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Mexican WhiteBoyUp in San Diego that close to the border means everyone else knows exactly who he is before he even opens his mouth Before they find out he can’t speak Spanish and before they realize his mom has blond hair and blue eyes they’ve got him pegged But it works the other way too And Danny’s convinced it’s his whiteness that sent his father back to Mexico That’s why he’s spend. Pena M 2008 Mexican white boy New York DelacorteMexican White Boy is a multicultural book that portrays the life of a HispanicAmerican boy named Danny who finds himself trying to figure out his own self identity Amongst white boys he is considered Mexican while among his own family he feels white because he can barely speak in Spanish In the story Danny leans towards his passion for baseball as a way to help him escape the barrio neighborhood in which he lives in Danny gives voice to the difficult feelings of being split between two cultures Pena’s book is great for teens to read no matter their ethnic or racial background It explores the themes of displacement culture and a boys will to figure himself out I could use this book in my classroom to help my students learn about the differences in their peer’s cultures as compared to their own For this I could have them each share their own cultural traditions as they make comparisons with their own culture

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Danny's tall and skinny Even though he’s not built his arms are long enough to give his pitch a power so fierce any college scout would sign him on the spot Ninety five mile an hour fastball but the boy’s not even on a team Every time he gets up on the mound he loses itBut at his private school they don’t expect much else from him Danny’ s brown Half Mexican brown And growing. From the author of Ball Don't Lie comes another excellent book that nails baseball but is about much Danny is wicked gifted when it comes to baseball he can knock baseballs out of the park and his pitching maxes out the meter at the local fair even when he was smashed But he couldn't throw anything but wild pitches the tryouts at his prep school and not even he can understand why His number one theory though is that things would be different if his dad were still around Not just baseball either If his dad hadn't left then maybe Danny wouldn't be stuck feeling stupid when his relatives in National City tell jokes in Spanish Danny's mom who's white can't help him out in that department The official word is that Danny's dad took off to Ensenada Mexico but it starts looking like there's to the story than that as Danny spends the summer with his dad's family in National City a mostly Latino pocket of greater San DiegoBut the eventual revelation regarding Danny's dad is much less important than Danny figuring out how to be himself a task made a little bit easier with the jokey easy going crew his cousin Sofia hangs with Danny's best friend turns out to be Uno the same half black half Mexican kid who welcomed Danny to the neighborhood by busting his face at the beginning of the summer Things are good but they're also ugly the way things are in real life What matters is that Danny starts finding his footing in that real life and baseball takes its place as one bad ass game that helps him bring things into focus without beating up on himself

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Mexican WhiteBoy review Á eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Danny's tall and skinny Even though he’s not built his arms are long enough to give his pitch a power so fierce any college scout would sign him on the spot Ninety five mile an hour fastball but the boy’s not even on a team Every time he gets up on the mound he loses itBut at his prIng the summer with his dad’s family Only to find himself he may just have to face the demons he refuses to see the demons that are right in front of his face And open up to a friendship he never saw comingSet in the alleys and on the ball fields of San Diego County Mexican Whiteboy is a story of friendship acceptance and the struggle to find your identity in a world of definitions. I honestly can't put into words just how much I liked and connected with this novel It's a very well written engaging story about identity and what it means to be half something in America The main character Danny is a 17 year old half Mexican half white aspiring baseball player who spends the summer with his dad's side of the family trying to figure out who he is But the story isn't just about Danny It's way deeper than just one single storyline Danny becomes friends with Uno a half black half Mexican kid with a totally different set of identity issues Uno has a half brother who's mentally retarded a mother who's remarried an abusive drunk and a born again Christian father who offers him hope well sort of The novel is really about a group of characters and it's hard not to feel connected with Danny Uno or Dannny's cousin Sofia The mood that this writer set throughout the book was unlike anything I have seen a while At one point I was mentally comparing the mood set in this book to that in Laurie Halse Anderon's Speak Both novels have characters that are depressed and act almost mute and the writing clearly communicates how they feel The imagery created by the author is also amazing because I could not stop visualizing these places streetscapes landscapes even the graffiti in my head as I read this book And of course the character development is phenomenal I don't think my middle school kids could handle this but I strongly recommend this to high school students and beyond The ethnic identity issues that the book deals with are probably the number one thing that I was able to connect to but I think it's such a fanastic read for just about anyone