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The Final Programme reader Å Hardcover â michael moorcock â Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaoA través de las versiones míticas de los problemas de hoy sin intentar situarlas o situarse a sí mismo en contextos simplificados Una ficción semejante en un mundo de imaginación escasa es un don necesario Harpers Bazaar Michael Moorcock nació en Inglaterra ha publicado más de 50 libros y fue animador principal de la célebre revista New Worlds ue introdujo el término ficción especulativa; una literatura moderna coherente y vital En EL PROGRAMA FINAL primera de una serie de cuatro novelas independientes anticipa la herencia decepcionante y caótica de la década del 60 un dorado presente en el ue todo parecía instantáneamente posib Today we're concerned with The Final Programme and Moorcock's status as one of speculative fiction's foremost prophets of catastrophe Like his New Worlds compadre J G Ballard his work confronts us with apocalypse after apocalypse Unlike the Sage of Shepperton however Moorcock gives the impression of revelling in The End; if the world is making its merry way over the final cliff why not be the Pied Piper?And pied piper holy fool party hardy Prospero these are all accurate yet partial descriptions of the anti hero of The Final Programme Jerry Cornelius His is an alternate Cold War world in which existing certainties have collapsed and the moral order has been superseded where technology seems only able to precipitate disaster and the arts to celebrate the end And Jerry is a man whose response to civil collapse is to hold a season long swinging sixties party as a new form of social organisationIf this makes him sound like some kind of Nietzschean Austin Powers it's not altogether far from the truth This dandy sexually flexible assassin and playboy wanders through spy thriller scenes glamorous international locations underworld plots secret lairs and the like obsessed with love and revenge His nemesis and antithesis is Ms Brunner a vampiric computer programmer and authority figure who wants to calculate the answer to everything in the titular program Shades of Deep Thought perhapsMoorcock has a serious bleak point to make about the impossibility of sustaining life in a society seemingly in love with death but The Final Progamme is also a great deal of fun as sixties London frantically frugs its way towards the EschatonAnd while the book is inevitably rooted in its own mid sixties cultural moment its exhilarating nihilism is still both a challenge and an inspiration to anyone seeking to make anything anew amid the febrile wreckage of the old

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Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos Miss Brunner Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being a modern messiah the final programmeThe first book in the Cornelius uartet is the groundbreaking introduction to the misadventures and vendettas of Jerry Cornelius one of modern literature’s most distinctive characters the product of a bewildering post modern culture and an inspiration For a 1960’s science fiction novel laced with sex drugs and rock roll I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as I thought I would The Final Programme was my introduction to Michael Moorcock and I will probably not be reading the other three books in this uartet I say ‘probably’ rather than ‘definitely’ because the book wasn’t actually bad But it was a chore to read to the end The fact that the story was not compelling had little to do with my boredom I don’t need a plot or well developed characters to be happy Create the right atmosphere and I’m good And the atmosphere of London in the Swinging Sixties should have kept me plenty amused But it didn’t The outrageous sci fi elements and Eastern philosophy also should have held my interest But they didn’t Looking back on the reading experience as a whole I can say the book was not without its fun but there were no actual moments when I was having any There’s one scene that stands out to me as a good example of my ambivalence about this book It is a psychedelic scene where Jerry Cornelius is tripping on a hallucinogen laced needle shot at him by his brother during a raid on his eccentric family’s booby trapped mansion Sounds like fun already right? Well it sounds like fun than it is “ He was riding a black ferris wheel of emotions His brain and body exploded in a torrent of mingled ecstasy and pain Regret Guilt Relief Waves of pale light flickered He fell down a never ending slope of obsidian rock surrounded by clouds of green purple yellow black The rock vanished but he continued to fall World of phosphorescence drifting like golden spheres into the black night Green blue red explosions Flickering world of phosphorescent tears falling into timeless spaceless wastes World of Guilt Guilt—guilt—guiltAnother wave flowed up his spine No mind no body no where Dying waves of light danced out of his eyes and away through the dark world Everything was dying Cells sinews nerves synapses—all crumbling Tears of light fading fading Brilliant rockets streaking into the sky and exploding all together and sending their multicoloured globes of light—balls on an Xmas tree—x mass—drifting slowly Black mist swirled across a bleak horizonless nightscape” 98I love psychedelic imagery but this passage strikes me as uninspired pedestrian It’s not bad It’s just that it has potential to be good and it doesn’t live up to that potentialThen there’s the general atmosphere of Swinging London the neon signs and pinball machines Beatles music and mod fashion This also should have been much better than it is “ It was a world ruled by the gun the guitar and the needle” 111 Perhaps substitute a lava lamp for the gun and a bong for the needle but no it’s not the trappings of the scene; it’s the style that loses me I’m okay with an evil James Bond Apparently I’m even okay with incest and assassination But I’m not okay with writing that falls flat Moorcock never uite creates the mood that would breathe life into his novel Still there are things I liked about the book It was campy and I like that in small doses I also understand from John Clute’s introduction that the Jerry Cornelius stories are a sort of template for New Wave sci fi and it was good to get a feel for the subgenre I can see how this book could easily become a cult classic but it’s not a cult I’m likely to join

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The Final Programme For generations of characters sinceMichael Moorcock rechazando las disputas de límites ue han reducido la novela a una confusión de subgéneros en conflicto recobra en estos cuatro volúmenes una vitalidad y una amplitud proteicas ue pudieran llamarse dickensianas si no pertenecieran tan por completo a nustro tiempo volátil En verdad ninguna obra reciente de ficción ha manejado mejor las contingencias vertiginosas de la imaginación del medio siglo ue esta brava arleuinada de juegos de identidad realidades falsificadas historia paródica y un pobre y ordinario apocalipsis WL Webb The Guardian Moorcock ha creado una figura capaz de moverse In the apocalyptic end point of swinging 60s London the universe parties and pleasure seeks itself into oblivion as an eternally bored hipster and amoral vampiric scientist set in motion the renewal and continuance of human existence With its offhandedly cursory yet pretentious philosophizing horrendously uneven wobbling between bizarre action set piece and graspings at significance weird jokiness hiding its overearnestness and and rather unlikeable super cool protagonist this one earns a deserved fair share of detractors In many ways it's dreadful And yet there's something so weird and so desperate to touch the real that lies far outside any shred of conventional character progression or resolution that it's also kind of remarkable It's almost a kind of psychedelic outsider religion with no care for reader identification or really even human life in the overarching and inescapable cosmic cycle of destruction and renewal Its casual incompetence belies a brutal and fine honed urgency of a kind Easy to write off as terrible but ambiguous than that reallyThis also became an eually uneven but perhaps concisely entertaining movie which preserves many of its expectation confusing ualities