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Download ePub  Love Hate Relationship 241 pages ☆ randarenewables ´ People say that sometimes the line between love and hate is thin What they don’t tell you is that sometimes it’s invisibleRowan Locklaine gave his heart to one woman a long time ago and has no desire to go through that kind of Foul mouthed best selling author Rowan Locklaine she’s all too happy to put him in his placeRowan and Navie are convinced they hate each other But as time passes and the attraction between them begins to grow these two stubborn strong willed people have a life changing decision to make Can they move beyond their pain for a chance at something better or are they destined to let their pasts dictate their future? Spoilers ahead 45Navie I love her name The foster sister of the H of the previous book has finally finished college and has entered into the world of work Unfortunately adulting isn't all it's cracked up to be when she gets a call back on an interview she's relieved and excited because she's nearly broke When she's offered the position of personal assistant to a NYT bestselling author she's thrilleduntil she meets her asshole bossRowan is an arrogant author who's public is turning against him because of negative press Pictures of him having sex in public definitely doesn't help the situation When he's introduced to his new perky girl next door assistant he knows she's not his type He treats her like a go for until Navie's backbone snaps into place and he's given a massive set down Intrigued by this side of his assistant Rowan soon finds himself doing the one thing he swore he wouldn't do againfalling in loveLet me tell ya I was scared starting this in the previous book Navie cried so much I was sure she'd be a doormat Nope She's amazing First sassy and with a sharp tongue she doesn't need help to stand up for herself I loved her She had some issues because of her childhood but she was still a fantastic h Coming from this author? I was pleasantly surprised by my girl NavieThe H's girlfriend cheated on him with his brother and though he was a manwhore in the beginning Navie actually walks in as one off his ONS was leaving and actually had to rescue him from another from the moment Navie started working for him he wasn't with anyone else He wasn't even sure why when he and Navie couldn't stand each other The ending got a bit OTT because he seemed to think Navie was cheating on him at every turn but given his history I understoodEnemies to lovers and the banter and come backs were everything Carson's reaction to Navie's relationship was hilariousAll in all I really enjoyed this oneOW drama as the H's ex returns and kisses him as Navie walks in he didn't want her cheating ass and got her out of there and went after his girlThere were two OW scenes with his ONS leaving as Navie showed up for her first day of work and one of he ex ONS showed up at his apartment and didn't want to leave Neither of these were major scenes as the first occurred as he'd just met Navie and the second was with a woman he'd had sex with previously but not in a whileH was cheated on by his ex with his twin

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People say that sometimes the line between love and hate is thin What they don’t tell you is that sometimes it’s invisibleRowan Locklaine gave his heart to one woman a long time ago and has no desire to go through that kind of torture ever again His painful past has turned him cold and heartless Women serve only one purpose as far as he’s concerned and relationships are nothing but a waste of time and ener 45 stars Oh what a pleasant surprise it was Loved it Light sexy funny with great banter and bickering between main characters Rowan is famous writer and needs a new assistantagain since they all change constantly I don't know? It may be because he is also a giant And Navie is the one to take the job And I'm telling you girlfriend is so fine she gives as good as she gets I already knew she was a kickass heroine somewhere in the middle of the book but when she was reading one of my favourite books The Fall Up I was like hell yeah Bestie They start as enemies become friends and then lovers The transitions were smooth but damn did she make him work for it once he pulled his head out of his ass And when they click so hot Anyway it was a cute one I enjoyed it very much and would recommend if you feel like reading something light but with a touch of angst It's a book 3 in series but can be read as a STANDALONE

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Love Hate Relationship Colors #3 Gy When the mouthy little blonde Navie Collins is hired as his personal assistant he finds his world turned upside down And against his better judgment he can’t seem to stop thinking about herNavie Collins has spent years convinced she’s not good enough that no one could possibly want her Growing up the way she did helped to thicken her skin so when she walks into a job interview and meets the temperamental Not giving it the deserved 1 star because I really truly shut my iPad and deleted book off everything at 45%The hero is a shit stain on earth who kept on giving me rapist vibe he openly propositioned a woman in front on h albeit to make her jealous and had no plan to follow through but she DIDN’T know that Yet she finds it SO hard to hate him cause he’s pretty with a perfect penis but this is her reaction to a man she knows nothing about“You should have sex with someone else”There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I’d never be able to go through with Pepper’s suggestion but I was ashamed to admit that in my alcohol addled brain I considered it for a few seconds That was until some skeevy guy with a rapist goatee sidled up to our table with a creepy grin”ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME NOW?Her boss practically mauled her at the dance floor the other night AFTER she said NO Locked them in a ladies toilet and almost fucked her possibly without protection while she kept on saying NO and MEANING IT Yes she was also lusty and would have given in since he was forcing reaction out of her but she knew the boundaries Just because she lusted after him didn’t mean she wanted to screw and she meant it when she said no Yet he was like a bitch on heat and ignored anything she said It was very much about his own physical gratification He was too far gone to assess what she wants or not The only thing that saved her was someone else banging on the door Yet she’s lusting after this potential rapist but somehow a guy that she knows nothing about is giving her rapist vibe because he has a goatee??????? This is meant to be funny or something? This coming from a girl grown up in foster care and caring so much about acceptance? I guess the only acceptance that matters to us women is of the guys off sports illustrated covers combined with manwhore extraordinair persona and completed with a STD ridden dick?Ummthanks But no thanksSafety he had a ONS the day he met heroine after the interview Heroine had to watch the OW’s walk of shame He was celibate after not for long as this was a very short timeline It can be counted as safe however I didn’t understand hero’s need of either having a uick fuck the first night or staying celibate after That was a shitload of contradictions Yes he didn’t feel anything for h at that point of time so he was free to do shit but neither did he have any feelings for her after escorting the ONS out so there was no logical explanation as to why he stopped and went against his character There is no rational explanation as to why he’d do that except for the author told him to do this He didn’t care for her and he never went without sex just like the very first day they met the only logical explanation is that he’d continue to do so UNTIL he’s formed the attachment with h and is ready for something with her Human characters may be complicated but it still follows patterns and they are not chameleon If the author is going to include a sex scene between hero and another woman at the beginning of the book I’m going to assume it’s to give us the authentic idea of his character If that is the case then they need to stay true to the portrait they are trying to paint and cannot contradict themselves simply because they have the means to have anything published and is scared of losing a certain reader demographic