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review The Absconded Ambassador Genrenauts #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ð Last Week She Was Working Open Mics Now She’s Headed to Outer SpaceRookie Genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight when the team scrambles to fix a story breach in Science Fiction World the domain of starships weiRenauts a science fiction series in novellas If you like Leverage Redshirts or uantum Leap check out Genrenauts for a brand new adventureIf you like the TV show Leverage or the books of Jasper Fforde Genrenauts is absolutely the series for you Exploring genre tropes while saving the world has never been fun Between the Covers. I read this as an early draft so it was great to read it again in polished form Underwood's Genrenauts series pays tribute to scifi crossed with other genres as his heroes work to fix broken storylines that create dangerous ripple effects on Earth This is the most scif fi of the novellas since they must go to a science fiction world To me it reads as a loving send up to Babylon 5 and other similar shows and I love it There's action political intrigue and humor galore Since it's a novella it's a fast read

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Last Week She Was Working Open Mics Now She’s Headed to Outer SpaceRookie Genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight when the team scrambles to fix a story breach in Science Fiction World the domain of starships weird aliens and galactic intrigueOn the space station Ahura 3 Ambassador Kaylin Reed is on the verge. Thanks goes to Tor and the author for the ARCA few weeks in to her new life Leah gets thrown into two yes two major infodumps Poor girl I never guessed that managerial duties in a big corporation could sound like so much technobabble and serve all the same functions but wait This Is SF Of course we have technobabble Especially when we're getting ready for SPACE OPERA Woo WooMy Genre loving friends get ready we're out of the saddle and back in the Saddle but this time we've got alien politics burgeoning alliances mystery and enough fast paced Pew Pew action to make me think I was in a golden age rocket ship and indeed that's the pointGotta save the universe by saving the universe Always the multiple layers I won't give it away but there's a special crossover and some special character development It makes me wonder if the ongoing genre bending events on both sides of the tracks are going to get us into a lot of epic troublesIt's not uite a cliffhanger but it serves as a great continuing story hook that is still self referential in all the story ways it needs to be if it's going to be a self respecting meta Genrenaut Be forewarned Setting is just as important in Space Opera SF as story so don't blink

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The Absconded Ambassador Genrenauts #2Of securing a peace treaty to guarantee the end of hostilities between some of the galaxy's most ferocious races When Ambassador Reed is kidnapped the morning before the signing it throws the station into chaosSo now it’s up to Leah and her team to save the day and put the story to rightsAt any cost The second episode of Gen. THIS TIME ON GENRENAUTSSpace X shuttles are crashing Technology is going on the fritz This can only mean a story breach on Sci Fi World and a job forThe GenrenautsDr King and Company are traveling across dimensions to tackle SF story tropes and save an abducted ambassador before she can sign an agreement to form an interstellar alliance aboard the Ahura 3 space stationAs he did with the first installment The Shootout Solution Michael R Underwood has crafted a loving ode to pulp genre fiction set against a slowly developing meta narrative and peppered it with a few spot on pop culture references and a whole lot of fun Fans of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 should find plenty to enjoy here the story rife with diplomatic shenanigans sci fi action seuences and lots of loose flowing funOne of the things that I’m really growing to appreciate with this still young series is the character’s own recognition of genre tropes and plot conveniences that define the story worlds they visit and the ways they harness those familiar storytelling devices to further their own ends There’s also a nice bit of subtle commentary on how genres overlap allowing us the audience to accept particular tropes as is thanks to a particular bit of story telling osmosis The Action Hero mold can fit nicely alongside other familiar tropes in Sci Fi World due to similar generic devices demanded by the plot This allows our Earth Prime heroes to defy all kinds of logic in the various story worlds because we the readers are attuned to expect those absences of logic and it creates a fun bit of meta fictionFun of course is of the utmost importance in these stories and you can tell Underwood is keeping himself mighty entertaining with these characters and the set pieces they encounter Sticking to the episodic nature of the series he furthers the overarching narrative in inches and gives us a few new wrinkles and teases character backstories just in time to —NEXT TIME ON GENRENAUTS