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Free read Î Cloud Atlas Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à For use in schools and libraries only Recounts the connected stories of people from the past and the distant future from a nineteenth century notary and an investigative journalist in the 1970s to a young man who searches for meaning in Past and the distant future from a nineteenth century notary and an investigative jour. On re reading in 2012I admit the surpringsingly and terrifyingly not awful trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of this book sent me plunging back into its hexapalindromic universe to re solidify my own mental renditions of Frobisher's bicycle Sonmi's soap packs and Lousia's imaginary California among other things I emerge even impressed with Mitchell's mimetic acrobatics the book's deft allusive integument Is not ascent their sole salvation p 512 the acrimonious satire if consumers are satisfied with their lives at any meaningful level plutocracy is finished p 348 and ultimately the nakedly deliberate messages about humanity's will to power and our capacity for empathy re re re re re reiterated in the second half I kept wishing Lousia or Cavendish or someone one would say Be excellent to each other Party on dudes but not wishing in a snarky cynical judgy kind of way Because I actually think Bill Ted's Excellent Adventure is pretty excellent and come to think of it is also a story set in multiple time periods with strong musical undertones and a message of peace love and happiness This book grants me one of the greatest pleasures a book can it restores profundity to a hackneyed truth If you're not into Mitchell's prose characters or fancy schmancy structure though you might just end up with the hackneyed bitview spoilerOne thing that still confuses me about this book is the role of the Frobisher story The other five all deal directly with humanity's inclination toward subjugation that Dr Goose summed up with his law the weak are meat the strong do eat but the Zedelgem story is different Robert is stealing from Ayrs in a very material way but this theft is ancillary His manipulation of Ayrs and the Crommelyncks while selfish is also not entirely one sided Ayrs and Frobisher are playing each other almost eually and not entirely for the purpose of self aggrandizement but in the service of music which they both seem to perceive as a force beyond their own persons Jocasta is similarly playing Robert for pleasure but also for her husband I suppose these battles of wills provide the tension that keeps the story flowing but they still seem WAY different than Maori slave makers and brainwashed fast food servant clones and different in kind not just in scale I like the fact that it's different I think the moral refrains in the latter half might have become a bit tiresome without it but I wonder if there's a reason for its uniueness Perhaps Mitchell planned to play up the manipulation aspect but couldn't bring himself to fully damn a man with a uest so similar to his own hide spoiler

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Nalist in the 1970s to a young man who searches for meaning in a post apocalyptic world. One of the most outstanding hugely epic literary sagas ever There seem to be six distinct writers in Cloud Atlas distinct original where the heck did these EVEN come from type tableaux their compilation suggesting that the boundaries of writing are endless Mitchell is authentic in every story These really are found objects placed in blatant cunning contrast with each other But that they were all borne from one fountainhead from one single and chameleonic probably the most chameleonic I have encountered since Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa's mind this is the reason the novel is now a classicThe movie is a very adeuate companion piece as the myriad loose ends are genuinely brought forth rendered poetic Really truly madly love 'em both

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Cloud AtlasFor use in schools and libraries only Recounts the connected stories of people from the. Dear David MitchellI’ve been trying to figure out the nicest possible way to tell you what I’m about to tell you I sort of feel like I’ve failed you as a reader but I just couldn’t suspend my critical mind for long enough to enjoy your book “how I envied my uncriticalsisters” – I hate it when my own words come back to bite me in the ass don’t you Don’t take it personally though I’m the girl who didn't like The Matrix I know right How could anyone dislike The Matrix All of the neat o keen o special effects the super cool concept of the world actually being run by sentient machines the homage to Baudrillard If you haven’t read Simulacra Simulation read it It’ll blow your mindBy the way Baudrillard said the siblings Wachowski completely misinterpreted his work but I digress and the kick ass soundtrack okay so it wasn’t really all that kick ass Unfortunately at the end of the day Keanu Reeves can’t act his way out of a paper bag and this girl just couldn’t get past that fact For the first half of the novel I kept trying to psych myself up by reminding myself how much I disliked the first four episodes of season one of The Wire “This is just another contrived crime drama” “Dominic West really needs to work on his American accent Not enough Idris Elba” Then we meet Omar Little and BAM It all starts to click Don’t you just love Omarshhhh no spoilers I’m only on season three I kept waiting for that BAM moment but it just never came Instead I found myself and frustrated finding fault with every gimmick Eg If language has devolved in the future you really need to commit to your chosen alterations If you decide flight will be ‘flite’ then sight should be ‘site’ etc Go all the way I say Oh what you think that would be too annoying Ur rite It would b So y chanj da spelng at al It just ends up being distracting Think of another way to say THIS IS THE FUTURE without being so obvious about it Similarly when you wanted the audience to know it was the 70's you could have found a subtle way of doing it than saying THEY'RE AT A PARTY LISTENING TO DISCO AND DOING COCAINE It's the 70's man I get it It seemed to me like you didn’t have enough faith in the intelligence of your audience to get the gist without spoon feeding it to us If the reader didn’t pick up on the “nested dolls” analogy all by themselves or by having Chabon tell them on the back cover you make sure Grimaldi spells it out for us ‘One model of time an infinite matryoshka doll of painted moments each “shell” the present encased inside a nest of “shells” previous presents I call the actual past but which we perceive as the virtual past” Etc “Revolutionary or gimmicky” I’ll take gimmicky for 1000 Alex damned if your words don’t keep biting you in the ass eh Davey boy If you’ve read the book than you know that each chapter or story is in some way “read” by a character in another story journals letters film A clever idea for sure The thing about clever ideas is this you really need to trust that your reader is as clever as you We can pick these things up without you telling us I mean come on view spoilerwhen Cavendish reads the Luisa Rey story and remarks about ‘the insinuation that Luisa Rey is this Frobisher chap reincarnated’ hide spoiler