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EBOOK ✓ EPUB The Liberation ä Emancipation Warriors ↠ How far would you go in the fight for your country’s freedom when it’s crumbling from within? In the near future all seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life Time with her boyfriend her computer sports But after becoming a fugitive the onlyBecome allies with one of her greatest enemies Together they must follow the government’s trail of evil to its highest levels where they learn not only the future of their country is at stake but the entire world From the cities of the United Regions of North America to the high tech corridors of Asia The Liberation is an international thriller with an all too possible scenario that will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go If you haven't read Marissa Shrock yet you are missing out I originally fell in love with Shrock's writing when I read what was her debut novel in this series The First Principle The Liberation picks up where The First Principle left offIn a corrupt dystopian society Vivica Wilkins has joined the rebel forces and must either keep her identity a secret or risk being executed With the clock ticking will she and the other Emancipation Warriors be able to rescue those they love before it’s too late or will their uest for liberation cost them than anyone ever bargained for?This book Lemme tell yaFirst of all you won’t be able to stop reading Second Shrock’s crazy talented imagination will creep you the heck out with how realistic she created this society to be And third her characters are so endearing and well developed you’ll cheer for them ’till the very endIn a style similar to The Hunger Games you’ll be hooked from the beginning and want to know It’s not very often any I have to stay up late to finish a book and The Liberation kept me up until 200 in the morning to find out what would happen nextIf you like fast paced creative thrillers with faith interwoven throughout then I definitely recommend this bookMe I’m gonna catch up on some sleep before the third and final book comes outI received this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest review

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How far would you go in the fight for your country’s freedom when it’s crumbling from within? In the near future all seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life Time with her boyfriend her computer sports But after becoming a fugitive the only place she’ll be safe is among the enemies of the government She has no choice but to join the Emancipation Warriors the only hope for the United Regions of North America to r Do NOT miss this seuel Both books are a MUST READMarissa Shrock is an amazingly talented authorHer words grab hold of you and absolutely will not let go until you reach the very end of the story She illustrates the journey of her characters with such skill you feel as if you ARE Vivica or rather FredricaI am so very excited to see this long awaited seuel release I devoured the first book of the series and have been patiently not so much waiting for the journey to continueThe author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but I will be purchasing it anyway Yes It's that goodReview © JCMorrows 2016

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The Liberation Emancipation Warriors #2 Eturn to the country it once was When her mother is taken as a political prisoner and slated for execution the Emancipation Warriors change Vivica’s appearance identity everything With her vaunted computer hacking skills she’s able to infiltrate the government with a job that gives the Warriors a foothold in their fight for freedom and the chance to save her mother But soon Vivica is discovered and her only chance of escape is to Hacked FreedomThe Liberation Emancipation Warriors Book 2By Marissa ShrockHave you ever wished you could be someone else? Change your identity? This is exactly what Vivica Wilkins needs to do in order to save the one she loves and her mother before it’s too lateHiding underground with the Emancipation Warriors Vivica begins her training with the other rebels and physically undergoes a change in her appearance Vivica Wilkins—daughter of the former presidential candidate—can’t be caught spying in the enemy camp so alterations are made to her face eye retinal and voice in order to fool those she comes into contact withThese warriors are dedicated to overthrowing the evil President Fortune and re establishing freedom to the people Especially the freedom to worship the God in the Bible of their forefathers not the watered down one reinvented by the government Thrust into a secret mission Fredrica aka Vivica finds herself working with her mother’s betrayers She’s sent to the world where only “chosen” slaves will be moved to build a new order Can she fool the ones who knew her the most? Will she be able to hack into their computers to fight for the freedom of those she loves? The Liberation is the seuel to The First Principle by Marissa Shrock and is book 2 in The Emancipation Warriors series I gotta say Ms Shrock did it again She captured my attention from page one and held it to the very end of this impressive young adult novel In my opinion this book is for any age so don’t let that hold you backSet in a futuristic date the plot characters and setting are believable The author portrays her fictitious United Regions of North America realistically and the reader is pulled in from page oneThe plot moves along nicely and doesn’t get bogged down anywhere The characters are solid and likeable The president is creepy and you want to help overthrow his cabinet along with the warriorsThe faith aspect is interwoven effectively without sounding preachy The main character’s arc undergoes a crisis but in the end she sees God’s handIn my opinion the biggest strength in The Liberation was the plot twists From a surprise unveiling of the Peacemaker’s identity to who are really an enemy and an ally this book keeps you guessing to the very endI give The Liberation 45 stars It will keep you on the edge of your seat in a futuristic world I received a complimentary e copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review