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read doc Ò Born to run Hardcover æ “Writing about yourself is a funny businessBut in a project like this the writer has made one promise to show the reader his mind In these pages I’ve tried to do this” —Bruce Springsteen from the pages of Born to RunIn 2009 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at the Super Bowl’s halftime Book is much than a legendary rock star’s memoir This is a book for workers and dreamers parents and children lovers and loners artists freaks or anyone who has ever wanted to be baptized in the holy river of rock and roll Rarely has a performer told his own story with such force and sweep Like many of his songs “Thunder Road” “Badlands” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” “The River” “Born in the USA” “The Rising” and “The Ghost of Tom Joad” to name just a few Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography is written with the lyricism of a singular songwriter and the wisdom of a man who has thought deeply about his experiences Writing about yourself is a funny business but in a project like this the writer has made one promise to show the reader his mind In these pages I've tried to do thisAnd The Boss certainly delivered Gah I cannot compliment this book enough Springsteen writes his autobiography like he writes his music with an honest voice and in the most beautifully stunning way He has a way with words They reach inside you and open you up heart and soulReading about how Springsteen made it to the top is so inspiring A man who came from nothing and would not stop until he had everything All in a bid to achieve the elusive American dream but what happens when you achieve the American dream How does your music and style of writing change How do you relate to the life you used to have and the dreams you used to strive for All of this is covered in this bookHe documents his father's battles with mental health before exploring the dark looming cloud hanging over him He himself has inherited the susceptibility to depression and talks about it in such an open and honest way that only Springsteen couldOne of my major takeaways from this book is that Bruce Springsteen is a guy that will always empty the tank in everything he does and he infuses that philosophy into the E Street Band They will play for at least 3 hours every night like it's the last concert they'll ever play That is showmanship That is passion That is Bruce Springsteen

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Up Catholic in Freehold New Jersey amid the poetry danger and darkness that fueled his imagination leading up to the moment he refers to as “The Big Bang” seeing Elvis Presley’s debut on The Ed Sullivan Show He vividly recounts his relentless drive to become a musician his early days as a bar band king in Asbury Park and the rise of the E Street Band With disarming candor he also tells for the first time the story of the personal struggles that inspired his best work and shows us why the song “Born to Run” reveals than we previously realized Born to Run will be revelatory for anyone who has ever enjoyed Bruce Springsteen but this 4★My husband also a musician does not share my enthusiasm for Springsteen’s music yes this has caused a few tense moments in our marriage but admits that he is a great songwriter When celebrities who are not authors write a memoir they undoubtedly get help from ghost writers so I did some searching and learned that he worked on his book alone for seven years before seeking out a publisher I was pleased to discover that his songwriting chops crossed over intact to authoring and was engaged from the start Bruce is a showman and entertainer This one is verbose with many songs on the set list and no fan lucky enough to attend one of his legendary 3 4 hour concerts that would be me would expect anything lessAfter reading about early then later family life the inspiration and heartache behind the music coping with serious depression reinventing his music the “brotherhood” of the band RIP Big Man C and the great blessings of his marriage and children I was gratified to learn that I really like the generous and talented man behind the music I loveThat moment at the LA Coliseum when he sang “So you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we ain't that young any ”then held the mike out to us and we sang right on cue “Show a little faith there's magic in the nightYou ain't a beauty but hey you're alrightOh and that's alright with me”Thanks for such a memorable night Bruce It was right up there with seeing The Beatles at the Hollywood BowlWith that I'm dating myself and I “ain’t that young any” but I danced through the entire concert and only sat down at the intermissionFans musicians yes even my husband and music lovers everywhere will find this one is worthy of your time especially if you grew up in the era of great rock and roll I was doing the E Street shuffle throughout the pages ‘cause tramps like me were born to run and read Music and reading from one source A twofer“Bruuuuuuuuuuce”

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Born to run“Writing about yourself is a funny businessBut in a project like this the writer has made one promise to show the reader his mind In these pages I’ve tried to do this” Bruce Springsteen from the pages of Born to RunIn 2009 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at the Super Bowl’s halftime show The experience was so exhilarating that Bruce decided to write about it That’s how this extraordinary autobiography began Over the past seven years Bruce Springsteen has privately devoted himself to writing the story of his life bringing to these pages the same honesty humor and originality found in his songs He describes growing This review is dedicated to my local friend Margie 🎧🎶📚💕My friend Margie told me to choose this AudiobookI did because she also told me to listen to“Grateful American” by Gary Sinise It was powerful amazing addictive and life affirmative for me Margie is now retired so we have time to spend together Our daughters 2 for each of us are both in their midlate 30’s We’ve been friends since our families were busy schlepping our kids to Hebrew twice a week Sunday school once a week and all the other synagogue activities we participated in that go along with familysynagogue life Now Margie and I are olderhaving rekindled ‘our’ relationship with profound chats hiking pool soaking driving to SF or Santa Cruz for chosen activities and always having book discussions Margie is a dedicated Audiobook fan Recently retired PhD Professor of advance nutrition She’s been reading my reviews for years which I didn’t know to help her pick books to choose she’s now helping me We’ve got an Audiobook Thing going now It’s sooo fun I still extend many thanks to lovely Iris who sent me my first two Audiobooks when I was a ‘stubborn will not listen to Audiobooks girl’ Iris said “try it you might like it” I do like itand I agree with both Iris Margie audiobooks has changed my life So I trusted Margie again with “Born To Run” we have very similar taste and we both know the difference of when an audiobook works and when it doesn’t “Born to Run”read by Springsteen ‘works’ brilliantly as an AudiobookI could go on and on about how I admire Bruce Springsteen even now having read his bookANDit’s no accident about my timing Did you know Bruce Springsteen has a movie coming out this month called“Western Stars” The movie trailer had me in tearsMy god this man is the real deal when it comes to being authentic Bruce tells ‘all’ unguarded and forthright We learn about his creative music process throughout his careerhis family the suffering of serious mental illness and self medicating addictions that ran through his familythe povertychoosing to seek professional helpa fishing trip with his father will having you laughing rolling on the flooretc etc etcThis talent musician and human being has an abundance of heart and soul “How does one change themselves” “How does a person let go of the destructive parts of our own broken pieces”An INCREDIBLE audiobook journeyBruce ‘the boss’ you rocked my little worldMargie if you are reading this of course you don’t have to post anything but save the opening date to go see “Western Stars” together Oct 19th is the opening day in our area And if you want to go see the movie “Blinded By The Light” I’d be happy to see it a second time It was fantastic 5 warm wonderful stars