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Kid Artists review Í 105 Õ The series that began with  Kid Presidents and  Kid Athletes has a new volume that chronicles the childhoods of 16 celebrated artists—everyone from Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh to Mary Cassat Frida Kahlo Jean Michel Basuiat and even Dr Seuss Readers will learn · Georgia O’Keeffe was so enthralled by nature that sheThe series that began with  Kid Presidents and  Kid Athletes has a new volume that chronicles the childhoods of 16 celebrated artists everyone from Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh to Mary Cassat Frida Kahlo Jean Michel Basuiat and even Dr Seuss Readers will learn · Ge. Kid Artists introduces readers to a number of famous artists as children telling compelling stories about how they practiced their art or where they learned to love it A variety of artists from different background and styles ensures there's an artist who will appeal to everyoneInterestingly the book does seem to assume some knowledge of the artists in uestion even though it's uite likely this could be many young readers' first introduction to a few of the figures  Some of the mini bios do a nice job of alluding to what the artists are known for while not getting too bogged down in details Georgia O'Keefe is known for her flowers or Jean Michel Basuiat is known for his graffiti style art  However the only real allusion to Jackson Pollack's style is a cute cartoon of him looking thoughtfully at the wall of a mud splattered pig sty  Yoko Ono's entry has one line at the end explaining she became known for Conceptual art; otherwise the entry emphasizes her pacifism  Basically the discussion of their actual art is a little uneven and I think could use just a few revisions to give everyone a similar level of detailThe book is also a bit random than Kid Athletes in the sense that not all the stories seem to have an immediately clear connection with the artists' later work though arguably one's entire life would influence one's art   Kid Athletes seemed to have a bit material to work with in the way of forming neat story arcs This kid was discouraged from playing sports for whatever reason but tried his bestpracticed a lotfound a mentor and became a successful athlete later  Kid Artists has some stories like that but it also has some entries that seem to be just about strange things that happened to the artists in their childhoods  They're still really engaging stories however and I think there is a good mix of stories that are about artists overcoming challenges related directly to art artists overcoming other challenges like sickness and artists who were pretty much like ordinary kids except they loved to drawThe artwork as with Kid Athletes is charming and cartoony and just a bit clever  There's an image of Charles Schulz sitting in a little booth selling art for 5 cents and an image of Andy Warhol's mother offering him a choice of various different canned soups for lunch  Most of these clever nods will probably speak mainly to readers already familiar with the artists but that's not unimaginable for the book; I assume while this will be an intro to artists for some readers other children will pick this up because they're already interested in artists and have read lots about them before  And the pictures are still good illustrations for the stories even if the reader doesn't get the little jokeKid Artists is a uick fun read that will show readers great artists started out just as kids and that working hard for what you want can really pay off

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Orgia O’Keeffe was so enthralled by nature that she once ate dirt just to see what it tasted like · Jackson Pollock lost the top of his right index finger in a childhood accident and the severed tip was eaten by a rooster · Andy Warhol’s favorite childhood lunch was w. Inspiring motivating and a great showcase of artists and their strange lives As an adult artist and occasionally an art tutor I found it to be a perfect mix of 'practice makes perfect' and 'make art your way' Highly recommended for schools artists and young artists

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Kid ArtistsHat else a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soupEvery scribble sketch and sticky situation comes to life in these kid friendly and relatable stories all with Doogie Horner’s trademark full color illustrations  Kid Artists is a delight for budding artists and eager readers alik. I love love love the Kid Legends series and this latest addition is no exceptionSuinklethoughts1 Kid Artists is the third installment preceded by Kid Presidents and Kid Athletes which are also terrific I love finding series that are so great that they become auto buys I have no doubt I’ll be reading and buying for our library the next title in this collection whatever it might be about2 You’ll enjoy finding out what the childhoods of some very famous people were like Well known names like Andy Warhol who loved Campbell’s tomato soup as a child and Dr Seuss rhymes with “choice” ya know are just some of the people you’ll read about3 Sometimes illustrious people have privileged beginnings but many times they endure hardship and unsupportive friends and family in their younger years that you have to wonder how they ever produced their art This book gives you the good stuff and the bad stuff that made these artists not just uniue but also remarkable4 I have a soft spot for Vincent van Gogh One of my favourite Doctor Who episodes is Vincent and the Doctor bawled my eyes out at spoiler alert the end Soooo great Be sure to read about his beginnings We might never fully understand people but we can try to appreciate what might have led them to turning points in their lives5 I hadn’t heard of some of the people covered in Kid Artists so I’m glad to have this book accessible There are so many cool people and events in history that we should all read about6 I love Doogie Horner’s people drawings They’re wonderful7 Check out the Kid Legends website Teachersparents if you’d like a copy of the chapter by chapter uestions that I give to my students please feel free to email me from my blog Suinklebooks where this review was originally posted