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Gregor the Overlander review ↠ 3 À Enuanto escorrega pela conduta de ar atrás da irmã Gregor suspira por mais uma peripécia na sua vida Mas nada o preparou para a aventura ue se segue Debaixo da cidade esconde se a Subterra um mundo sombrio onde os humanos convivem com aranhas morcegos baratas e ratos gigantescos A Subterra prepara se para a gE uma profecia previu ue ele mesmo Gregor desempenhará um papel importante Gregor uer fugir mas percebe ue ali talvez possa desvendar o desaparecimento do pa. With a few exceptions I am not typically a big fan of science fictionfantasy nor of bugs and rats and dark places Had I not read and loved The Hunger Games I never would have even considered reading this book And I would have most certainly been missing outThis is Suzanne Collins' first novel and it is uite a first novel Gregor the Overlander centers around an eleven year old boy and his little sister who fall through a grate in the laundry room of their apartment complex After being hurtled down a long tunnel they find themselves in the midst of a strange Underland full of talking giant cockroaches rats bats and spiders as well as humans with translucent skin and violet eyes As the children become acuainted with the strange beings and history of this mysterious land a prophetic uest forms to find Gregor's long lost father believed to have fallen victim to some of the creatures here years earlier and lots of adventure ensuesApparently the author was inspired to write this book after wondering what Alice and Wonderland may have been like had it taken place in a city where one is likely to fall down a manhole than a bunny hole I thought it was a fantastic story; a real page turner that amidst all the adventure asks its reader to consider issues of friendship responsibility tolerance acceptance determination and loyalty Very imaginative and well written I highly recommend it particularly if you enjoy YA fantasy or loved The Hunger Games

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Enuanto escorrega pela conduta de ar atrás da irmã Gregor suspira por mais uma peripécia na sua vida Mas nada o preparou para a aventura ue se segue Debaixo. When Gregor falls after his little sister down the laundry shoot he finds himself in a new land He is faced with deciding where to place his loyalties how to survive and given the opportunity to search for his father who unaccountably disappeared 2 years ago This book has ruined my entire day I have laundry to fold dinner to cook breakfast to eat 3 papers to write and lesson plans to develop Instead I've spent my morning snuggled under a down uilt devouring Gregor the Overlander As soon as I finished it I slid into my car and ran back to work to collect the next four books in the series It looks like the rest of my life is going on hold for awhile Good by responsibiliy Good by family HELLO UNDERLANDERSI have always loved fairytales and mysteries in the Agatha Christie model It's restful and reassuring to know there may be trials and tribulations but good will always defeat evil and the deserving will live happily ever afterGregor the Overlander carries these themes forward but provides subtle opportunities for the reader to uestion their convictions about right and wrong through the protagonist's encounters with various species in the Underworld Eually appealing is the sharing of Gregor's thoughts as he begins to recognize the limits he has set for himself with self imposed rules after his father's disappearance So often books of this genre for the elementary crowd become preachy and moralistic Suzanne Collins does not preach She invites the reader to explore issues about tolerance responsibility growing up and loyalty for themselves This first book is the eual of the Harry Potter books exploring the same issues with an emotional power and linguistic accessablity for the 5th 8th grade crowd I've listed a few of my favorite uotes below 1And then there was Tick Brave little Tick who had flown into the face of an army of rats to save his baby sister Tick who never spoke much Tick who shared her food Tick who was after all just a roach Just a roach who had given all the time she had left so that Boots could have Somehow Tick's sacrifice had crushed whatever thin shell remained between him and sorrow From now on he felt an allegiance to the roaches he knew would never fade2 Well Boot's courage might only count when she could count but her ability to love counted all the time3 No one who spends years with the rats can expect to be unchangedbut will his mind and body heal I believe so4 He was done with the rule now For good Even if times got bad he would never again deny himself the possibility that the future might be happy even if the present was painful He would allow himself dreamsBecause I teach in a school where far too many children have parents and siblings in jail I intend to use this book as one of a collection about children who overcome the odds to determine their own destinyReviews 1 Booklist starred November 15 2003 Vol 100 No 6 Recommends for gr 4 7 and statesCollins creates a fascinating vivid highly original world and a superb story to go along with itThis is sure to be a solid hit with young fantasy fans2 Horn Book starred Spring 2004 writes Collins sends a reluctant Gregor on the classic hero's journey in this fast paced immensely satisfying narrativeBoth of these reviews would incline me towards the book's purchase Several of the other reviews also mention it is one of a series and they all recommend it for the same age groups What the reviewers fail to say is now much parents would enjoy sharing this book with their children

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Gregor the OverlanderDa cidade esconde se a Subterra um mundo sombrio onde os humanos convivem com aranhas morcegos baratas e ratos gigantescos A Subterra prepara se para a guerra. I actually got all teary eyed over the death of an insect Can you believe itA great book I'm glad I gave it a try although I wasn't sure at the beginning if it would be too young for my taste Collins has created a fascinating world with the Underland and the book is full of amazing characters insects and rodents includedOn to book two