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read Favorite Obsession reader à Kindle Edition ✓ randarenewables ´ Centuries after what should have been a blessing from a goddess Mira has gone from the chosen daughter to a woman shamed She’s found a tentative peace among her family and the females they’ve chosen to mate And despite the poteA needs With every passionate encounter every stolen touch his certainty that he and Mira belong together grows He’ll defy every shifter decree and fight to his dying breath to convince those around them of the truth Mira belongs to him mind body and soulNote The Royal Shifters series is set in the same world as the Kagan Wolves serie Have I mentioned how much I love this series and this author? I've been trying to put my finger on why this series above other supernatural series appeals to me and I think I have it I think it is the writing Nancy weaves such a wonderful and realistic tale that it is hard to not get involved in the characters lives It is almost like I have to remind myself that it is not real and just all made up I think that is the key to being a magnificent write when the reader forgets that what they are reading is not real This story is a little but different in that it focuses on Mira who is a Royal shifter and Josh who is just a guy thrown into the shifter world when his brother is murdered and he gets custody of his niece who happens to be a shifter Mira who is Devin's twin sister has lead a hard life She was force mated when she was little by a shifter who wanted to fulfill a prophecy about Mira's babies and when he tried to rape her she killed him She has spent the last few hundred years alone and miserable putting on a brave face for her brother who suffered her punishment turning away suitors who just want to use her as a breeding machine Until she meets Josh Josh is just a man and could care less about a prophecy about Mira and her babies All he knows is that she is the most stunning woman he has ever seen Both of them fight the intense attraction they have for each other because no female shifter has ever mated a human male there is no possible way for it to happen and for Josh to survive When the Council forced Mira to pick a mate and procreate all hell breaks lose because there is no way Josh is going to sit back and let that happen He may not be a shifter but he is allll alpha and no one is going to force his woman to mate anyone but him Josh is such a hotty He knows he wants Mira he knows she is the one and he doesn't give a crap about all the other rigmarole that is going on He abides by the shifter rules because he is an honorary member of the pack but there is no way he is going to sit back and let them take Mira away from him When they succumb to their attraction Mira and Josh together are electric Unable to resist each other any after fighting to keep away from each other and what ever the feelings they have for each other they decide to face it head on Mira is so confused by everything that is going on she knows that Josh is her one but that has never happened before female shifters are all about honor and breeding not falling in love and finding their one especially when their one is a human male Josh is all instinct and after a series of situations happens he does what comes naturally to him and takes control of the situationSome of the best scenes are watching Mira submit to Josh it is so lovely watching her give over centuries of power to Josh and trusting and knowing that he will protect her even though she is the ultimate predator I was literally on the edge of my seat at one point almost yelling at the book And hearing Josh call Mira 'kitten' has me getting all swoony I love when I get that involved in book it makes my day I loved all the secondary characters in the book its nice to read about Devin Lena Rafe and Jazz and also get introduced to Zoe Josh's sister who has attitude I love it when she is injured Kade is forced to heal her and she becomes his beloved human I love how she calls the Royal pride leader her pretty kitty soooo cool As with the other 2 books I loved this book I would just like to put in my reuest that the next book be about Zoe and Kade please

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Centuries after what should have been a blessing from a goddess Mira has gone from the chosen daughter to a woman shamed She’s found a tentative peace among her family and the females they’ve chosen to mate And despite the potentially fatal conseuences Mira has found the one thing she never thought she’d have love Josh is the only 45 Stars 3 Flames You know that moment you finish a book and you're just staring at the page with your mouth slightly open in shock only to turn the page reminding you it's actually over? Yep that happened to me yesterday with this third installment of Royal Pride This series is the first one I've been engaged in that has THREE Feline's housing one shifter Hence the reference of being a Royal Only Royal shifters are this blessed But when a human turns out to be a true mate to one of these female Royals the rules of the goddesses don't seem work the same way they do with the alpha male Royals This is where we find ourselves in this installmentMira is an alpha female Royal who has been living a cursed life for the past three hundred years From the moment she was born the Royal goddesses bestowed a prophecy that actually damned her than anything Not only was she permanently emotionally scarred by a mating event but now she's being forced by the Shifter Council to take a mate from her pride This should be flashing red alert everywhere right? Yep Here's the other main issue Ever since she's moved to town with her pride she can't seem to stop the pull she feels toward the human that owns the local bar everyone spends their time atJosh is the human that everyone was forced to accept in to their pack after his brother adopted a baby that turned out to be a Royal shifter cub Royal Pride #1 Although he's been accepted in to the pride he's human And is reminded of it every single day because he too can't draw his attention anywhere else but toward Mira It's a magnetic pull that he's excepted but convincing Mira that the goddesses may have gotten the whole true mate thing slightly wrong becomes and obsession that feels like it could turn in to a train wreckDo you know why I loved this installment so much? Because as a human I ACTUALLY starting thinking that I could become a shifter too Yep I'm that obsessed with PNR's and this series The way the author was able to incorporate Royal Law Goddess Law Shifter Law and any other Law I might be forgetting was absolutely creatively awesome And I understood it I'm so happy that Mira and Josh got their HEA but I have to admit that I was just as intrigued with the way they got it Did I mention how creative it was?Oh and to top off my excitement the author bridges this installment with one of her other installments in another series Kagan Wolves 2 I've NEVER seen or heard of an author who has successfully done this while keeping the integrity of both series intact And THEN we're blessed with finding out who the next installment is going to be about in this series OMG Seriously? Sigh I CAN NOT WAITI was given this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion

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Favorite Obsession Royal Pride #3Male she’s ever wanted desired and burned for and he’s the only man she can never hope to keepOne glance into Mira’s exotic feline eyes and Josh is lost She’s everything he never knew he wanted and loving her becomes a passion he can’t deny The obstacles keeping them apart seem insurmountable but Josh knows he’s the man Mir 5 Obsession Stars The moment I started reading I could not put Favorite Obsession down till I was finished This is my first experience reading Nancy Corrigan and I'll I can say is Amazing Spectacular and Hot I want I was pulled into her shifter world and taken on a hot sexy run The writing was fabulous Nancy weaves such a wonderful realistic tail that we get pulled into the characters lives Favorite Obsession is book three in Nancy Corrigan’s Royal Pride series and can be read as a stand alone We get intrigue sexual tension action a little humor and hot sex Josh a human was thrown into the shifter world He is a hotty and very alpha He new the moment he laid eyes on Mira that she is his end all one and only He follows the shifter rules because he is an honorary member of the pack but he won’t sit back and let his women be taken from him Mira is a Royal shifter Mira has not had an easy life A prophecy about her and her babies has lived over her head since the day she was born This prophecy has caused Mira heartache She puts on a brave face but she is lonely and miserable I just loved both Josh and Mira together They both go through some tuff emotional struggles and some big hurtles to be together We see Mira struggle with resisting her fated one and we see Josh fight for his women even when the odds are way against him I loved how Josh sees Mira for who she is and not for the prophecy I liked the plot it was interesting and the Shifter Council are just so bad They are forcing Mira to pick a mate and procreate but Josh will not have it He may not be shifter but he is very much all alphaMira and Josh are sizzling together once they succumb to their attraction The sex in this book will make your panties wet Oh baby It was nice watching Mira give up power and submit to Josh and learn to trust him I enjoyed all the secondary characters and now I want to go back and read the first two books I also enjoyed getting introduced to Zoe Josh's sister who has attitude She add that little humor in this book and when she meets Kade well lets just say the author has set up her fourth book perfectly This is a must read for all erotic paranormal romance fans You will not be disappointed The writing is superb The sex is off the charts The characters are interesting Not once did I get board I will be reading all the books in this series and Nancy Corrigan has gone onto my authors to read listDisclaimerI received a complimentary copy free of charge from author Nancy Corrigan with the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own