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Book å Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christ's Childhood Pal 444 pages ✓ The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled as have his glorious teachings acts and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God the missing years—except Biff the MessiahThe birth of Jesus has been well chronicled as have his glorious teachings acts and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God the missing years except Biff the Messiah's best bud who has been resurrected to tell If you've been following my reviews over the last few years I don't see any reason why I should have to put a caution into this but here it is if you're not interested in speculative fiction open to the reinterpretation of the life of Jesus speculation on the gaps in the gospels and the possibility of pan religious values having been vital to the formation of Christianity then you should probably not read this book Nor should you really be using the internet there's just too much nasty Free Thinking out there Take your hands off the keyboard and back away slowlyOkay that'll weed out the wusses Although as I think about it perhaps those are exactly the people who should be reading this book I'm sorry for all the nasty stuff I said come on backEach time I read this I love it For one thing it's Moore's best work without uestion Not only is is blindingly funny which is a hallmark of Moore's style but it's also thoughtful philosophical and is supported by obvious research Because he's dealing with real places and real people Moore has made sure that his depiction of first century Israel is as accurate as he can make it It's all there in the details about the lives of the characters the struggles they go through and the understandings they come to Without hours of research as its foundation the book would have failed almost instantly Moore didn't have to do it but it is a great sign of his character as an author that he didThis is also by far my favorite interpretation of the life of Jesus It is the Gospel According to Biff the best friend of Joshua bar Joseph the man who would one day be called Jesus Christ Of course when Biff met him the young Son of God was occupying himself by resurrecting lizards after his brother smashed their heads in But they grew to be fast friends and everywhere that young Joshua went so went his buddy BiffThe best way to describe Biff would be Jesus' Sidekick He's a troublemaker sarcastic and far too prone to succumb to temptations of the flesh But he's clever and resourceful and mindful of his friend's mission on this earth He's young Joshua's best friend in every way so when Josh goes searching for the three Magi who attended his birth Biff knows he has to go with him The way to finding Joshua's destiny will be long and hard and Biff knows that his friend needs himThe main part of the book has to do with Biff and Josh's search for the Magi to learn from them how Josh can be the Messiah On their way they face demons death and certain temptation but also wisdom and experience from the wisest men in Asia From Balthazar in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan Joshua learns of the Tao contemplating its Three Jewels compassion moderation and humility He learns about suffering and mercy and kindness and the effects they bringBiff on the other hand learns about the ways in which eight Chinese concubines can make life a wonderful place night after night He learns how to make potions and explosives how to cast metal and read Chinese He learns vital skills that the Messiah cannot or must not knowFrom there they go to China to a monastery high in the cold mountains to study with Gaspar a monk of the Zen school From Gaspar Josh learns stillness and mindful breath compassion for all things and oddly enough how to turn invisible He discovers the divine spark that exists in all things a holiness that no one can claim or take from you He also learns what it's like to be the only one of his kind and foreshadows the tragic end that can bringBiff of course is learning kung fu and how to break bricks with his headFinally they go to India to seek out Melchior an ascetic yogi and the last of the wise men Joshua here learns about sacrifice and blood and the horrors that are perpetrated in the name of religion He discovers the injustice of denying the Kingdom of God to anyone Jew or Gentile and the futility of trying to teach yoga to an elephantBiff for his part manages to put together a truly spectacular version of the Kama SutraDon't get me wrong while Biff is certainly earthly than his friend he is also devoted to both Joshua and his mission He is Josh's anchor to the real world always reminding him f his mission and making sure he doesn't take himself too seriously Biff in this rendition of Jesus' story is a necessary element in the ultimate teachings of Christ As he admits in his afterward Moore has tackled a very tough subject here one that he knows is likely to rile people up Jesus is one of those characters that is very set in peoples' minds he is the tall beatific figure with a gentle voice and blue eyes who glides around in robes followed by insightful and worshipful menHe certainly never ate Chinese food on his birthday nor did he get hopped up on coffee or learn kung fu He's never had a sarcastic best friend who was willing to risk damnation to describe what sex was like to the young Messiah who was pretty sure that he wasn't allowed to Know women We haven's seen Jesus get frustrated and yell at his disciples because they didn't get the message he was trying to send or be torn between what he has to do and what he wants to do The Jesus in this book is an excellent meld of the human and the divine He has the miracles and the powers but his mind is human He knows that he's the son of god but he feels like just a regular guy who's been tapped to save humanity from itself It's a very difficult situation to be in and Moore does a really good job of getting us to understand thatMore importantly the life of Jesus hasn't been this funny before This is the kind of book that will piss off your family or co workers because you'll want to read out passages from the book every five minutes but you won't get it out right because you'll be laughing too hard The way the book is set up Biff has been resurrected by the angel Raziel in order to write a new gospel Unfortunately he's been resurrected in the modern age about two thousand years too late to help his friend avoid the awful horrible sacrifice that he knows he has to undergo So he writes in the modern American vernacular assuring us that while the words may not be a direct translation of first century Hebrew Latin Aramaic Chinese or any of the other languages they encounter the tone is accurate And the tone is comedy all the way throughOf course the comedy kind of drops off as the book races towards its unpleasant end which is where my troubles with Moore as a writer usually lie He tends to write endings that are abrupt and unfulfilling as though he just wants to finish writing the book so he can perhaps get on with the next one Even though we know how this story ends it still feels rushed Biff's attempts to save his friend from horrible death make sense but I would like to have seen them drawn out a bit I have a feeling that Moore could have added another hundred pages without breaking a sweat and I wish he had The best thing though is that Moore treats his characters with the utmost respect Nothing that Jesus does in the book is out of character for him insofar as we know his character And Biff is than just a goofy friend of the Messiah he is the reminder and the anchor of Jesus' humanity I'm not a Christian I don't claim any religion in fact but this version of Jesus would be one that I might be willing to give some time to It's a brilliant book in my top ten

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The story in the divinely hilarious yet heartfelt work reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas Adams Philadelphia InuirerVerily the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one filled with remarkable journeys magic healings kung fu corpse reanimations demons and hot babes Eve Lamb is the story of the missing years of Jesus as told by his best pal Biff That's all you need in the way of summaryI was subjected to 12 years of Catholic school and mass every sunday for even longer than that so when I heard of the existence of a humorous book about Jesus' missing years I jumped for it with all the lapsed Catholic enthusiasm I could muster Was I disappointed?Most definitely not In fact I was the opposite of disappointed Appointed? Anyway this was my first Christopher Moore book and the measuring stick against which his others are measured Biff's a great character the regular guy accompanying Joshua aka Jesus on his adventures Jesus of course plays the ultimate straightman to Biff's jokes From when Biff told Jesus he was going to marry his mother when they were little tykes all the way to the end Biff makes what could be a fairly boring religious story into an odyssey of the hilariousWhile Moore tells the story in a humorous way it's not as absurd as say a Douglas Adams book Jesus visiting the Three Wise Men and actually learning from them was a good way to fill those missing years In fact Jesus traveling to the Far East makes a lot sense than a lot of stuff in the bible Just sayin'The characters other than Jesus and Biff were pretty memorable Mary Magdalene played a huge part in the story and the three wise men were all given a lot to do than the Gospel writers originally gave them Catch the demon from Practical Demonkeeping makes an appearance Raziel the title character from The Stupidest Angel makes his first appearance here and is the catalyst of the plot resurrecting Biff and Mary M to help him fill in the gapsI've owned four copies of this book each destroyed or lost under suspicious circumstances People I've loaned the book over the years still uote parts of it to me when we run into each other It's just that damn goodI can't put the hilarity of Lamb into words It's easier if you just read it yourself Five of the easiest star I've ever awarded with the caveate that if you are humorless about religion you might be extremely offended

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Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christ's Childhood PalN the considerable wiles and devotion of the Savior's pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny But there's no one who loves Josh except maybe Maggie Mary of Magdala and Biff isn't about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight Mel Brooks and Monty Python have been there done that Christopher Moore retraces the steps of those comedy greats of the past in his Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christ's Childhood Pal a lighthearted take on what Christians call the greatest story ever toldSure it's a good story but it's also rife with parody potential and humorists have been sueezing it for laughs probably since it was first told That being the case Moore's book travels a well trodden path and so the laughs just didn't come for this reader Certainly it was an enjoyable enough read It wasn't until the end that I had to push myself to finish what was becoming an increasingly dry straight up retelling of Jesus' crucifixion Prior to that Moore takes a few potshots at other religions during the son of god's trek through self discovery and sometimes his aim is true Lamb is uite a good book and yet I may seem to be down on it I blame hype When you hear and read a great deal of praise for a writer as I did for Moore your expectations rise to an unreasonable height I'm afraid mine were higher than he could reasonably obtain