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characters Bunny Finds a Friend ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò It’s close to Christmas in Amsterdam and Cara Jong isn’t having the best of days Her girlfriend has left her and her new job isn’t nearly as glamorous as she hoped it would be A run in with Jude Donovan who’s playing Santa Claus in a department store doIt’s close to Christmas in Amsterdam and Cara Jong isn’t having the best of days Her girlfriend has left her and her new job isn’t nearly as glamorous as she hoped it would be A run in with Jude Donovan who’s playing Santa Claus in a department store does little to lift her spirits even though there’s c. I can't help thinking this is what a Robin Alexander book should bea little zany family centric has humor without being over the top It's very difficult to write comedy and I thought this book did that well I didn't laugh out loud but yes I found it funny and entertainingCara is a likable if aimless character and this is almost of a story about her and her sisters than Cara and her love interest Jude In a way that was fine because the sisters are all well defined characters as is Cara and their interactions are compelling It leaves a little to be desired though in the romance departmentThere is a romance that is fairly drama free but as some other reviewers mentioned I wish Jude got of a spotlight She's an intriguing character and in the story she has a lot of interesting conflicts in the air that we don't get much resolution onAll in all it's a good and light hearted read though FYI for those who prefer non explicit intimacy in their romance books everything here is fade to black

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Learly an appealing woman hidden beneath Santa’s beardWhen Cara finds out that Jude is actually a well known author of children’s books she’s intrigued and decides to attend Jude’s reading A bizarre misunderstanding breaks the ice between them and they share a heated kiss that same nightAs the weeks go by. 35 starsThis story is told in third person and completely from Cara’s point of view So first and foremost I’d like to state the story is really about her journey and any romance is secondary to that at least that was my experience while reading At 32 years of age Cara is a free spirit seeming to drift through life with no fixed job or commitments Then she has the onus task of serving papers on Jude From that day forth she can’t get the woman out of her mindWith the help of her sisters Cara discovers Jude is a famous writer of children’s books and she conspires to cross paths again The event that unfolded was a lot of fun Things get heated but there’s no on page sex frankly it wasn’t needed And that’s rich coming from me – a self confessed smut loverMoving on things uickly went downhill and their ‘union’ was short lived Cara didn’t gel with Jude’s five year old daughter for one I was a little disappointed that this was glossed over later in the story Much like the plagiarism charge which essentially bought the two ladies into each other’s lives But then this wasn’t Jude’s story so I guess that’s to be expectedCara is very close to her sisters and sister in law their weekly catch ups will appeal to many readers They’re a mixed bunch To uote Cara – “I’m too flaky Inge eats too much Alice spends too much and Myra has too much unprotected sex”This was a fun story I really enjoyed the setting Amsterdam With the various places so well described I felt like I’d been transported to a place I’d love to visit Copy received in exchange for an honest review

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Bunny Finds a FriendThey begin to fall in love and hope to leave past experiences behind But Cara doesn’t trust her luck in love and soon breaks things off leaving Jude baffled and broken heartedCan Cara’s meddling sisters and a hilarious road trip convince Cara to go after her happily ever after with the writerLength 55000 wor. Detailed score 25This is one of those books where I'm seeing lots of 4 star reviews from reviewers I respect and with whom I often share similar viewsand wonder what on earth it is that I have missedA common criticism that I see drawn in lesrom reviews is that the secondary characters are cliched or underdeveloped compared to the central romance The opposite is true in this book the relationship between our lens Cara and her sisters and sister in law is given just as much air time if not air time than the relationship between Cara and her love interest JudeThis would have been fine if I felt drawn to was able to engage with the sisters But I didn't To be honest I found most of their interactions irritating cold preachy andor a combination of the threeThe relationship between Cara and Jude felt under done Lots of tell not show I really didn't feel believe the chemistry between the two of them I was also distracted by the multiple massive time leaps that take place it really interrupted the flow of the book for meI try not to write totally down reviews although I seem to be writing a few of these of late sorry about that but I really am struggling to find a positive note to end on it was well proofed Clearly though I'm in the minority so erm yeahNote Even though I often am lucky enough to receive ARCs and I note others have done so for this book I paid for this book ie this in not an ARC review