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Mr Matisse and His CutoutsMr Matisse is a painter with the sun in his tummy His colors make everyone happy But one day he becomes ill and has t. The joy of drawing ‘paper jokes’ with scissors ’I am creating directly with colour It’s what I’ve been striving for all my life’ Mr Matisse and His Cut Outs is a charming picture book created by the Dutch writer and illustrator Annemarie Van Haeringen commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in relation to the 2015 exhibition The Oasis of Matisse The original Dutch title refers to the monumental mural that was at the heart of the exhibition The parakeet and the Mermaid a gouache on paper cut and pasted dating from 1952 Matisse unable to leave the house because of his health called this work ‘a little garden around me where I can walk’ The cut outs represent the final stage of Matisse’s creative life a radical new method of making art by cutting shapes out of painted paper and arranging them into vivacious decorative compositions by pinning them to the walls Although Van Haeringen only tells part of the story on the origins of Matisse’s use of the cut out techniue relating it solely to his illness her little book offers a great starting point to bring the great artist to the attention of the young 7 12; it could also stimulate adults to consider Matisse’s art and life closely Initially like many traditional painters Matisse used paper cut outs to plot the design of works in other materials using textile patterns inspired by the weaving traditions of his birthplace In the late 1930s he used cut out slips of paper as aide memoirs and tools in the composition of his paintings and projects to conceptualize them More than just associating Matisse’s cut out murals with his then limited physical abilities the simplicity of the flowing shapes illustrates his assiduous search for the ultimate purity of form and the bare essence of beauty Starting with a with a swallow to cover a stain on the wall and a fish Matisse eventually became inspired by his travel memories having visited Tahiti 15 years ago The beauty of the lagoons the brilliant tropical colours and the traditional Tahitian fabrics provided him with abundant imagery consisting of pomegranates algea seaweed leaves coral birds and women like in the two large silk screen pieces made on sand colored linen Oceania the Sky and Oceania the Sea While most of his French contemporaries put away the cut outs collages as ‘paper jokes’ or even ‘the pictorial maunderings of second childhood’ of an old man Matisse’s friend and perpetual rival Picasso was moved by the beauty of this soaring period in Matisse’s art It were Picasso’s words which inspired Van Haeringen to write Matisse had the sun in his tummy ‘In the end everything depends on one's self on a fire in the belly with a thousand rays Nothing else counts That is why for example Matisse is Matisse He's got the sun in his gut’ Visiting the Matisse exhibition and another one on the late work of Rembrandt with our children in Amsterdam in 2015 I expected them to rave on the brightness and playfulness of Matisse’s paintings and colourful cut outs To my astonishment I was wrong it proved uite a challenge to enthuse them They both preferred Rembrandt and uttered ‘I could do that It’s so simple’ about Matisse Finding out he needed assistants to help him create his work in this last phase they were shocked he didn’t entirely ‘create’ his art himself Matisse confined to his bed or a wheelchair after surgery was fully transparent on the help of his assistants who meticulously followed his instructions on the arrangement of the cut outs climbing up and down the ladder to pin them to the walls of his studio directing them to rotate and position the slices of paper As there is no accounting for tastes we ended up in discussing another topic instead the role of assistants and apprentices in art even pertinent now the children were so much in awe for Rembrandt’s paintings – like Rubens well known for his large workshop and many pupils With this vivid and spirited story about Matisse’s cut outs and his unyielding impetus to create beauty and colour regardless of his physical impediments this picture book reminded me of the endearing portraits of his three grandchildren Matisse drew from his bed on the ceiling with a fishing rod in 1950 The drawing can be seen in the gorgeous museum dedicated to Matisse in his place of birth Le Cateau Cambrésis – definitely vaut le voyage whatever Le Guide Vert says – bumptious as ever on modern art My honest thanks goes to Netgalley the publisher North South Books and Annemarie Van Haeringen for the ARC

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Int' But the sheets are not smooth and taut like canvas And the walls and ceiling are too far away What will he do no. I knew about Matisse's large colourful beautiful paintings I was not aware of his paper cutout collage type worksMr Matisse and His Cutouts is a children's nonfiction picture book After a severe illness where he has abdominal surgery and ends up in a bare white hospital room artist Henri Matisse needs colour Despite his pain he still needs to create and fill the walls with color He tries to paint but for various reasons that does not work so he he begins creating art by cutting shapes out of paper and arranging the shapes on the walls and ceilings of his room with the help of an assistant When he is able to return home he continues to create using the cutout method to create various works I'm creating directly with color It's what I've been striving for all my lifeHe couldn't sleep and he wouldn't take a sleeping pill I might lose all the beautiful images if I didThe language and illustrations in this book are creative artistic and use the colours that Matisse so loved This is a wonderful book when looking at various types of art the history of art creativity perseverence and Parents and teachers could read this book with children then create cutout masterpiecesThere was a short biography at the end of the book to give a little information I learned about this artist from reading this short book It would be a great addition to a school libraryI received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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FREE READ ç Mr Matisse and His Cutouts ☆ Mr Matisse is a painter with the sun in his tummy His colors make everyone happy But one day he becomes ill and has to have a major operation When he wakes up in a white hospital room he misses his colors 'Bring my brushes Bring my paint' But the sheets are not smooth and taut like canvas And the wallO have a major operation When he wakes up in a white hospital room he misses his colors 'Bring my brushes Bring my pa. This is a fun children's book about Matisse and how he started making collages while he was in the hospital The illustration are charming and the biography at the end following the story is short but comprehensive I found the handling of his illness as the sun in his tummy a bit confusing but overall charming for fans of the artistCopy provided by publisher and NetGalley