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La ChuteNum bar de marinheiros em Amsterdão um homem ue se apresenta como juiz penitente enceta conversa com um desconhecido Entre copos de genebra e deambulações pelas ruas dauela cidade de canais concêntricos a fazer lembrar os círculos do infe. La Chute The Fall Albert CamusThe Fall is a philosophical novel by Albert Camus First published in 1956 it is his last complete work of fiction Set in Amsterdam The Fall consists of a series of dramatic monologues by the self proclaimed judge penitent Jean Baptiste Clamence as he reflects upon his life to a stranger In what amounts to a confession Clamence tells of his success as a wealthy Parisian defense lawyer who was highly respected by his colleagues; his crisis and his ultimate fall from grace was meant to invoke in secular terms The Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden The Fall explores themes of innocence imprisonment non existence and truth In a eulogy to Albert Camus existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre described the novel as perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood of Camus' booksتاریخ نخستین خوانش یکی از روزها در سال 1975میلادیعنوان سقوط؛ نوشته آلبر کامو؛ مترجم ااصغر بهروز؛ تهران، قائم مقام، مطبوعاتی خرد، چاپ نخست 1340؛ در 120صعنوان سقوط؛ نوشته آلبر کامو؛ مترجم علی صدوقی؛ تهران، قائم مقام، چاپ دوم 1345؛ در 107صعنوان سقوط؛ نوشته آلبر کامو؛ مترجم شورانگیز فرخ؛ تهران، امیرکبیر، فرانکلین، چاپ دوم 1352؛ در 189ص؛ تهران، نیلوفر؛ چاپ چهارم 1377، در 167ص؛ چاپ نهم 1393؛ عنوان سقوط؛ نوشته آلبر کامو؛ مترجم امیر لاهوتی؛ تهران، جامی، 1388؛ در 144ص؛ شابک 9789642575572؛ عنوان سقوط؛ نوشته آلبر کامو؛ مترجم آناهیتا تدین؛ تهران، روزگار، 1392؛ در 120ص؛ شابک 9789643741808؛ کتاب نخستین بار در سال 1956میلادی منتشر شد؛ رمانی فلسفی، که از زبان «ژان باتیست کلمانس یحیای تعمید دهنده ی ندا کننده» که وکیل بوده، و اینک خود را «قاضی توبه‌ کار» می‌خواند، به صورت مونولوگ اول شخص روایت می‌شود؛ او داستان زندگی‌ خویش را برای غریبه‌ ای اعتراف می‌کند؛ «ژان پل سارتر» فیلسوف «اگزیستانسیالیست»، این رمان را «زیباترین و فهم‌ ناشده‌ ترین» کتاب «کامو» می‌خواندتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 06061399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Summary La Chute ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Num bar de marinheiros em Amsterdão um homem ue se apresenta como juiz penitente enceta conversa com um desconhecido Entre copos de genebra e deambulações pelas ruas dauela cidade de canais concêntricos a fazer lembrar os círculos do inferno recorda a sua vida passada como respeitávelRno recorda a sua vida passada como respeitável advogado parisiense insuperável na defesa de causas nobres e nas conuistas amorosas Mas à medida ue a confissão se desenrola as ambiguidades acumulam se os motivos ocultos revelam se os triun. The Anti ChristWhy does the Judge penitent address you directly as if he has found a kindred soul in youIn this world responsibility is infinite and that is why The Fall is inevitable even for a Christ But back then Christ made a mistake — he saw was the nausea of the world he saw was the complete guilt of each man and his own and he decided to redeem man himself by setting a supreme example He sacrificed himself because he found himself guilty It was only an example a call to action to make men recognize and alter their way of life He wanted man to see the depravity of his own existence by this one magnificent act But his sacrifice was merely self elevating it could not elevate man For man cannot be elevated before being shown the depths he roils in currently And man cannot see faults where he looks to see heroes He cannot see himself in Christ Man cannot see man in the IdealNo the faults had to be shown through an anti hero That is why the prophesy of an anti christ was our true hope That is why Christ had to return as the Anti Christ The Anti Christ has to be closer to man he has to be able to whisper to him as if he was just another man He has to be able to make man see himself by looking at him To make you see yourself as you really are by seeing in him yourself — yourself after The Fall That is why the Judge penitent addresses you directly He has found a kindred soul in youThe Judge PenitentYou are personally guilty for every fault that exists in the world And The Fall is to not acknowledge your guilt — to withdraw from the world into aestheticism recall Kierkegaard’s A in EitherOr and make your life’s central concern one of making yourself feel good about yourself and thus about the worldBy the time Jean Baptiste’s confession is over you should realize that in fact the Judge penitent is you The story was yours It is time to begin your own confession It is time to stop being Kierkegaard’s A and to be the B To polarize yourself Time to take responsibility and stare into the abyssOf course you might let someone else take The Fall for you but from then on you would have to worship him You would have to worship the guilty You would have to worship the Judge Penitent But in this modern religion to worship is to laugh at The FallenThat is the true role of the modern Christ To take The Fall for you so that he becomes the mirror in which you see the horror of your lifeThe FallThis necessary and continuous fall is the theme of the novel It is one unforgiving vertiginous descent It is not a story of gradual discovery and ascent as in Sartre’s Nausea In Nausea you see the picture that you should be painting of yourself In The Fall you see the anti thesis that you should use as your anti model as the one point which gives meaning to your picture by not being paintedHere you are made to continuously disagree with a person who goes and towards that abyss You are made to define yourself in your disagreement to define yourself as a negation And by doing that you are the one who discovers the nausea of such an existence even as the narrator finds ingenious and pathetic ways to avoid it And you are the one who moves away from the abyssYou are the hero of the story or at least the would be hero — the one who is going to have the transformation that will change your world The polarization is external to the novelJean Baptiste is one of the most powerful anti heroes of literature but you never root for his redemption Instead you root for him to fall and fall — to Fall as horribly and as deep into the abyss as possible Because that is the only way to root for yourself Because the he falls the you can see of what consists the abyss and the further away you get from it His Fall will save you Mon cher he is your personal Christ

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Fos desabamNarrativa mordaz de uma ironia brilhante A ueda descreve uma viagem de decadência até às mais obscuras infâmias do homem moderno Publicado pela primeira vez em 1956 foi o último livro de ficção lançado em vida por Albert Cam. The philosophical and psychological study of a man suffering inner turmoil and a crisis of existence the man in uestion is one Jean Baptiste Clemance a Parisian lawyer who while spending time in an Amsterdam bar starts to tell a moving slightly disturbing story of self pity and guilt to a complete stranger only the feeling here was that a mirror was between them and felt like a confession to himself rather than anyone else This is Classic Camus and has all the trademarks you would come to expect Deeply thought provoking chilling great narrative and with some memorable lines my only issue was it's length at under a hundred pages I craved for