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Download Doc ó My Fair Princess ✓ The Improper Princesses #1 ´ Randarenewables Ô First Vanessa Kelly brought readers The Renegade Royals Now in a delightfully witty new series she introduces The Improper Princesses—three young women descended from royalty each bound for herTer growing up wild in Italy Gillian has been ordered home to England to find a suitable husband And Charles Valentine Penley the excessively proper distractingly handsome Duke of Leverton has agreed to help transform her from a willful tomboy to a blushing debutantePowerful and sophisticated Charles can make or break reputati I really enjoyed the start of this book and when I found myself watching things unfold in London I was slightly wary that things would go downhill but luckily they didn’t Gillian is independent strong willed and no simpering Miss After being shot getting vengeancejustice for the murder of her beloved step father in Italy her grandmother and mother knew it was best that they travel to England before Gillian was killed by the bandits who would sooner or later come for her as revenge for the menbandits she had killed In London Gillian’s grandmother turns to Charles Valentine Penley for help to turn Gillian from a hoyden who lacks social graces to someone the Ton would partly accept and who would gain a nobleman as a husband As an illegitimate child Gillian finds herself unjustly judged by the aristocracyTon but she refuses to bend and toe the line something I really liked about herGillian and Charles as a couple complement one another their differences mean they work well together That being said the sexual tension between Charles and Gillian was not rippling of the page as I would have liked far was needed here Nevertheless I enjoyed both main characters I do wish we had seen the villains in the tale get their comeuppance I would have liked to see it happen rather than simply be told they had gotten what they deserved Gillian’s half brother Griffin was a gem of a secondary character I really liked him and I hope there is a book where he stars as the main character waiting to be found by meOverall an enjoyable light HR book which I can see myself re reading at some point and I will be looking at books by the author 90p on 30th May 2019

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First Vanessa Kelly brought readers The Renegade Royals Now in a delightfully witty new series she introduces The Improper Princesses three young women descended from royalty each bound for her own thrilling adventure Despite being the illegitimate daughter of a prince Gillian Dryden is happily ignorant of all social graces Af What an absolutely engaging story with a wonderful set of characters albeit the heroine Gillian is definitely the jeweled centerpiece Having been a long time fan of Vanessa Kelly's books I am so pleased that she has penned another hit made all the wonderful by consistent and good plot pacing It is always such a joy when your favorite authors improve upon their crafts I enjoyed this story so much and read it overnight as it was too interesting to put down Gillian is a character I absolutely adore a young woman who is strong for the sake of loved ones who is courageous and endearing to the point that you can't really fault her for not being a perfect society lady because she has greater priorities in mind She has a grand heart since she never blamed anyone for her being an illegitimate child of royalty with all the gossip and crude insinuations that come with such circumstances but rather embraces closer the people whose opinions do matter Put her in the way of a perfect proper and stuffy duke and you see great changes to how he views the world After all one's reputation means one thing but getting rid of bandits smugglers and thieves for the greater good of the countywell that's a much nobler goal to have Bravo for Gillian for keeping to her ideals and thinking even in the face of adversity that she would rather bring thieves to justice than eschew her principles and be with the man she loves in a glittering facade and it's fantastic when Charles finally recognizes that too Heroines of Gillian's caliber are rare in Regency romance uite honestly as they lean either towards being impetuousness and recklessness or lose their spine for the sake of the hero's love Here is a rare heroine who is neither reckless but rather filled with a strong sense of purpose and the intelligence to carry it out and strategize and who won't compromise on the important things in life over comfort She does make every attempt to compromise on the little things to make Charles happy which makes her very real and appealing I've droned on about Gillian as this is very much her book However Charles is uite a fun hero when we see his journey from Perfect Penley to guy smelling like a bird bath fighting bandits Initially Gillian was scandalizing Charles with her behavior but by the end the tables have turned and the duke is behaving scandalously This is a book I highly recommend

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My Fair Princess The Improper Princesses #1 Ons with a well placed word But his new protégée with her habit of hunting bandits and punching earls is a walking scandal The ton is aghast but Charles is thoroughly intrigued Tasked with taking the hoyden in hand he longs to take her in his arms instead Can such an outrageous attraction possibly lead to a fairytale ending? I've given this an A for narration and a B for content at AudioGalsMy Fair Princess is the first book in Vanessa Kelly’s new Improper Princesses series which is a spin off of her previous one Renegade Royals Just as the heroes of those books were all illegitimate sons of various Royal Dukes they were a promiscuous lot the heroines of these are the illegitimate daughters of various Royal Dukes It should be noted that George III and ueen Charlotte had seven adult sons most of whom liked to put it about than a bit so this handful of wrong side of the blanket offspring is most certainly within the bounds of possibility ;The illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Cumberland Gillian Dryden has lived for most of her life in Sicily with her mother and step father to whom she became very close Gillian was heartbroken when he was murdered by bandits and swore to hunt them down and kill them She is making good on her vow but when her latest escapade doesn’t go according to plan there is no alternative but for Gillian and her mother to leave Sicily immediately which they do with the help of her half brother another royal by blow Griffin SteeleYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals