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Infernal epub º read ↠ randarenewables Ù Stratus wakes in an unfamiliar place with nothing but the knowledge that he is not human with no memories of his past but possessing great strength a powerful sorcery and the burning instinct to survive at any costEmbarking on a journey of self discovery he sets out across a landscape torEstructionAs his personality grows with each step he slowly uncovers the truth of what he has become and the unuenchable thirst for vengeance that has led him thereA bold new voice in fantasy and a revolutionary new characte “I need to do something you provably won’t like very much I know I won’t” “You’re not stabbing me again” “No” I said pointing to the body “I just need to eat his brain”For all the brain eating and decapitation that goes on in Infernal this should be a dark rather horrifying book It is not It’s actually uite funny and not always in a gallows humour kind of way with some beautiful world building and a couple of intriguing characters to lend weight to the storyStratus isStratus doesn’t know what he is His blue black skin enormous build and second set of teeth would suggest not human though So too would his ability to punch down trees and pluck arrows from his skin like flowers from a vase And then there’s his ability to see in the darkWaking in a field Stratus determines to find a city and ask its wise men to help identify him But reaching the city isn’t easy when war rages between Penullin and Krandin and soldiers see him as either a threat to eradicate or a prize to capture And even when he reaches the city who’s to know who to trust and who has time to help with an enemy army darkening the doorstep Stratus can only react to the immediate threats and hope that with time all will become clearStratus is not human and does not hold the same moral beliefs expectations or values as most humans do They do not differ wildly and he has his moments of tenderness and gentility but on the whole his blatant lack of concern for human life and civil behaviour think brain eating gives him away That said neither is he bloody thirsty or sadistic like many a human antagonist He simply does what he needs to do and moves on Oddly I found myself respecting him for that and loving him for his dry humour“We are beneath St Tomas” “What How can you be sure “The magic singing rainbow told me”One review I read before reading Infernal myself compared Stratus to Jack Reacher I can definitely see the similarities However one thing I particularly liked about Infernal was that Stratus was not in fact invincible He’s good in a fight sure but also fails annoyingly freuently to consider that the opposition may have a mind and talents of their own and that leads to his own fair share of failures Fortunately his confidence and capability are not accompanied by the usual swaggering bravado and Stratus is uite capable of conceding the fight to fight another day or of admitting admiration or even fear when he feels it I liked him but better I was intrigued by himI also liked Tayana Henkman his sidekick of sorts She’s capable without needing to shove that capability down your throat and even tempered but not bland Her interactions with Stratus form the basis for much of the humour in the book and did make me smile“I have yet to read of a demon who would save someone’s life or who likes eggs for breakfast and fine sculpture”I’m looking forward to seeing of her and finding out if their relationship develops beyond friendship and admiration It would also be nice to see of Lucien who can an initial look in but then somewhat faded into the backgroundIn terms of world building I was reminded a little of games like Age of Empires where the world you can see expands with time and as your scouts explore Stratus’ world begins with a single field and grows to include a forest and then a road and then It’s a clever techniue because it allows you to digest the world in manageable chunks whilst maintaining that a wider world does exist and life there is carrying onIn general I liked Jager’s writing style In particular I liked his exploration of the world through smell – a perspective I found unusual but compelling – and his emphasis on how it felt to wield magic rather than simply the mechanics of how it was done incidentally this is barely touched upon I was disappointed that he included so many racial slurs Stratus is the only black character in the book and is seen as unusual for his colouring and wish Jager could have found some other less fraught way to isolate Stratus The end was also somewhat of a disappointment I LOVED the twist but felt that that it was used as an excuse for an otherwise rather abrupt ending That said it does leave me wanting to read so I guess that’s a winAll in all an enjoyable read which delicately balances gory action with good humour and a solid story I’ll be looking out for Firesky next yearFor recommendations on what to read next or whether you might like this based on books you've read check out my blog Off Planet Books here I received this book free in return for an honest review

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On a journey of self discovery he sets out across a landscape torn apart by the ten year war between the Kingdoms of Krandin and Penullin now reaching new levels of savagery as a dark magic drives the world to the brink of d Infernal is fun It’s also over the top and pulpy but I loved it Stratus wakes in an unfamiliar place with no memories of his past And just in time before local vultures rip him into pieces to enjoy the meal Things escalate uickly and Stratus finds himself engaged in an approaching war with evil forces He has no interest in people and their conflicts but the fickle hand of fate cares little for his plans and goals Especially that he has peculiar inhuman skills Preternatural strength and a knack for sorcery allow him to decimate his opponents Those who try to trap and hurt him disappear in a shower of blood Interestingly tasting brains allows Stratus to gain insights into the past of his fallen opponentsI need to emphasize that despite gritty and violent moments Infernal remains darkly humorous Sure not everyone will enjoy the grim humor but I found it hilarious Like this exchange between Stratus and Tatyana the second key characterTatyana stared at me without saying anything for long enough that I began to wonder whether I had said it aloud or simply thought it As I was about to repeat myself she turned her gaze to the dead man then back to me ‘You’re going to eat him’ she said She made it sound like a statement‘Just his brain’ I corrected her‘His brain’‘Are you repeating everything for a reason’In a way Stratus resembles Drax the Destroyer he has no sense of humor he doesn’t understand sarcasm or metaphors Subtle jokes skip right past him Something about his earnest tone and deadpan delivery is comic especially in his back and forth with Tatyana The smell is his strongest sense Stratus sniffs people without realizing it’s creepy as hell for them and it results in solid situational humorBecause the story is told only through Stratus’ POV we don’t get any unnecessary exposition It also means secondary characters remain underdeveloped but I didn’t mind We discover the world through his eyes and nose and because Stratus isn’t human he sees things from an alien perspective Frankly the big reveal of his identity is hardly surprising but I won’t spoil the fun for you I’ll just say the foreshadowing while not subtle and rather in your face entertained me a lot and helped me to picture him Infernal gives an old school fantasy vibe but plays with tropes It blends non stop violent action with horror and grim humor I couldn’t put it down but I need to point out its weaker parts Jager’s writing is uneven I found his similes awkward and sentence structure surprising in places The beginning while entertaining is repetitious and the story doesn’t pack a lot of really surprising twists It’s simple and unpretentious and I guess that’s the reason why I enjoyed it so much Readers looking for depth and complexity may find it disappointingPersonally I'll read the seuel as soon as it's available I love amnesiac hero trope and Jager nailed it Join me if you fancy following an inhuman with a fractured mind

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InfernalStratus wakes in an unfamiliar place with nothing but the knowledge that he is not human with no memories of his past but possessing great strength a powerful sorcery and the burning instinct to survive at any costEmbarking Don't want to give any spoilers as the book isn't out yet but I read the ARC and I think Mark de Jager will soon be a favourite for fans of dark heroic fantasy