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The Theology of the Book of Revelation New Testament Theology characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì Richard Bauckham expounds the theology of the Book of Revelation its understanding of God Christ and the Spirit the role of the Church in the world and the hope of the coming Evelation it is shown to be one of the masterpieces of early Christian literature with much to say to the Church today This study offers a uniue account of the theology and message of Revelatio. Excellent Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the book of revelation

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Richard Bauckham expounds the theology of the Book of Revelation its understanding of God Christ and the Spirit the role of the Church in the world and the hope of the coming of God's universal. Baukham's Theology of the Book of Revelation offers an insightful and non traditional approach to a difficult book in our canon primarily due to the complexity of the stylism and imagery involved and the eschatological vision For one Baukham avoids the common verse by verse approach commentary style that is helpful for understanding the part although often at expect to the sum whole Instead he approaches the book thematically demonstrating John's concern to communicate Christ's Messianic triumph and reign over the competing powers of the earth namely Rome At the same time he shows how John both adopts and brings to its culmination the Jewish prophetic tradition in such a way that evidences John's concern for his contemporary Christian audience in a struggle against Roman Imperialism without at the same time relegating his Revelation only to the early Christian church In other words he bridges the gap between interpretation to application in a thoroughly consistent prophetic mannerFor those looking for an explanation of the book of Revelation that transcends modern millenarian discussions of the book that distort John's primary impetus behind his prophetic message while remaining exegetically sensitive to the text I highly recommend this work

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The Theology of the Book of Revelation New Testament TheologyKingdom Close attention is paid both to the literary form in which the theology is expressed and to the original context to which the book was addressed Contrary to many misunderstandings of R. Brilliant clear and eye opening This is the best single work on a book of the Bible that I have read It is not a commentary nor simply a long commentary introduction Instead it is a well organized comprehensive view of Revelation with its context various themes and important verses explained—even including a final chapter on how the book applies to us todayBut importantly than its clarity and scope is the fact that I believe Bauckham is right Oh how confusing the book can be But wow does he explain it so well In the midst of all the misguided futurist historicist views here Bauckham shows what John is tiring to communicateAnd I think the main reason Bauckham does this so well is because he is so steeped in the Old Testament The book of Revelation has OT references that any other NT book by far In so many of the verses John is alluding to some Old Testament prophetic text to paint his pictures Bauckham takes these seriously and doing so he avoids many of the modern errors we make of the book when we make essentially it a future 'code'Moreover besides it being clear and the right interpretation in my opinion what I also appreciated is that this isn't just a piece of scholarly work Of course it is very scholarly Warning It isn't very easy to read It is super dense But Bauckham is very God Christ gospel and cross centered This was a tad surprising to me just because I didn't expect it It isn't devotional but it is worshipful if I may make such a distinction using the modern usage of the word 'devotional' For example his overarching outline is God Christ and gospel focused right away After an introductory chapter he has a chapter about God then Christ then Christ's victory on the cross and how that applies to us Such organization and focus was refreshing And most importantly Bauckham displayed that these were John's focuses in the bookLastly I will just say two important things that stuck out to me These aren't the most important but they'r eon my mind currentlyFirst Bauckham helpfully shows that for John the book of Revelation has three main themes derived from the Old Testament1 First is the theme of messianic victory This was a clear OT and NT idea that the Messiah King would have victory over his enemies even world wide global victory John shows this was accomplished but through Jesus' death and resurrection But not only that this explains many other pictures like the 144000 which is a census like OT censuses in which the army of the King Messiah is numbered The 144000 is symbolic of completeness 12000x12 since the actual number is innumerable next few verses but it is a census This also makes sense out of the freuent command to conuer We as Christians are in a war against the ideologies of the world We fight and conuer and don't compromise and only those who do are true Christians2 Second is the theme of the new exodus This is evident with the images of the judgments where so many resemble the plagues And it's similar in how the judgments don't lead the nations to repent just like Pharaoh and Egypt It's also similar in how the saints sing a new song of Moses about deliverance like Moses did after crossing the Red Sea And finally most obviously it is accomplished through the Lamb slain for them In other words the victory is pictured as the new exodus which is a NT theme elsewhere3 Third is the theme of witness Christians are witnesses to the Messiah's victorynew exodus and most importantly to the truth and reality of God They are witnesses to the gospel and to the fact that God soon will have his creation back Finally we are witnesses to the ends of the nations This is not just a Hewish salvation but one for the world a theme that comes up again and againI think these three themes make sense out of much of what John is writingSecond I want to just point out one extremely helpful thing Bauckham said This The judgments of the seven seals from chapters 6 9 are not the content of the scroll This is obviously right and it's a massive point So many people think that the 'scroll' outlines the last days of the world and the judgements are part of the scroll But in Revelation that's not true The scroll is the scroll The seals open the scroll Instead each seal does bring judgment but it does not bring repentance In other words John's purpose is to show that the judgments don't lead to repentance which is his final point at the end of the seals in chapter 9What about the scroll then It is finally opened in chapter 10 after the seals are done and explained in chapter 11 This is the climax and center of the book John takes the image from Ezekiel where Ezekiel is given the scroll eats it internalizes it and then says what the scroll message was John does the same eating gin chapter 10 and then explaining it in chapter 11 This means that chapters 6 9 are setting the stage by showing that judgments don't work to bring about repentance The center of the book is then chapters 10 11 where the scroll is explained SO what is the scroll about It is about the church—the two witnesses witnessing to the truth about the Lamb and Messiah and doing so by following the way of their Lord through their own sacrificial deaths But the good news is that they will be successful the gospel will go to all the earth through the witness of the churchBauckham points out we know this is the center and main point of the book because 1 this is the content of the scroll and 2 all the chapters after this just expound on themes such as beast that are brought in during chapter 11All that being said the center and most important part of the book is chapter 11 The church is to witness to the nations We will be victorious but our witness is one of sacrifice and love like our Lord It is 'two witnesses' because based on the testimony of at least two witnesses is an OT idea and the church is to be prophetic like Moses and Eliah as pictured in ch 11So good I encourage anyone who is confused or interested in Revelation to give it a readAnd most important it makes much sense now why God included it in the canon And Bauckham shows well in his final chapter on application the church throughout ages did not read it as a code book like we do Instead it has been a constant reminder of the church to conuer with the king by the blood of the Lamb and to witness to his victory even unto death That's the point It was the point for the early Christians in Rome and it's the point to us today