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review Faller author Will McIntosh Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ä Day OneNo one can remember anything who they are family and friends or even how to read Reality has fragmented and Earth consists of an islands of rock floating in an endless sky Food water electricity gone except for what people can find and they can't find muchFaDay OneNo one can remember anything who they are family and friends or even how to read Reality has fragmented and Earth consists of an islands of rock floating in an endless sky Food water electricity gone except for what people can find an. I am at a loss for words I like it I really like itEverything starts on Day One when people cannot remember who they are or what happened to the world And the world is not what it's supposed to be The world is small circular and there are clouds all around it This is the place Clue wakes up to He has no idea who he is only that he has a picture a map and a small toy in his pocket Then Clue becomes Faller as he starts falling from one world to another He discovers the woman in his picture only to find another one just like her on other worlds And not only her There's another woman who keeps appearing on all worlds And everything is as confusing as it can beAt the same time we get another storyline the one from before Day One It tells about a brilliant scientist called Peter an his greatest discovery Slowly we learn Faller's story and what happened to the worldI will admit that it was a bit hard getting into the novel At first we know just as much as Faller does and that's very little Also there's this horror at the beginning where view spoilerchildren are being pushed over the edge of the world as there's not enough food for everybody hide spoiler

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H from the edge of the world to find the woman and set things rightHe encounters other floating islands impossible replicas of himself and others and learns that one man hates him enough to take revenge for actions Faller can't even remember. Will McIntosh's Faller had an extraordinary concept but unfortunately never managed to click with me While I appreciated the thought that went into it and absolutely loved some of the scenes like that initial 'fall' I just couldn't connect with the characters or immerse myself in the storyThis inability to connect immerse meant that I had a ton of trouble keeping the characters straight and remembering who was in the before matching up to who was in the after The disjointed writing whilst admittedly an appropriate choice given the premise never uite appealed to me eitherI did feel bad for Izabella as she was displayed in the before And I totally got where she was coming from in wanting to be duplicated The disease sounds absolutely horrible I think the familyfriends portrayal was touching and I could see why Faller would do what he did for her Actually any of the ‘before’ stuff that was talked about was fairly interesting to me I have a feeling I might have liked the book a lot if it hadn’t been told in the pastpresent style that it wasOverall I can recognize that Faller is not badly written but it definitely was not a read I enjoyed Unfortunately definitely not the greatest introduction to Will McIntosh’s work Still I did like the concept so I’ll be looking for another book to try out from this author in the future Disclaimer I received a free copy from the publisher for review consideration

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Faller author Will McIntoD they can't find muchFaller's pockets contain tantalizing clues a photo of himself and a woman he can't remember a toy solider with a parachute and a mysterious map drawn in blood With only these materials as a guide he makes a leap of fait. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum a strange strange book But in a good way Incidentally that’s what I always think after finishing one of Will McIntosh’s novels I’m a huge fan of the author precisely because his ideas are always so uniue and original—and yes they can sometimes be off the wall as well Faller probably isn’t his best work; the writing wasn’t as tight and the story’s many parts were a little incongruous but that could be due to the book’s subject matter which admittedly is not my cup of tea As long as you’re willing to accept a wildly unfeasible premise and some logical leaps though this book is an overall fun timeThe story opens with a man suddenly becoming aware of himself while standing in the crumbled ruins of a floating city island He has no memory of who he is who his friends and family are or where he comes from He has even forgotten how to read Looking around he notices other people in the streets but they all look just as lost and scared as he is The only clue to the man’s identity are the items in his pocket a toy soldier with a parachute a candy wrapper with strange symbols on it scrawled in blood and a photo showing himself smiling beside a woman he can’t recognizeBefore long the survivors from what has become known as “Day One” are killing each other over the dwindling resources on the island The weak including children and the elderly are deemed a burden and are mercilessly thrown off the edge to die Our protagonist inspired by the little toy soldier in his pocket dubs himself Faller and decides to fashion his own parachute initially as a stunt to help him and his newfound allies earn food But unfortunately for them all his big jump goes wrong and to Faller’s horror he finds himself accidentally sailing over the edge and into the abyssJust as he thinks it’s all over though that’s when he makes a startling discoveryAlternating between Faller’s narrative and flashbacks to the lives of a group of scientists in the months leading up to Day One McIntosh weaves a twisted tale of a world literally shattered—by war and by warped physics Faller is a bizarre book and it admittedly reuires no small amount of patience if you want to get down to the bottom of this mystery On the face of it I can understand why the author decided to structure the novel this way but it also gave rise to many distractions and interrupts to the flow of both past and present stories I also found myself drawn to flashback chapters because that was where you would find the meat of the “science fiction” in this book while the Faller sections were weirder and confusing Still the mystery was tantalizing enough that at no point did I ever want to stop reading; I knew that the further I got the the clues will start leading to answersHowever uantum physics and mechanics have never really been my favorite topic in sci fi While I enjoy reading about the science and theory a lot of books that seek to tackle it often don’t do a satisfying job with the details This is a problem I ran into with Faller A lot of the scientists’ experiments and the scientific phenomena described in this book aren’t well explained and in many instances you just have roll with it If you don’t mind that a lot of the science is glossed over and rushed this shouldn’t be too much of an issue Otherwise the many plot holes and uestions left by logical gaps will make this one tough to get intoBut even with its implausible premise I thought Faller offered a fun and engaging experience You only have to see how uickly I devoured this book to know that This is the fourth novel I’ve read by Will McIntosh and even though it wasn’t my favorite of his there’s definitely a reason why he will always be on my must read list While he admitted in the acknowledgements that this was a challenging novel to write I’m glad he’s continuing to push the boundaries and experiment with bold ideas I’ll always read anything he writes