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doc Ó John Barleycorn Alcoholic Memoirs ✓ Jack London First published in 1913 John Barleycorn is the first intelligent literary treatise on alcohol in American literature London offers acute generalizations on Barleycorn together with a close narrative of his own drinking career which was heroic in scale It is however as an exercise A disturbing memorial against the indelible trivialization and glorification of a widely used drugLondon concludes that it essential to be a proponent of suffragettes and emancipation to start a social change towards prohibition and a not drug poisoned youth and no millions of suffering relatives which is noble and worthy of imitation The idea fails because of the addictive affinity of manThe path is described impressively as the decline of a human being in a world characterized by tolerance and glorification of drunkenness Beginning with the downplaying of the dangerous first encounters with alcohol in childhood which are perceived as funny anecdotes by the adults involved You know i nearly died of alcohol poising when I was just 8 what a fun that was for both me and the adults who forced me to drink Further to peer pressure and the need to seem mature and experienced the bow spans to fatal regular consumption London balances in its wild youth years with excessive but fortunately regularly interrupted alcohol consumption on a razor bladeAs he grows older he falls into an increasingly debauching and uncontrollable urge for the poison which´s taste he even doesn´t like Ironically at the height of his creative career he systematically destroys himself As a made up and respected man who is unable to write without methanol replenishment The conditioning of his childhood and youth marked by poverty and hard work laid the foundation for later self destruction The metamorphose associated with the addiction is described in a close to life manner Lightning fast mood swings in which friendship turns to bloodlust; Ecstasy which turns into life threatening poisoning; deceptive elouence and charm switching to deep depression and suicidal intent Also above all there is always the banner of group dynamic motivated glorification of consumptionAlthough it is fair to say that being a drunkard is a profoundly male problem Without leaning too far out of the window or drifting into the precarious realms of political impropriety or gender discrimination Starting with peer pressure group stupidity meeting expectations and cultural conditioning men tend to be addicted due to their tendency to wolf like pack behavior and the associated brain outagesIn contrast to women who are not only in this respect socially competent The sad irony is that the cautious women are the primary victims of the part of the male population that is incapable of reasonable consumption Women prefer their common sense before total and senseless illumination Calling London a thinker of another type of drug policy is too simple because of the understandably extreme position of prohibition Rather he has put his finger in the wound of a probably unsolvable dilemma which varies between rigid ban along with draconian punishments and liberal legalization even of hard substances Finding a consensus will be difficult because of the psychological key stimuli around prohibition and social constraints The topic reveals the arbitrariness and wretchedness of very different legislation around the world It gratuitously swings between the death penalty and the legal sale of the same substance and is strongly influenced by cultural structures and stuffTrough the book one lives a whole drunkard career alongside London and the motives fears and backgrounds were rarely drawn in such haunting pictures A timeless work because unfortunately it is impossibl

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mobi õ doc John Barleycorn Alcoholic Memoirs 9780192837172 Free ô randarenewables î First published in 1913 John Barleycorn is the first intelligent literary treatise on alcohol in American literature London offers acute generalizations on Barleycorn together with a close narrative of his In autobiography that his book principally attracts the modern reader London's life was tragically short but packed with episode and adventure In John Barleycorn he records his early hardships in Oakland his experiences as oyster pirate deep sea sealer hobo Yukon goldminer student Me I drink My father drank But he had a hollow leg and I never but once saw him the worse for liuor the New Year's Day morning a day on which my parents traditionally had a revolving door party for their friends and relations when Brother Peter phoned from Mexico to state that he and his buddy Louie who would later die of pneumonia in Niger but that's another story were in a Mexican prison and his Porsche was being held for ransom That day we did my other brothers and I have to help Dad up the stairs to sleep it off in bed Mind you I don't get drunk Don't drive drunk Don't drink outside the house No But Brother Don did develop a problem a forty year problem though he's now been very successfully in AA for a long while after having lost his wife and kids London drank Big time From an early age Turn of the century 19th20th Bars Saloons Swinging doors Mahogany and rosewood Buying rounds Anyone remember buying rounds? It was the way men were Most working men if they had the money and the time My own grandfather a butcher boy worked 72 hours a week for never than 35 Maybe had a few beers on Saturday evening after getting paid No money or time for than thatLondon was good at making money one way or another So he always had money for drink which at the time was much cheaper than it later became And the alcohol took on a permanent and prominent role in his life as he rose from one success to another In this book and I'd strongly suggest the purchase of the Library of America volume of his Social Writings a collection of this and other masterpieces London tries than feebly to convey the impression that he had mastered his alcoholism He hadn't He remained a slave to drink until he developed a morphine habit for the same reasons Whether or not his death was a suicide isn't known but it's uite certain that he died from a morphine overdose either intentionally or unintentionally A photograph of his gold plated hypodermic syringe and fixings is included in at least one of his biographiesAs far as I'm concerned this is the best book on alcoholism I've ever read It has the usual verve energy grace and wild color of his best work Even for those who cannot in any way personally relate to his alcoholism this work is very important for anyone who for literary or historical reasons wants to assemble a reasonably clear vision of what male America was at the turn of the 19th20th Centuries And it's by no means whatsoever just a sordid detail of an uncharacteristic era Most American men always drank hard In 1804 the price of a gallon of American whiskey was around twenty five cents in their money at the time From Jeffersonian times until WWII there was and this is hard to believe but true no increase in the price of American food or drink except for whiskey which had advanced to a dollar a uart 86 proof minimum Before World War I cocktails all cocktails were two for a uarter in New York

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John Barleycorn Alcoholic MemoirsDrop out and ultimately best selling author Long neglected by London partisans who wish he had never written it and used against him by critics who would see him as a self confessed drunk John Barleycorn deserves to be celebrated for what it is a classic of American autobiography This isn't an autobiography in the conventional sense It's clearly and openly a Prohibitionist tract published seven years before Prohibition came to pass It just so happens that London chose his own drinking career to illustrate his argument Hence those looking for the story of Jack's life may be very frustrated as he ignores the details of his many adventures in favour of describing his many bouts of binge drinking and his slow descent into alcoholism though he never admits to being an alcoholic a mixture of macho pride and the era's poor understanding of addiction preventingMacho pride is a prominent almost defining aspect of London's character in fact Despite writing of the evils of alcohol he can't help repeatedly emphasising how his superior constitution allowed him to out drink nigh everybody he ever met and recover faster too Or do two men's work in the coal house of the electrical station or carry than the indigenous porters in the Yukon orthe examples are numerous Exactly how much exageration is going on here is hard to say essentially unprovable Nor did his pride limit itself to his physical prowess He doesn't mind boasting about how he crammed two years' worth of high school in 6 months and passed the entry exams for the University of California or how prodigiusly he read Here the facts can be established because of the paper record Not only did he make it to the Uni his one semester there was an academic success recording no grades below B His library was extant at his death and he used to scribble marginal notes so it's easy to tell which books were used Additionally the references in his own books provide further evidenceSo whilst the reader won't learn than the bare outline of London's life there are character insights aplenty and if you want to see the social reasons for many a binge and many an insidious descent into addiction from personal experience here is as well writed example as I can imagineIt's a lively read as compelling as any London fiction story or novel I've read which is most of the major works by now Indeed his second wife Charmain claimed it was fiction alcoholism being extremely scandalous at the time but the evidence doesn't back anything than possible exageration of some of the binging episodesClever as he was though London got the psychology of booze wrong in this regard He thought Prohibition would work that a generation would grow up without alcohol and never miss what they never had Instead it was 13 years of the worst alcohol driven excesses in American history driven by organised crime and the allure of the forbidden He died before he saw himsekf proved wrong though