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EPUB ¼ MOBI Shattered Dreams My Life as a Polygamist's Wife î 9781599957197 Ð RANDARENEWABLES Ú IRENE SPENCER grew up in a fundamentalist Mormon family the thirteenth of thirty one children so it was no surprise that she found herself at sixteen years of age in a pluIRENE SPENCER grew up in a fundamentalist Mormon family the thirteenth of thirty one children so it was no surprise that she found herself at sixteen years of age in a plural marriage sharing her husband with a half sisterEnduring abject poverty living in isolation an Update This is a view I hadn't considered before and maybe it doesn't apply to fundamentalists but the view has to come from somewhere I was watching that show Sister Wives on tv The fourth wife said that she didn't want to marry just a man she wanted to marry a family and friends She said she didn't want to be the first wife because she would have the agony of jealousy when the second one came in She didn't want to be the second who would have to live with that She wanted to be a third or fourth where it had all settled down I've read several books on the practice of polygamy by Fundamentalist Mormons but none were as good as this book It is a very detailed account of the philosophy and lifestyle of these people the original Mormons The subjugation of women not as low as Muslim women but still below any other group of women in the West is evident Not just from their almost non position in the religion they are just vessels to produce bodies for waiting souls but also because they are essentially slave labour The husbands in these polygamous families detailed in the book are away working arriving home with meagre amounts of money the bulk of it was donated to missionary and other church work and expecting the up to 9 wives and 58 children to support themselves and produce spare agricultural produce to sell Wives have to give their consent to a husband taking wives but if they aren't informed well Husbands play favourites living with the wife they are in love with deny sex except for procreation unless it is hinted you are a favourite and have a fine old time of life with the promised reward of becoming gods on their own planets after deathOnly men can be so elevated and this godhead status is almost guaranteed if he marries a 'uorum' of seven wives and has fifty children who could support 58 people This is where the slave labour comes in endless work for no personal reward A woman's reward is that is she is very very good sweet and obedient then her husband will pull her through 'the veil' of death and ennoble her to be a goddess on his very own planet If she is a bad woman not sweet obedient or uses birth control or tries to frustrate her husband in his duty of marrying many women then she will burn in hell for all eternity NiceI understand that the rule of polygamy was abandoned when a condition for statehood of Utah was that polygamy be banned although the US courts had long ruled it to be illegal I do have difficulty with a religion whose founder was a convicted conman and whose revelations and those of his high status co religionists benefit men make use of women and whose beliefs are very hard to sustain 'gods on other planets' in today's world When those religions then change their own absolutely sacred lawsperhaps the most essential one because it is expedient to do so I have a hard time seeing how anyone could actually believe in it and adhere to its principles I also have a hard time in wondering how present LDS Mormons can accept the watering down of the religion knowing it was done to appease the government and side lining of those who still follow it This book does nothing to make me positive and understanding But then faith never reuired evidence and facts that don't fit can always be explained away in any religion or set of beliefsThat said I respect people because of their actions and sometimes because of what they say not because of what they believe I'm not the thought police And I'm aware that my own existentialist philosophy isn't held in any high esteem by those who have other beliefs The book is a relevation of what it actually meant to be a polygamist wife Highly recommended Original review 8 Dec 2009 updated 6 Sept 2013

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D suffering the neglect of a husband with divided loyalties created unbearable conditions Yet Irene managed to overcome these obstacles to seek a life that she believed would be better for her and her children She made a bold step into the outside world and into a fre There's nothing like a good wallow to make your own troubles seem small so this seemed like the perfect book to take into uarantine I received the audiobook from Seattle Bibliocommons but to my dismay the last section the 13th ended before the book was done and on a cliffhanger at that Irene has left Verlan is living in the US with her younger children and they want Daddy so she is considering going back However I have to provide all 5 stars because the author does a very fine job of telling her story and there's no way that she is responsible for the audio book boondoggle I am in line to get the print version so I can see how it shakes out

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Shattered Dreams My Life as a Polygamist's WifeEdom she never knew existedThe details of her harrowing experience will appall astonish and in the end greatly inspire This dramatic story reveals how far religion can be stretched and abused and how one woman and her children found their way into truth and redemption “ in polygamy nothing is ever enough” This is a very detailed account of Spencer’s life as a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint FLDS and destitute polygamist raising a shit ton of kids I couldn’t help but love her blunt personality but my heart ached for her If you’ve read The Sound of Gravel you might be interested to know that Irene Spencer’s husband Verlan and Ruth Wariner’s father Joel were brothers