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Behind the Crimson Blind Read & Download ↠ 4 ì Trouble in TangierThere was Paula a lively lovable English blond and Bill her adoring husband intelligent tough and an expert pistol shot There was Maureen a fiery American Brunette and Commandant Alvarez a handsome Spaniard whose sense of honor was only exceeded by his courage And of couDsome Spaniard whose sense of honor was only exceeded by his courage And of course there was the incomparable Sir Henry Merrivale who had promised to solve another impossible case in forty eight hoursAnd somewh. This book was published in 1952 and features the series detective Henry Merrivale It is 1st April 1950 Henry Merrivale is travelling incognito to Tangier for a holiday On the plane to Tangier he is recognised by an American girl Miss Maureen Holmes who agrees not to reveal his identity However when the plane lands in Tangier Merrivale is welcomed by a large crowd of civilians and policemen He is met by Commandant Alvarez and Mrs Paula Bentley wife of Bill Bentley of the British Embassy He and Maureen who agrees to be his secretary are escorted by car to the residence of the Police Commissioner Colonel Duroc They are invited to stay as guests with himColonel Duroc seeks Merrivale’s help in catching a clever international thief nicknamed Iron ChestHe is reported to have come to Tangier in the same plane as Merrivale Iron Chest has been operating for the past one year or so and has already committed 12 robberies There are no photographs or fingerprints of him Though he has been seen many times at fairly close distances no one has a good description of him He robs only jewellers and banks He steals only diamonds from jewellers and only unregistered banknotes from banks He always carries under his left arm an iron chest hence the nickname measuring 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot with curious carvings of monkeys Since he can carry diamonds in his pockets and banknotes in a small attaché case the reason for carrying the bulky iron chest is not clear; it would only be a hindrance to his movements He also carries a gun One of the previous robberies involved an impossible element About 11 months back in Brussels during the night after stealing diamonds from a jeweller while Iron Chest was leaving through the door he was apprehended by a policeman He shot at the policeman and mysteriously disappeared It has been widely reported in the newspapers that a Sultan had come to Tangier and given 100 uncut diamonds to the jeweller Bernstein Co for cutting and polishing Hence it is expected that Iron Chest would attempt to steal these diamonds Accordingly Merrivale and others set up a trap to capture him Though an attempt to steal the diamonds is made that night the culprit manages to escape since Alvarez fails to report for duty and is later found drunk in his room However the diamonds are not stolen The Police suspect that one GW Collier who arrived in Tangier on the same plane as Merrivale is the accomplice of Iron Chest and he does the cutting and polishing for him He is presently staying in Riff hotel A watch is kept on him Early next morning Collier goes to a one roomed flat in a two storied building The three windows of this flat are all fitted with crimson blinds and hence the title of the book The building is surrounded by the Police Coincidentally Paula Bentley who is apartment hunting also goes to the flat She finds that the door is not locked which is unbelievable and opens it She sees that Collier is working at a table on which is placed an iron chest and many uncut diamonds Collier rushes at her not allowing her to enter and bolts and locks the door from inside The Police come and start knocking on the door A little later Collier opens the door but the iron chest and diamonds are no longer on the table Since the only entrance door and the three windows are under observation it is clear that the items must still be in the flat A thorough search is made of the

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Ere in Tangier was the mysterious Iron Chest and the fabulous thief who went with it the thief who had never been seen and who was about to walk into the trap they had set for him and walk out again still unsee. Now here’s a late Merrivale that lives up to its rep it sucks The reason for my two stars instead of just one is because the first two thirds were actually shaping up to be another perfectly cromulent middle of the road JDC WrongFor one I don’t care for these types of mysteries I want a murder not a jewel robbery I never liked Christie’s espionage and thriller stuff either I want investigation not asinine running around And I want fun whodunit situations not a story about—shuffles deck— boxing Sometimes Carr can get carried away with a pet subject One book it was fencing here it’s boxing And I don’t need romance but if I have to have it not the kind where a man calls his wife baggage I skimmed and skipped most of the boxing stuff And then I found myself frustrated and annoyed with the non boxing material too In the end I just wanted to know the answers to the “impossible” uestions but they were buried in utter crap There is far too much of Merrivale’s harumphing language It gives me a headache Worse there is phonetic spelling of four or five different accents Zat stuff grates on ze brain vich is au eddy un’da e narmis prezzerYou know baggage think I hate this book The last third is a perfect demonstration of all of Carr’s excesses Fingers crossed that Cavalier’s Cup isn’t this bad

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Behind the Crimson BlindTrouble in TangierThere was Paula a lively lovable English blond and Bill her adoring husband intelligent tough and an expert pistol shot There was Maureen a fiery American Brunette and Commandant Alvarez a han. Wowwhere to start with this oneThis really was a chore to get throughIt started well enough and the premise of a super villain who can vanish himself and stolen diamonds at a whimis a good oneBut things soon go rapidly downhillHalfway through it becomes a boring romance type thing with Carr's awkwardunrealistic romantic dialogueAs with several of his later booksi only ploughed on through because i want to complete the Merrivale seriesThe resolution to the impossible crimes is so so and the reveal at the end is a genuine surprisethough it in retrospectfairly cluedOne for completistsonly