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A secret from his mum and granddad He has nothing to be ashamed of but has convinced himself that the adults in his life will be cross if they find out what has happened Like many bullied children he feels he cannot turn to anyone for help Fortunately luck is on Billy’s side and his best friends little sister finds out about the bully and tells Billy’s granddad Together they are able to hatch a plan to get the note back and to ensure the bully gets what’s coming to him. The forward of this book introduces us to one of the sobering issues children faceBullying is a big problem for children today but it is also part of learning to stand up for oneself In this story Billy like any other child is looking forward to a big birthday Disarming a bully is the better way of dealing with them You can’t rid the world of bullies but you can do something about how you deal with themOur story begins with a very excited Billie who discusses his up coming birthday with his golden retriever Jacko Like most ten year old boys Billie is really looking forward to turning ‘double figures’ I can even remember when I turned ten – there really is no going back is thereThis is a delightful story that will appeal to many children but especially those who are aged 8 or 9 years Billie faces some big issues that many children will relate to However using the kindness of his friends and his own intelligence he deals with the situations in a way that empowers and enriches his experience This is where the most valuable lesson lies I believe The story is very well written and is a joy to read The illustrations are vibrant and colourful They really add to the essence of the story I highly recommend itFor children's book reviews please go to

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Billy's Tenth BirthdayBilly Has A Birthday is the first volume in The Billy Books series The story follows Billy a young boy who turns ten on the tenth October – 10 10 10 – a once in a lifetime occasion Billy’s excitement at his ‘big’ birthday perfectly captures that of a child who is bordering on adolescence – each birthday seems so much important than the last and the move from single to double figures is one of the greatest of all On Billy’s birthday he is over the moon to be give. Bullying and abuse has never sit well with me so any attempt to stop it is appreciated James Minter has composed a series of stories about negative behaviour and positive outcomes and Billy Has a Birthday deals with overcoming bullying This chapter book is intended for children 8 11 and can be used in a family or classroom situation or the children can read it by themselves There are even additional activities available to help engage the children A simple everyday situation a boy's 10th birthday and an average family setting should make the children feel safe while reading and if guided well by the educator or parent the child who reads it might open up about being bullied or witnessing bullying which is what is usually the most difficult thing to do open up and ask for help Despite keeping the story simple and using likeable illustrations the author does not embellish the boy's fear of the bully the complications it causes and explains the real punishment which befalls the bully himself In my opinion a sensitive topic like this one should be discussed both in families and schools and this book is a good tool to help One might claim children want suspense from stories such as dragons zombies pirates etc All that is well and true but children know that is just fancy fabrication fantasy It is seemingly simple books like this one that stir up real emotions because to children they are almost non fiction They will relate and react It is up to us to be there and steer them towards positivity

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Billy's Tenth Birthday Summary Î 108 å Billy Has A Birthday is the first volume in The Billy Books series The story follows Billy a young boy who turns ten on the tenth October – 10 10 10 – a once in a lifetime occasion Billy’s excitement at his ‘big’ birthday perfectly captures that of a child who is bordering on adolescence – eachN a £20 note by his granddad No silly children’s toys he can finally buy what he wants At the age of ten this seems like a huge amount of money – than Billy has ever owned Things take an unpleasant turn when the local bully hears about Billy’s birthday present and forces him to give it up – or else Billy like many other children his ages agrees to the bully’s demands Billy is devastated to have lost his special birthday present but he attempts to keep the situation. I haven't read many middle grade books in my adult life but after reading Billy Has a Birthday I might have to reconsider my choices in literature I did not anticipate how much I would love this book It was simple straight to the point and just a jolly good readIt's Billy's tenth birthday and he's having a party with a few friends All goes well with the party but Billy soon has a run in with a friend's elder sibling Eddy and ends up having to hand over the birthday money his grandfather slash magician The Great Magisco gave him With the skills of The Great Magisco and his assistant Max the sister of Billy's best friend Ant Eddy gets a well deserved lesson in bullying and winds up in trouble with the lawThis is a book for the whole family There are some good lessons to be learned and the characters are a hoot Although it took me about three chapters to be convinced it was definitely worth the read Along with the characters I loved the dialogue Some mention of the law may go over young readers heads but it wasn't too overwhelming and I think it will challenge young minds to enuire into matters unfamiliar to them Overall the subject matter is relatable and morally inspiring The only problem I had with the book were the consistent grammatical and punctuation errors They weren't a huge turn off but I did notice them as they kept cropping up throughout I look forward to reading the other books in the seriesRead reviews on CBYFollow CBYTwitter ¦ Facebook ¦ Tumblr ¦ Pinterest ¦ Instagram ¦ Google ¦ Bloglovin