clichés and basic narrative rules in inventive ways that never feel like the author is not taking things as seriously as he should This is a pitfall that UKUS authors often fall into but Moebius manages to walk uite the balancing act hereThe short stories compiled in this volume were originally ran in various magazines and are each basically self contained They are probably not that good a place to start with Moebius I'd recommend The Long Tomorrow for short work and The Incal for longform storytelling perhaps because it has an everyman protagonist in the private eye John Difool This collection of Arzach fantasies is nonetheless indispensable for anyone who wants to explore Moebius' work as an artist and storytellerOn a related note Moebius would shortly before his death start work on a preuel series to Arzach that would show the characters' origins in a conventional storyline but only finished the first volume I'm somewhat surprised at Moebius deciding that was necessary since each short Arzach story found here is perfectly independent on its own

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Owing cloak and the stern yet gentle expression on his wind burned face He rides a creature that resembles an albino pterodactyl across bleak desert landscapes where he encounters remnants of lost civilizations His experiences are both dramatic and absurd and his meandering journeys are as mystifying as they are humorou. Bought this book in the French original so I couldn’t understand the first story but since this rest of this book had no text whatsoever it hardly made much difference The art is just incredible Arzach’s psy fi chedelic journey through Moebius’ world is full of naked zombie creatures giant phallic apes alien warscapes and deceivingly beautiful monsters I can definitely understand why Moebius’ art is considered revolutionary in the comic book genre; he mereges bright pop art like colour schemes with the world of a visionary sci fi epic It’s no suprirse that he helped Jodorowski out with the storyboards for his hugely ambitious rendition of DUNE that was of course never made In fact these drawings have apparently influenced everyone from Alan Moore to Ridley Scott Although very short this book definitely deserves 4 stars for the ambition of Moebius’ project which although I won’t be purchasing any time soon due to the hefty price tag I’m intrigued to read of

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Arzach AUTHOR MœbiThis collection of nine short stories six of which are told without the use of dialogue or sound effects features the mysterious character Arzach first created in 1976 by the French writer and illustrator MoebiusIt is not apparent whether the eponymous character is a hero an antihero or simply a definitive example of th. This volume collects the early run of Moebius’s Arzach comics—a defining classic of the anthology magazine Métal HurlantHeavy Metal Moody imaginative colorful and fantastical these comics remain influential to this day They present a series of very brief encounters and episodes as Arzach wanders strange lands astride a giant pterodactylThe collection also includes a handful of other short Moebius comics Most of these are much wordier almost comically so than the Arzach comics but no less imaginative