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REVIEW ´ The Ghoul King Dreaming Cities #2 ☆ uinn returns in THE GHOUL KING another story of the Dreaming Cities by Guy HaleyThe Knight uinn is down on his luck and he travels to the very edge of the civilized world – whatever that means any – to restock his small but essential inventoryAfter fighting a series of gladiatorial bouts aG her semi functional robotBut the technological secret it guards may be one truth too manyAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Review also published here Disclaimer I received an ARC for this novella from the publisher as I did with the previous installment in the series Since the first book was such a cracking read I'd have jumped at the purchase anyway but this way I got to read it months ahead of time and the chance to review it earlyMake of that what you will The Ghoul King is the second novella in Guy Haley's Dreaming Cities series The science fiction aspects in this science fantasy story are far pronounced than they were in its predecessor The Emperor's Railroad Where the first installment was of a post apocalyptic fantasy tale here the technological aspects of the setting Haley created are apparent right from the first chapter We actually kick off with a point of view chapter by one of the Angels of Pittsburgh which enlightens us about the nature of the Angels though we find out even later in the story and their twisted arroganceWhile The Emperor's Railroad certainly hinted at a lot this time we get answers in some very impressive waysAfter that first chapter we once again have the story focus on a character who narrates the rest of the tale to us Like Abney from the first book Jaxon provides us with an adventure at uinn's side The Knight of Atlantis himself stays enigmatic in his ambitions and purpose yet Jaxon is in a far better position than Abney was to analyze uinn Not only is he older giving us a less awe inspired version of the knight but he is also somewhat in the know about forbidden knowledge of the Gone Before and saw the fall of the Dreaming City of ColumbusThe narrative first person style is less eccentric than previously due to the nature of Jaxon himself He grew up and lived in very different circumstances from Abney so it makes perfect senseJaxon and his crew of Seekers or rather the group he was dragged into by charismatic Rachel are technophiles They dig up old knowledge and put it to use This ranges from creating simple flashlights to finding sophisticated devices They are rebels for all intents and purposesThey were also a wonderful choice for this story as their perspectives uniue in this world of Angels and undead add a lot to the whole adventure into the old Dreaming City of Columbus Their understanding no matter how limited of the workings of technology before them wouldn't be possible than any regular character in the world As a result of their obsession with the old and forbidden they play off very nicely against uinn whose perspectives are uite different from their ownI have really come to like uinn over the course of both books His character is mysterious enough even at the end of this story to hold a lot of promise for future installments while being familiar and solid throughout He is interesting to read about and observe through the eyes of various companions too so I doubt I will grow tired of the narrative concept Haley is going for hereuinn is being built up for some pretty big reveals in the future and I cannot wait to find out what Haley has in mind both in terms of his backstory and future endeavoursUnlike the previous book there are few regular zombies about Instead we get some very nasty looks at the ghouls inhabiting Old Columbus including the Ghoul King himself Filthy buggers all of them just the right amount of creepy yet realistic in depiction and fitting right into this worldBut once again fight scenes are limited to where they were needed I love that uinn urges caution while still being willing to take risks and do what is reuired He isn't a fool rushing into battle and may seem cold but he's definitely not a coward as should be clear by nowIf there is one thing that disappointed me a little then it is the fate of the Ghoul King himself uinn's encounter with the beast was stunning but it is left relatively ambiguous as to what happened to him in the very end I wouldn't be surprised for the monstrosity to show up in future books especially due to how the rest of the story's many revelations unfolded but I was expecting something a bit decisive this time aroundStill I really dig the way the thing was represented It brought to mind a very alien perversion of humanity and felt absolutely terrifyingI honestly want this series to continue for as long as it needs to for Haley to tell the tale of uinn The world building is phenomenal and The Ghoul King's scifi aspects only made things better overall Haley played once with artificial intelligences and its effects on humanity's course and the creepy vibes of the abandoned post apocalyptic city were spot onThe novella length really works for the Dreaming Cities series It allows enough room to maneuver without ever getting bogged down in tedium They are just long enough to get the reader invested in the characters both old and new piece things together throughout their experience and come away satisfied with a tight narrative that sets things up nicely for a seuelSeuels I fully intend to read If The Emperor's Railroad hadn't set me on that course already The Ghoul King certainly has It presents an impressive adventure that keeps you engaged from start to finish and makes you wish for Guy Haley has found a winning formula with this series

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Uinn returns in THE GHOUL KING another story of the Dreaming Cities by Guy HaleyThe Knight uinn is down on his luck and he travels to the very edge of the civilized world – whatever that means a. Actual rating 29112 starsJudging from the average rating for this book it seems that everyone but me I read it wrong Surprise surprise And judging from reviews for this book it seems that everyone is under the erroneous impression thinks it's much better than book 1 Ha So The first instalment in this series The Emperor's Railroad was everything a barnacle could ask for stupendously original world post apocalyptic US setting with a little western vibe meets Fantasy and Horror yum hot sword wielding knight type anti hero aka uinn Harem Slave #12548 a wonderful array of delicious creatures zombies and dragons and asshole angels oh my and lots of other awesome deliciously dark stuff Ergo I was a teensy little bit excited at the thought of reading this little book here Note to self high expectations are highly hazardous to one's nefarious health and will almost always result in one being ever so slightly disappointed and disillusioned and disenchanted and stuff I feel you Little Jason I feel youSo Like book 1 this instalment is not narrated by my boyfriend uinn Unlike book 1 it is not narrated by a Disgusting Little Kid DLK™ It is narrated by a Super Mega Meh Bloody Shrimping Lackluster Wimp of an Unpleasantly Boring Guy SMMBSLWoaUBG™ And believe it or not this dude did such an awesome job of being an awesome SMMBSLWoaUBG™ that I ended up wanting the DLK™ back as a narrator which given my love of DLKs™ should tell you a big little something But I guess things could be much worse I mean imagine what this book would have been like if the boring narrator had a boring narration to narrate Now that would have been slightly boring And imagine if the boring narration told by the boring narrator had been about a boring bunch of boring unlikable characters Now that would have been a little tragic Phew that was close I feel so lucky that such a tragically disastrous thing didn't happen here ← there's a tiny chance this might be a slightly sarcastic comment Maybe More or lessBut what of my boyfriend uinn you ask Surely he can't be one of the above mentioned Deadly Boring Unlikable Ones DBUO™ can he Don't be silly now of course he isn't It's just that he isn't incommensurately hot here I mean he is usual dark and secretive chop chop chop butcher butcher butcher kick ass little exuisite self but something seems to be missing here Me in his life probably Him mostly I mean he's supposed to be the yummy lead here but he gets less page time than the DBUO™ That's pretty scandalous if you ask me Now please excuse me while I go ask the publisher for a bloody shrimping refund and stuff view spoilerFleet Admiral DaShrimp Unleash the crustaceans on these vilely abhorrent individuals NOW hide spoiler

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The Ghoul King Dreaming Cities #2Ny – to restock his small but essential inventoryAfter fighting a series of gladiatorial bouts against the dead he finds himself in the employ of a woman on a uest to find the secret to repairin. 3'55The scenario of the Dreaming Cities is fantastic and intriguing There are a lot of misteries I would like to know and altough some are resolved in this second story there are a lot Great jobReview in english ña en español