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SUMMARY ☆ Return of Souls Ý If war is hell there is no word to describe what Private Jones has been through Forced into a conflict with an unknowable enemy he awakes to find himself in a strange land and is soon joined by young woman Morana who tends to his wounds and tells him of the battles played out in this impossible placeShe tells him of an Iron BIf war is hell there is no word to describe what Private Jones has been through Forced into a conflict with an unknowable enemy he awakes to find himself in a strange land and is soon joined by young woman Morana who tend. We are now two books into Andy Remic’s ongoing A Song For No Man’s Land series and I have to admit that I’ll be taking a pass on the rest I’m just simply not connecting to the material and will have to chalk it up to the old ‘it’s not you Mr Remic it’s me’ excuseYou see I’m not much for traditional fantasy I slogged my way through Tolkein’s Lord of the Ring series and felt rather unrewarded the movies are better as far as I’m concerned and forced myself to make it through Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon because of all the praise that Malazan series has garnered There are exceptions of course – I’m a giddy sucker for George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and am always on the lookout for new R Scott Bakker books I have a much easier time with urban fantasy series like Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black novelsAll of this is a long winded way of my trying to explain that I thought Andy Remic’s latest novellas would be up my alley with their heavy on World War I and light on fantasy elements approach Alas it’s not meant to beAlthough Return of Souls and it’s predecessor A Song For No Man’s Land are novella length stories I’ve felt they were both too long and unnecessarily plodding Each book has been divided into four parts with the first 34 devoted to Jones and his time on the frontlines fighting German soldiers and beastly creatures known as walriders The last uarter though is when Remic decides to take a sharp and sudden turn introducing new characters to eat up the page count hopping back and forth in his narrative between newbie cast and the old hands in order to set up the next book This is a pet peeve of mineWhen I finished the prior entry in this series I was curious to see where the story would go Unfortunately I found myself hitting a wall before the half way mark into this latest entry and was ready to move onto some other book instead Remic introduces a new love interest for Jones to pine after and it mostly serves to grind an already slow narrative to a near halt I finished it merely because these are short books even if they subjectively feel much longer to me but can’t muster up the enthusiasm to rate it any higher than a 3 star read – it’s an OK story and while I certainly didn’t hate it Return of Souls failed to connect with me in any way past a bit of a time killerFantasy fiends may have a better time with it or those who don’t mind a war story with rather languid pacing This book and this series taken as a whole thus far just isn’t for meNote I received an advanced review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley


Utter annihilation Return of Souls is the second volume of the trilogy Andy Remic began with A Song for No Man's LandAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM appli. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 40 of 5I was not aware that this was book two in a seriestrilogy until I sat down to write this review and grabbed an URL for the cover to paste aboveReturn of Souls by Andy Remic is a novella of war and its atrocities that transcends time and dimensionsPrivate Jones is a soldier in the trenches in the War to End All Wars WWI By so many accounts it was one of the most brutal wars for soldiers and Remic captures this well through the journal writings of Private Jones as he details the horrors that he's witnessed and the fears that plague him But as the story moves on Jones' fears begin sounding a little stranger and stranger and we can't help but wonder if its psychological stress or if something else is actually happeningBut this is an Andy Remic story and if you are at all familiar with him you probably already guessed that the story would take on a tangent away from a conventional war storyPrivate Jones wakes up in a strange land where is found and tended to b a woman named Morena She tells him of the atrocities on her world and of the battles that have played out Her role as nurse contributes to his falling in love with her and he promises to help and protect her even in the face of unknown evilThis is a very powerful piece and I'm really curious to go and read the first part of this story since this feels like a very good beginning to me There are a lot of unknowns but Remic builds the story nicely and I trust that he will answer the unknowns as we go and he doesI'm not a fan of stories that don't have endings but instead rely on trying to secure another sale by not ending the current story and for that I take away a 'star' but otherwise this was a very compelling read that had me eager to turn the page to see where it was goingLooking for a good book Return of Souls is a novella by Andy Remic that takes on the horrors of war from different times and different realities through the eyes of a front lines privateI received a digital copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Return of SoulsS to his wounds and tells him of the battles played out in this impossible placeShe tells him of an Iron Beast that will end the Great War and even as he vows to help her find it enemy combatants seek them intent on their. Jones is back bereft of friends terrified of inhuman foes and trying to survive the 3rd battle of Ypres Remic is so good at creating a horrific vision of the front—of hopelessness and horror of surrender and grit of the randomness of death when a million people are trying to kill you in a million different waysA fun book with a big mid novella twist and a constant sense of foreboding Return of Souls gives fans of this series of what we loved about A Song for No Mans Land and then turns up the fantasy dial For me Song was a better read but this is a solid follow upOriginally posted on Grimdark Magazine