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Read & Download The Gap of Time ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s “late plays” It tells the story of a king whose jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter and the death of his beautiful wife His daughter is found and brought up by a shepherd on the BoS of extraordinary events father and daughter and eventually mother too are reunited In The Gap of Time Jeanette Winterson’s cover version. I was provided a copy of this from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewThe Gap of Time is a modern day retelling of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale as part of a larger series of authors doing the same for several of his works You can read about the project at The Guardian Retelling is used loosely as the names are not the same nor are all of the situations The themes of jealousy forgiveness parenting they're all still hereSo how should I examine this novel Shall I compare it to the Shakespeare play har harSome things are lost by moving out of verse although Winterson sometimes uses very poetic language particularly for internal dialogue The villain is very rough than Shakespeare could ever have allowed with rape language and violence than could have worked on the stage The characters suffer from too much coincidence but I wonder how restrained the author felt from the original subject matterCompared to Winterson's other works I felt like she was juggling too many reuirements to really immerse in her typical writing style I felt like it was well done if I was not thinking Winterson But thinking of her and comparing it to her books that are favorites well it just isn't nearly as thought provoking or beautiful It is definitely a compelling story and was probably a fun challenge but I still wanted it to be transformative

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Aby daughter and the death of his beautiful wife His daughter is found and brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast but through a serie. “I discover that grief means living with someone who is not there”Boy do I have mixed feelings about this book “The Gap of Time” is a cover version of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” a play I love This novel is part of the “Hogarth Shakespeare” a project where noted contemporary authors write cover versions of Shakespeare’s works I will read in this series but not because of “The Gap of Time”I have never read any of Jeanette Winterson’s work before and she clearly is a gifted writer There are moments in this text where the prose is beautiful and profound At times I had to sit for a second and digest what I had just read Lines like “Forgiveness is a word like tiger there’s footage of it and verifiably it exists but few of us have seen it close and wild or known it for what it is” and “And the things that change us forever happen without us knowing they would happen And the moment that looks like the rest is the one where hearts are broken or healed” That is good stuff right thereUnfortunately those moments are buried in a text that is melodrama of the highest order and has than a few aspects where I have no clue what the author was thinking Now before you get mad and say much of Shakespeare is melodramatic I am well aware However his gift was taking melodrama and bringing great human truth and beauty to it He is Shakespeare so I forgive Ms Winterson for not being able to pull it off What I do blame her for are some choices that seem too cute by half The decision to make much of this plot and thematic relevance rest on a video game is superfluous and brings nothing to the text Her insistence on being “modern” is also cloying and a bit irritating She really wants to show how progressive she is Rarely have I read a book where the author wants you to be well aware that this person is black this one gay this one Jewish this one lapsed Christian this one German this one Trans etc It is a bit much Write a real fully developed character and that will speak to me I do not need you to label a two dimensional character for me That does nothing for either of usBut having said that it is a uick read and although I rolled my eyes a few times I enjoyed the experience Taking on Shakespeare is a monumental task and I give her props for that

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The Gap of TimeThe Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s “late plays” It tells the story of a king whose jealousy results in the banishment of his b. Thematically this was a good follow on from a read of Nicole Krauss’ exuisite The History of Love see my review HERE the first few pages alone included death bereavement forgiveness revenge loss of a child identity God loyalty and love as well as capitalism mercy killing and madness Stylistically there was no comparison this is a simpler story despite the numerous references to changing the speed or even direction of time and it’s mostly told in rather crude and wooden prose very un Winterson especially the many male perspectives Disappointing 25 rounded up to 3 hence hard to reviewWhat is Family“ So many stories of lost and found As though the whole of history is a vast Lost Property Department”Could I give up my child No Could I love someone else’s child as much as if that child had been born to me I don’t think soAnd yet I don’t believe that family is purely about blood Unconditional love of a child not born to you is surely the most selfless love of allI suppose I am a selfish person except in relation to my child who is and always will be a part of meThis is Shakespeare’s tale of a foundling retold for and in the 21st century As Winterson wrote in her brilliant autobiography Why Be Happy when you Could be Normal see my review HERE Adopted children are self invented adoption drops you into the story after it has started Time and the seuence of a story is a recurring theme as are Superman and Oedipus“ The missingness of the missing Every endeavor every kiss every stab in the heart every letter home every leaving is a ransack of what’s in front of us in the service of what’s lost”A few days after I finished reading this I saw Kenneth Branagh's version of The Winter's Tale see my review HERE In that redemption and forgiveness are prominent than the child lost and found because Perdita doesn't know she's not her father's daughter until the denouement Presumably Winterson made Shep black so that everyone always knew and thus the foundling angle a common thread in her work that mirrors her own life comes to the fore Seeing the stage version also made me appreciative of what Winterson has achieved here in general My grudging 3 for this became a solid 3New and Alternative Realities“ The baby had lain like the visible corner of a folded map Traced inside her faded now were parents she would never know and a life that had vanished Alternative routes she wouldn’t take People she would never meet The would be that wouldn’t be”We enjoy visiting other realms through books films dreams We invent and reinvent ourselves not always consciously We do it over time and to some extent according to context and company my colleagues see a subtly different Cecily from the one my family sees and friends see yet other facets Adopted children have necessity and scope defining themselves Perdita her adoptive father Shep and brother Clo have to create a reality a past a present and hence a future Shep thinks he tells her the truth or at least as much as he can but it’s predicated on lies and unknowns “She had stopped asking uestions because there weren’t any answers” Perdita’s identity may be mysterious but she is raised with love and comes to believe in herself as she is In contrast those involved in her conception and abandonment know who they are but have problematic relations with reality and hence find happiness elusiveAs children of different dysfunctional parents “Leo and Xeno invented worlds where they could live” but they never fully grow up or develop the ability to be responsible parents themselvesLeo makes the world revolve around him as super rich City traders can But even he can’t live happily in this world much less his wife MiMi and their children Madness and destruction beckonMeanwhile Xeno devotes himself to virtual worlds developing a video game The Gap of Time At Level 4 “Time becomes a player Time can stand still move faster slow down” But it can’t reverse can it unless you’re Superman Reality is further muddied because the game features Dark Angels echoing the song that made MiMi famous which is in turn based on de Nerval’s dream see Fall belowAnd MiMi retreats to an ambiguous existence maybe in the game maybe in the world maybe both or even neither Life and death have different meanings in virtual worlds“ Those are the facts but are they the truths”FallThere is much falling here falling in love falling or being pushed over falling between gaps of time or buildings the autumnal fall of leaves and of course as a metaphor for the expulsion from Paradise Tying them together is a catch 22 allegory dreamed by French poet Gérard de Nerval an angel fell into the courtyard between buildings trapped by his wings which he’d folded as he fell To free himself would destroy the homes and maybe those within To stay was certain slow death Meanwhile an old woman stuffed a pillow with the feathers that drifted into her apartmentWeaknessesI don’t want to put people off Winterson but I do want a note of why I didn’t warm to this The bullet points below are not spoilers in terms of plot view spoiler• There was almost none of the carefully crafted and poetic prose I expect from Winterson It improved a little towards the end but only a little Mostly she was channelling people she didn’t seem to relate to so neither did I• Leo is too easy to hate too soon He is a caricature of the worst type of City trader with an abhorrent attitude to women sex friends money and Jews “like a cartoon of somebody who’s unstable who turns out to be himself”• For a novel about time the period feels wrong It starts in a plausible 2013 but is mostly set about seventeen years later Winterson’s 2030 feels self consciously like 2013 If it’s deliberate I find it odd and annoying; if it’s not it’s inexcusable For instance will Facebook iPads 3D printing using a map on a smartphone MILF and ROFL etc still be current and yet unusual enough to be noteworthy or need explaining It also assumes that in the US Hemingway will still be known but Thoreau’s Walden will be almost forgotten • Aspects of the plot were tricky to make plausible in modern times but when Winterson had contrived an explanation it would have been less distracting to have had it earlier eg how Perdita’s adoptive father could have got away with raising her he was a black middle aged widower and she was a white baby with no paperwork • Cars are weapons of murder except for the DeLorean because this is about time Just strange• I couldn’t decide whether citing MiMi’s stage debut as being in an adaptation of a real Winterson book smacks of hubris or humour hide spoiler