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Eighth Grave After Dark Read & Download ☆ 4 Ð Charley Davidson está incrivelmente grávida e sente ue pode dar à luz a ualuer momento No entanto com a sua sorte as doze bestas mortíferas vieram até ao nosso plano e transformaram na no seu alvo Assim ela refugia se no único sítio onde acha ue não conseguem apanhá la um velho conS vieram até ao nosso plano e transformaram na no seu alvo Assim ela refugia se no único sítio onde acha ue não conseguem apanhá la um ve. 25 Why Don't I Love You StarsBuddy Read with some great girls Liz Aly∞ oOSarahOo Jo Alexa and Jaime at Buddies Books and BaublesThis is one of my favorite series to read so it totally pains me to say ‘I didn’t really like it’ I’ve pondered my feeling about this for a few days now and there are a few things that I just can’t let go Have you ever read a book in the series and wondered if you remembered everything from the previous book incorrectly As we were wrapping up this book that is totally how I feltThere is one glaring thing that happens in this book and even after it is explained I didn’t buy it I looked at my notes from book 7 and still didn’t buy it It is one of those things that I either loved everything else in the book so much that you just let it goor the book is just ho hum so it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back I’m so sad to say it was the later for meBUTI have loved many of the books in this series so while I didn’t like a lot of stuff in this one I will still read the next book In a series this long there is bound to be one possibly two that I didn’t adore❣ Some of the Good Stuff ❣Charley is still funny and punny and full of spunk She has an ADD uality that really makes me laugh and if you are at book 8 with me well then I’m pretty sure you feel that way too There is still some fun dialogue and antics between her and the other characters “Do you need anything else”“Pitocin”One corner of his mouth rose “What’s that”“It induces labor It’s about time for Beep to move out Cut her hair Get a job I need a flat belly” “Have you tried crunches” “I just don’t get it I’m supernatural You’re supernatural Why can’t we have one of those uick pregnancies like Bella and Edward Gwen from Torchwood Scully Deanna Troi Or even Cordelia when that demon impregnated her Twenty four hours later bam Demon child” The Chapter headings still always hilarious My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time – TRUE FACT The side characters are always wonderful I adore Cookie Amber and uinton There are a plethora of others and Osh is becoming interesting all the time BEST PART OF THIS BOOK – I finally know whowhat Mr Wong is I mean I needed to read eight books for him to finally do something but FINALLY one uestion answered There are a few answered about the Army and the Twelve but honestly some of that was just confusing I had a hard time picking out who was supposed to be who I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the ending of this book I both liked and hated it for practically the same reason ButI hope that it leaves a really good set up for book 9 which I will definitely read but no commitments past that☁ And now to Rain on the Parade☁ I was a little worried about this because anytime you write a baby into a story you have a chance of becoming a little boring or losing that thing that made you character interactions great Charley used to run around town solving crime and getting into all sorts of trouble But that is really hard to mimic when you are trapped in a convent and 8 ¾ months pregnant All the characters have to come to Charley since she can’t leave and even though everyone comes to the conventand I mean everyone it just wasn’t the sameCharley still gets into plenty of trouble even when on the ground but some of it just seemed stupid to me I mean she just view spoilerhad a baby in a well and decides to go to hell to find a spirit Where is that mothering instinct and need to protect herself so she can protect her child hide spoiler

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Charley Davidson está incrivelmente grávida e sente ue pode dar à luz a ualuer momento No entanto com a sua sorte as doze bestas mortífera. This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books BEFORE READING Dear BookWhat I expect from youa Epic Battle of Good vs Evilb Reyes Charley the rest of the gang on the winning sidec Arrival of BeepThat about sums it up No unnecessary drama por favor AFTER READING Now after I've read the book I must admit that even though I did like the story despite some issues I also can understand the criticalnegative reviews and even side with some of the issues the other fans of this series pointed out and which I'll list now in short in my review tooBut before the negative stuff I have to say that these characters are still dear to my heart There were some parts of the story that I loved and I'm definitely going to continue with the series It's just that I don't think that the story is on the same level yet as my favorite series of this genre Fever series by K M Moning Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh The reasons for 3 stars rating NO SPOILERS The main reason for my 3 stars rating is the ending where the epic battle or rather epic failure of the battle between the good guys vs the bad guys took place Why failure Well it had all the elements to be epic but in my opinion it was poorly developed and concluded No offense but it was rushed and kind of sloppy How come the best and the most expected part of the story happened in less than 20 pages And what about the poor portrayal of the new important characters who instead of scary bad ass and ruthless turned out weak and boring You all know whom I mean Charley's constant reckless and naive behavior When are we finally see some character growth Confusing theory about Charley's origin This constant re adjusting of her origin theory is only confusing me and and resulting in loopholes First she is this then she is that and now she is smth else etc Charley Reyes being secretive with each other even now Trust issues trust issues everywhereAll in all I liked the book but I didn't love it I'm sure the majority of the Charley fandom will love it though Considering all the amazing books I've read so far this is a 3 stars read for me

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Eighth Grave After DarkLho convento abandonado Mas mesmo aí um novo caso reclama a sua atenção a morte antiga de uma noviça ue ela está sempre a ver no convento. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis was the first time that I’ve read a CHARLEY DAVIDSON novel so I was a little worried that the story just wouldn’t be the same without Lorelei King’s narration and yes I did miss her sultry voice audiobook’s been pre ordered but I regret nothing EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was the installment that I’ve been craving since Darynda Jones began laying her trail of breadcrumbs in FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT We get answers to oh so many uestions to the point that I’ll be hitting play on my iPhone the moment it shows up because one pass wasn’t nearly enoughLately this series has been on my ‘easy listening’ playlist thanks to it’s snarky humour scorching romance and the fact that it’s for the most part mindless entertainment Well that all changes with this latest addition; Charley’s working a case—from the confines of a convent no less—and her latest problematic spooks aren’t stalking her in order to cross over Oh and she’s eight months preggo AND the prophesy is not even close to being done with her yet I typed up a list of must remember events and I have sixteen bullet points SIXTEENI found that the author waited a touch too long to fill readers in on what’s what; it seemed like she saved every single reveal for this installment and as much as I loved finally getting to open Pandora’s Box it was a bit much to take in all at once Practically every page had an ah ha moment but as gratifying as the discoveries were this novel wasn’t nearly as funny as some of the previous volumes so while it was a strong addition in many respects it didn’t deliver in all areas Still the Mr Wong mystery was solved that’s all that mattersJones definitely hit all of the right notes where my favourite characters were concerned Cookie Ubie are sneaking up on Charley Reyes and I’m really diggin’ Osh too I even started to like Denise Davidson’s witch of a stepmom which was weird but I’m so over her now I was however disappointed that there’s still drama between the lead couple; they persist on doing stuff behind each other’s backs I mean it’s looking like their kid might be Earth’s only hope so maybe they should get their act together because the fate of humanity uite possibly hangs in the balance Just a thoughtEIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK was a critical book in the CHARLEY DAVIDSON series and despite my minor uibbles I will be downloading the audio on Tuesday and spending the next nine hours with Darynda Jones and Lorelei King for a repeat performance