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Human history He focuses on such major issues of the twentieth century as human progress fanaticism and scienc It is a very rare thing that a philosopher can write well stylistically Even if I disagreed with everything said here it would have gotten 5 stars for its prose aloneOf course I did still agree with at least half of it so that helps

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Précis de décompositionIn the fact of being born there is such an absence of necessity that when you think about it a little than usu The Poetry of Death A Short History of Decay is a compendium of pessimistic aphorism a sort of cosmopolitan collection of Gnostic scripture through the ages It is entertaining observationally acute and compelling all descriptions that the author would object to strenuously I think he would accept ‘poetry of death’ much readily however There is little except for death about which Cioran has anything good to sayCioran begins as a sort of secular oholeth from the Old Testament All is vanity And Cioran means everything especially those conceits of faith by religionists who have lost the capacity to doubt “What is the Fall but the pursuit of a truth and the assurance you have found it the passion for a dogma domicile within a dogma?” Cioran’s hero is the doubting Hamlet he who hesitates who doubts who uestions what he knows incessantly “The devil pales beside the man who owns a truth his truth”But it is not religion per se that is the source of evil it is human self assurance “Even when he turns from religion man remains subject to it His power to adore is responsible for all his crimes a man who loves a god unduly forces other men to love his god eager to exterminate them if they refuse We kill only in the name of a god or of his counterfeits” One can almost hear Nietzsche clapping with approval in the distanceSo the fundamental problem is idealism People who have a plan for making things better are the carriers of a deadly mental virus These small time peddlers of happiness scam a willing audience into believing that it is possible to reduce the net amount of misery in the world Thus “Society is an inferno of saviors” What human beings don’t or won’t recognise is that existence is misery Schopenhauer has now joined Nietzsche in approbationThe only cure for miserable existence is the termination of existence suicide This is the only aspect of existence we can control Contrary to the dictum of St Paul that our lives are not our own Cioran makes the rather obvious point that they are It is the only thing we can call entirely our own “We change ideas like neckties; for every idea every criterion comes from outside from the configurations and accidents of time death is the true criterion the only one contained within us” Writing seven years after Camus’s Sisyphus he managed to radicalise even that paean to control 0ver one’s existencePhilosophy actually thought in general is not helpful in the situation “The abundance of solutions to the aspects of existence is eualed only by their futility” Philosophies are at best consoling fictions and at worst reasons to persecute other human beings “All of life’s evils come from a ‘conception of life’” Cioran thinks In this he is not far from Kierkegaard’s distrust of philosophy “Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced”In fact Cioran’s real issue is with language itself with words pretending to be than grunts and scratches He thinks “Man is the chatterbox of the universe” We throw words around as if they had substance But as Wittgenstein has demonstrated words refer only to other words Conseuently Cioran concludes “We die in proportion to the words which we fling around us” Ludwig would likely agreeThe only acceptable use of words indeed the only ‘reasonable’ activity for a human being is poetry At least poetry doesn’t pretend to be than it is In fact it doesn’t pretend to be anything at all Poetry is a personal act of construction “Only the poet takes responsibility for ‘I’ he alone speaks in his own name he alone is entitled to do so” T S Eliot’s The Wasteland seems a model for just this viewUltimately it is the ancient Gnostic appreciation of the world shared certainly by the relatively optimistic Thomas Ligotti which drives Cioran “Injustice governs the universe Everything which is done and undone there bears the stamp of a filthy fragility as if matter were the fruit of a scandal at the core of nothingness” This seems to me outstanding poetry as does his summary of his own life “In Time’s sentence men take their place like commas while in order to end it you have immobilized yourself into a period”

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Download Précis de décomposition Reader ✓ 186 pages ☆ In the fact of being born there is such an absence of necessity that when you think about it a little than usual you are left with a foolish grin EM CioranEM Cioran confronts the place of today's world in the context of human history He focuses on such major issues Al you are left with a foolish grin EM CioranEM Cioran confronts the place of today's world in the context of Cioran was a really amazing human being Cioran knew what`s going on and while reading this book not only that you find yourself in the same posture but also you can find out the answers at his own uestions; reading him was just like getting to know my own thoughts at night When getting to the part in which he wrote that he wanted to believe he was just so prepared to trust someone or something almost at the end of the book I was already conscious of 'why he couldn`t make it until the end' It is just amazing how at the last pages you can just see the streams and his pain within them That`s why all the book he related why we are just farts in the Universe so as to be able at the end of it to speak his heart out properly That part made me cry I had read this book at the library well most of it and people just stared at me while I couldn`t kept laughing at the parts in which I couldn`t help myself but think 'Nailed it' The reason for which I cried though was that he reminded me of what some people that I cared of said to me They were are like 'What shall we live for? This is just a piece of st it gave nothing to me and I know that only after death may I find another place much better than this where I won`t feel any of the aches of being alive' At that moment I thought that they were cowardsreally because when you care about someone if heshe wants to hurt himselfherself you can`t help yourself but defense them as they were you But now coming to think of it through and experiencing of what life is I start to notice that seeing life as an opportunity is fing hard First of all you can never find the harmony You just want something and then something else and then never have enough of that other thing after after that you just think that it could have been better without a heart beating inside your chest and without all these sy feelings and so on You really have to be mad to love it You have to be powerful and to love yourself hate giving up thinking that you can have memorable moments like you already had and always remember that if you can do that that doesn`t mean everyone can I won`t judge the ones that decide to kill themselves I had some moments when I wanted to do the same but among the trouble that life offers you there is something devastatingly beautiful about it To survive life you have to turn yourself into a specimen to observe yourself To survive life you have to get over the bad stuff because who wants to get over the good stuff? For that you just have to laugh right in its face If nothing here matters because everything here has an end then why shouldn`t we act like it? It`s possible to enjoy life that`s why sometimes we forget we are in such a mess and fail to bring to mind the uestion why we are here we`re just busy having fun That`s due to the fact that we remember such things when we are not in ourselves but trying to release our souls from our bodies It made me laugh for the fact that he is just so strangely pure He says what most of us know in what it seems to me like a scheme sometimes Despite the fact that this is kind of a contradiction I think that if we read and try to make an analogy it again sounds like a joke It is funny how a joke about people in general can make you laugh Just like'Did I actually think that?' Before finishing this review which is actually just a small piece of my own opinion like the book itself I want to say that while washing the strawberries some days ago I felt like all of our uestions regarding why we are here and how does not make sense none of them pretty much Without thinking scientifically and like a kid do this thing imagine a void just nothing imagine nothing right? and then imagine something out of nothing because of that something which actually came from? Yeah Well nothing makes much sense but we still have feelings we have ourselves I don`t know why but we are here and Cioran would have just enjoyed everything that`s happening right now if he hadn`t been a nothing right now We have this book and I THANK YOU CIORAN for being so flawlessly straightforward in your own vulgarity of making us read what we already tried to get away from But we have to live somehow Cioran and what I want to do after reading this book is make it just the opposite of what you said No judgement I can`t agree with all that you had written I do agree with most but I can`t practice it To follow your 'description' I am like a mixed type yeah I am a subhuman I am a superior one I deserve to rotten but also to grow and it is deliciously funny Short love thoughts you are a nullity in your eyes and probably this is what everything that had happened to you made you feel like but you will be in my mind the mind of a nullity if of course we ignore the fact that I still don`t consider myself one For me nullity is an enlarged perspective on life that we stir from the dead when we want to give an argument for what`s happening here but I am my own argument and I want to be here when I`ll get there to you I won`t come back here but I won`t be able to regret it because I will be nothing So just let`s be please All of us Amen PS I forgot to write why I can`t practice it because I feast on the happy moments and I want a lot of them I`m sorry to tell you but I choose to be thrilled and have my heart skipping a beat rather than 'be not' It may seem to you like something a 'wise human being' would never do but what`s like to be wise when you are nowhere Cioran? Can you see the amusing circle that`s around us? Oh the irony I feast on