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READ & DOWNLOAD The Trail of Conflict î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç In the wedding of the decade Geraldine Glamorgan's millions were united with Steve Courtlandt's aristocratic name Both young handsome vibrantly alive they found themselves for better or for worse bound in a glittering and empty marriage of convenienE as a simple rancher's wife Just as it seemed that their new life might at last bring them together mysterious events endangered her safety and a misunderstanding threatened to wreck her new found happines. This is not my favorite Emilie Loring but I like all of her books because they were written in the 20's and 30's so they are authentic for that time periodI like how she weaves suspense into all of her novels and this one is no exception The couple is forced into a loveless marriage by her father but they grow to love each other in the end The author even manages to get the reader to forgive the jerk of a father by the end of the bookThis is the only one of her books that I have been able to find for the Kindle

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Glittering and empty marriage of convenienceThen tragedy brought Steve the ownership of a ranch out West Gamely Geraldine went with him forfeiting her income and defying her father's wishes in order to liv. The Trail of Conflict by Emily LoringMarriage of convenience his hand for her money Steve Cortland and Gerry LaMorgan must live on the ranch for at least a year using only Steve's money but conflicts ariseIf the one year goes by Cortland will win back all his estate holdings mortgages paid in full If Steve refuses the offer everything will be foreclosed uponShe takes up riding the countryside and does call on a local woman that's been there a whole year with no companySteve worries when she leaves the ranch as there are many other men and they don't want to find out why they are aroundLove detailed descriptions of nature sky colors and life on the ranchProblem is she's walked into an ambush and with some help from others it's not going to turn out well

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The Trail of ConflictIn the wedding of the decade Geraldine Glamorgan's millions were united with Steve Courtlandt's aristocratic name Both young handsome vibrantly alive they found themselves for better or for worse bound in a. Every once in a while I go snooping around the Kindle public domain offerings just to find some free old books that look interesting So I came across Emilie Baker Loring b 1866 d 1951 who was a very prolific American romance author and published books from 1922 until 1950 Some others were released posthumously by her familyThis one is from 1922 It was a contemporary romance at the time and of course now serves as an interesting historical read for us of the 21st century This is a marriage of convenience romance arranged between the fathers of Geraldine Jerry Glamorgan and Stephen Courtlandt Peter Courtlandt is an upper crust member of society whose financial setbacks see him losing almost everything to Daniel Glamorgan Glamorgan is a filthy rich middle class man who has worked his way to riches mostly in the coal business With this marriage Glamorgan gets his daughter married to someone of the upper echelons of society and Courtlandt saves his family from bankruptcy Steve and Jerry are loyal family members and agree to the mergerNeedless to say the marriage is not smooth sailing There's only politeness no affection not even consummation of the marriage Steve resents being dependent on his wife's family for all his money and Jerry doesn't uite know how to bridge this divide I need to state here that the author has created a delightful heroine in Jerry She's upbeat intelligent thoughtful lively kind and very deserving of love Steve is an OK guy too but has that tendency to withdrawal and jerkiness that romance heroes are famous for And it doesn't help that there's an OW and OM here to make for even misunderstandings between the H and hWhen Steve's rancher uncle dies and leaves everything to Steve on the condition that Steve and Jerry live at the ranch for one year and use no Glamorgan money during that time Steve balks but is convinced to agree by Jerry So the rest of the story takes place on this ranch It's interesting and the writing is uite competent amazing how older writers even of romance novels had such a grasp of grammar and style but unfortunately there's too much emphasis on ranching problems and rustlers and railway robbers and mysterious hired hands and too little development of the couple's relationshipYet I appreciated the read for the look at life and people in 1922 their attitudes and outlooks One theme of the book is the evils of divorce which was so prevalent apparently at that time I don't know the statistics of how many marriages ended in divorce in the 1920s but it's doubtful that the number comes even close to the stats of 2016 Then there are the postwar problems of soldiers reintegrating to normal life attitudes towards aliens immigrants patriotism male female relationships and As stated before I would have enjoyed this much as a relationship story wo so much actionadventure but it was still an interesting read Vocabulary choices and slang definitely not anachronistic for the times and that made it a pleasure for me but could be a turnoff for some readers who will find it uite old fashioned in behavior and dialogue at times