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Retreat from a Rising Sea mobi · 240 pages Download ✓ With its 28 foot storm surge and 174 mph winds 2005's Hurricane Katrina was responsible for nearly 2000 deaths and than 100 billion in damage The event was only a preview of what will soon hit coastal communities as climate change increases the power of storms that can lConsider the burden to the taxpayer and the logistics of moving landmarks and infrastructure including toxic waste sites They also show readers the alternative thousands of environmental refugees with no legitimate means to regain what they have lost The authors conclude with effective approaches for addressing climate change denialism and powerful arguments for changing US federal coastal management polici This is clearly written and informative if somewhat repetitious It also argues clearly for the concept of human contribute to climate change ie global warmingDivided into eleven chapters in a brief 165 pages the narrative eats at the reader like the tides returning again and again to the one possible ecological and economical response to the rising seas retreat For someone living on a small island on which high tides are encroaching on one major road and storms are likely to cut us into three the book is not encouragingNature is the fundamental and indomitable antagonist but it is supported by the work of developers real estate agents fossil fuel purveyors and their minions in the state legislatures and Congress like the moronic senator from Oklahoma Inhofe Rep and his snowballWhat is at stake is the expectation of large scale movements of refugees from low lying land and eroding bluffs The authors see these as unavoidable as the land cannot withstand the effects of the oceans In the US we can look to Miami and the rest of southern Florida low New Orleans deltaand all of the McMansions built along the coastlines Irma gave us a recent taste as did Harvey which did a bit of damage to the petroleum works lying along the Gulf Coast it isn't only private individuals who shall have to moveThe Yahoos in charge in the Trump Administration are either monumentally stupid or bought and paid for by those who still insist on profiting from their industries ie the Koch boys Rex Tillertson's old employer etc etcSo yes the book is infuriating especially after reading Ch 10 Deny Debate and Delay pp 139 154 in which deniers' names are named strategies for sowing doubt are detailed all this on top of earlier information on the complicity of the US government in supporting shoreline rebuilding of houses that will never survive Ch 6Anyone who pays the taxes which allow government folly or worse in this matter should read this book provide copies for political representatives and vote for sanity Perhaps checking out DoD and CIA analyses as well as those once available from the EPA and NOAA might add some ammunition to sustain and even win this battle The sea will not be defeated but yahoo politicians can be

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With its 28 foot storm surge and 174 mph winds 2005's Hurricane Katrina was responsible for nearly 2000 deaths and than 100 billion in damage The event was only a preview of what will soon hit coastal communities as climate change increases the power of storms that can lay waste to critical infrastructure such as water treatment and energy facilities and create vast irreversible pollution by decimating land “For the past two centuries two trends have been steady and clear around the United States Sea level has been rising and people have been moving closer to the coast” stated NASA scientists The steadiness and ineluctability of these two trends have been observed and documented worldwide as well by scientists and international organizationsWe're fucked but won't admit it America in particular because they don't want to use the word 'retreat' Goes into details about how Miami New Orleans and to a lesser extent Boston and small Alaskan villages are fucked and overseas looks at Jakarta Bangladesh Pacific Islands There's a great bit in the Florida chapter devoted to just slagging Marco Rubia and republicans On the other hand New York and the Netherlands are planning ahead I liked the thing about using underground parking and parks as a place to hold storm water and just realized we have parks used for the purpose in my town and the Dutch sandbar that erodes inland The penultimate chapter on climate change deniers was infuriatingHighlightedDutch adaptation view spoilerFor example the Dutch have built an underground parking garage in Rotterdam that doubles as a water storage area to hold water during flood events In addition and parks in the Netherlands are being designated as storage areas for floodwaters that will be released once the flood conditions have passedThe Dutch hope to take advantage of massive offshore sand deposits to help maintain their shorelines in their current location for as long as possible despite sea level rise Indeed sand replenishment as flood control is a major theme emerging from the Dutch plans The Dutch are blessed with both massive supplies of sand and a massive supply of money They are testing a new approach called the Sand Engine which does not use the traditional methods of depositing sand directly on the beach or directly offshore Instead the Sand Engine entails building using offshore sand a half mile seaward hook shaped peninsula in front of the beach The idea is that the body of sand protruding seaward will erode and provide a continuous supply of sand to the adjacent beaches The back side of the hook will create a small lagoon sheltered from the waves to serve as a habitat for fish and a recreational spot for beach visitors Regardless of whether this engineering innovation is effective the Dutch will be increasing their replenishment of beach sand as a cornerstone of their flood protection plans hide spoiler

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Retreat from a Rising Sea Fills and toxic waste sites This big picture policy oriented book explains in gripping terms what rising oceans will do to coastal cities and the drastic actions we need to take now to remove vulnerable populationsThe authors detail specific threats faced by Miami New Orleans New York and Amsterdam Aware of the overwhelming social political and economic challenges that would accompany effective action they A clinical look at a worrying futureIn 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans It suffered from an immense category five hurricane with 174mph winds combined with a 28 foot storm surge Safety measures put in place failed either because of poor design or substandard materials Two thousand deaths and 100b of damages later it was one of the worst storms ever to hit AmericaSo farIn this comprehensive book the authors outline the sort and long term future with regards to the effects of climate change and expanding and rising seas particularly concentrating on the effect that it will have coastal communities businesses and infrastructure Being an American centric book they concentrate on Miami New Orleans California and New York They do venture off to other places reporting briefly on the UK and other islands round the world but spend a fair amount of the book looking at what the Dutch have done and how they have dealt with a significant portion of the country being lower than sea levelThey consider the political aspects and the certain fact that the world will have to cope with millions of displaced environmental refugees They make suggestions on how we will be able to mitigate this and consider the problems that the climate change denial is causing The authors predict a frightening future for a sizable number of the population near the coast and argue powerfully for substantial and immediate changes to be made Even though the subject makes for grim reading they seem to know their facts and their suggestions are based on real evidence Well worth reading even though it was uite American centric Sadly the book was littered with formatting errors with random paragraphs and odd capitalisation It was a review copy and I hope they address it for final publication because this is a book people need to readHalfmanhalfbookBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review