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Unds himself with and actually makes him feel again But he simply can’t stand by if Katie is in danger; he can’t allow her to be hurt Unfortunately there are other ways to be hurt and by getting closer to Katie Sam may inflict damage than her past ever could Because Sam is damaged and some things are beyond repair This is a full length contemporary romance romantic comedy with its own HEA and no cliffhanger Warning – Beyond Repair differs from Susie’s other books in that there is some violence within the story If this combined with some swearing at times is not for you then it may not be your cup of tea Author Background Susie Tate is a general practitioner now but she has also spent years working in hospital medicine This the first of her books to be set in general practice and she hopes that it will give readers a feel for what it’s like behind the scenes as well as being a funny at times heartbreaking sto Ok this one is gonna hurt but here it goes view spoiler Firstly I'd like to put out that 2 stars is uite generous considering how I'm feeling about this book 1 Sam One word doucheThe whole hot and cold thing with Katie got old real uick I wanted to see development on his mental struggle with his inner demons I mean we dont even really get into him starting therapy I despised the way he treated Katie There's alpha then there's a controlling bastard which he was I didn't appreciate that he became a borderline stalker to protect Katie when ultimately all that fuss was pointless because she was beaten up by Daniel when he disappeared on herAGAIN This leads me to2 Katie My God woman ever heard of a backbone? I get she is meant to be this lovable sweet little lady but how many times does a man have to hurt you before you realise Geez but he's an asshole I think I'll just do me for now She was a mess I LOATHED every time Sam would throw an half ass apology at her and she was already ready to forgive him before he could finish his sentence Fuck my life I honestly hate spineless heroines like this What hurts the most is the fact that Sam not only walks away and abandons her at least 3 times in this book he also ignores her completely while throwing his Hollywood beau at her but he also said a whole bunch of nasty shit to her in front of all their friends at a party and on the same night hes all like I'm sorry and she's all aw its okay lolTHE FUCK? NOOOOO I demand for all women kind you at least punch his penis It's only right Lastly after all was said and done What made my brain explode the hardest was how Katie had to be the one who approached Sam after he dumps her to reconcile their relationship Oh my God I wanted to jump off a cliff It made my heart hurt for whole different reasons I get my man has issues that hes got to deal with but what a pussy lmfao Anyways there were a lot of things that really bugged me about this book that I haven't listed This is all I can really stomach to write about cos I'm still fuming at that ending I will mention tho the reason why I gave this 2 stars instead of the 1 it really deserves is because I really loved Russ Sarah and Rob They were comedic relief to me when I was ready to stab someone in the eye Sorry I couldn't enjoy this read Maybe this was a one off and the rest of her novels are great but I am officially scarred so I might hang this author up and call it a night hide spoiler

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Beyond Repair Broken Heart #3 Everybody loves Katie; with her bubbly personality her beauty her never ending supply of care and support for her patients and friends and her huge sense of fun there’s very little to dislike Yes she’s a bit scatty she tends not to sweat the small stuff like an engine light on her dashboard – that is until her Mini won’t actually start any and she can talk the hind legs off a donkey but none of that stops most people from thinking she’s pretty damn adorable Well most people other than Sam that is Sam is anything but bubbly His surly demeanour is the complete opposite of Katie's and over the six years that she’s known him one thing has become very clear Sam cannot stand her The fact that he makes her nervous doesn’t help the situation Around Sam her verbal diarrhoea seems ten times worse the snort that she tries to hold in when she laughs refuses to be suppressed and her clumsiness assumes clown like prop free on today

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kindle á Beyond Repair Broken Heart ¶ randarenewables é Everybody loves Katie; with her bubbly personality her beauty her never ending supply of care and support for her patients and friends and her huge sense of fun there’s very little to dislike Yes she’s a bit scatty she tends not to sweat the small stuff likOrtions If only he weren’t uite so intimidating she might be able to act like a normal human being but his sheer masculine beauty is enough to throw her off before she’s even spoken to him Then there’s the fact that he looks at her like she’s something he’s scraped off his shoe The combination is enough to short circuit her brain Katie may be bubbly and bright but unfortunately her past is not and it’s started leaking into her present She hides her fear from her friends as they have problems of their own but when Sam finds out the potential danger she’s in for some reason he is furious Then again there’s a reason Sam is the way he is He has his own demons to contend with Shutting himself off and burying his pain has been working well for him over the last six years since leaving the Special Forces so the last thing he wants is to spend any time with the one woman that cuts through the numbness he surro 35 Stars