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Candy GirlE from uiet gentlemen’s clubs to multilevel sex palaces and glassed in peep shows In witty prose she gives readers a behind the scenes look at this industry through a writer’s keen eye chronicling her descent into the skin trade and the effect it had on her self image and her relationship with her now husband Diablo Cody wrote the Oscar winning screenplay for the smart and funny movie Juno As one might expect her memoir about a year spent working as a stripper is also smart and funny but much much harder edged Cody was working as an office drone in Minneapolis when she spontaneously decided to try out Amateur Night at a nearby strip dive Though her first attempt garnered her all of nine dollars she was so fascinated by the world she saw she got herself put on the schedule at an upscale strip clubDriven in part by a last ditch rebellious desire to escape the cubicle farm hell of respectable adulthood as well as by an urge to master the secrets of a mysterious profession in which successful dancers could make thousands of dollars a night Cody worked in half a dozen different clubs In her uest for sex industry success she also transformed herself from a pink haired punk nerd girl into a fake blond with hair extensions lacuered death nails and make up than a circus clown Cody is unflinchingly honest as she describes the stripping profession from the inside Earning a living by removing one's clothes it turns out is nowhere near as easy as one might presume Bored customers passive aggressive DJ's and extortionist club uota policies that can leave dancers in debt to the house at the end of a slow night are just a few of the challenges she had to overcome Cody eventually figured out how to play the game well enough to sock away a down payment on a house but that cash came at the expense of physical and emotional exhaustion not to mention permanent foot damage from those towering stripper shoes While Cody's smart insights into this unfamiliar forbidden world make for fascinating reading much of what she relates is so graphic there were places I learned than I wanted to about what really goes on behind those blackened windows There is a decidedly un sexy reality behind the cold hard commercialization of sex one that even Diablo Cody's skilled storytelling and punchy humor is hard pressed to balance out

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Download Mobi ½ Candy Girl ¸ Æ Diablo cody Í Decreed by David Letterman tongue in cheek on CBS TV’s The Late Show to be the pick of “Dave’s Book Club 2006” Candy Girl is the story of a young writer who dared to bare it all as a stripper At the age of twenty four Diablo Cody decided there had to be to life thaDecreed by David Letterman tongue in cheek on CBS TV’s The Late Show to be the pick of “Dave’s Book Club 2006” Candy Girl is the story of a young writer who dared to bare it all as a stripper At the age of twenty four Diablo Cody decided there had to be to life than typing copy at an ad agency She soon ma Just a disclaimer here I recommended this book for book club and was thoroughly humiliated as a result Now I don't consider myself a prude by any stretch of the imagination and am usually willing to stand by my recommendations However When it came time to lead the discussion group I felt myself groping for uestions It seemed a little odd to open the session with What was your reaction when the author was working peep shows and would watch men jisming over the plate glass Were you horrified Gratified BothObviously this was my bad I can't blame Cody for not having written a good book club book Actually this probably goes in the plus column as far as its literary merit is concerned I don't know why I was shocked that a book about stripping would be so graphic but there you have it I'm an idiotThat being said I think Candy Girl suffers from Cody's stringent desire to defend her career choice While I understand this impulse I myself get a little tired of people painting EVERYONE who works in the sex industry as perverted amoral disturbed etc I still felt that Cody wasn't being honest about her motivations for working in an industry that is physically demanding emotionally draining and not even that financially rewarding I was shocked to learn how much the house takes from its strippers These gals have got to unionizeAfter reading the book I suspect Cody was testing the idea that the corporate workaday world is just as illegitimate and corrupt as the sex industry The only difference is that the former pretends to be decent while treating people like crap while the latter is honest about exploiting its workers and customers This false distinction enrages me too and I'm totally with Cody on that scoreStill I did wince at some of the stuff the author was expected to do Somehow I had an image of stripping that was akin to Gypsy Rose Lee coyly dancing behind a bubble when in reality it involved laying spread eagled on a stage while college guys sprayed your vagina with water pistols An eye opener to say the leastI guess I was wanting a little vulnerability from the author One of the few times I felt her letting down her guard was when she described being devastated when a group of women come into her peep show and openly mock her as she lays prone on a chaise longue I guess the fact that there was a layer of glass between them made the ladies feel bold Still it was an awful moment and I really liked how Cody described how hurt she was as a result I also adored the fact that she would do karate kicks to heavy metal standards during her dance routines She sounds like my kind of stripperI've heard Diablo talk about how she thought the job would cultivate a strong bond among she and her fellow strippers Instead the opposite was true Everybody became ultra competitive as a result of vying for dances I wish she would have written a little about thatAnyway I'm glad to see that her movie Juno has done so well I suspect it's because she wasn't writing about herself In creating fictional characters she was able to drop the tough girl act and expose their vulnerability And conseuently her own Personally that's the incarnation of Cody I most enjoy I respectfully leave Cherish her stripper ID back at the pole

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Naged to find inspiration from a most unlikely source amateur night at the seedy Skyway Lounge While she doesn’t take home the prize that night Diablo discovers to her surprise the act of stripping is an absolute thrill This is Diablo’s captivating fish out of water story of her yearlong walk on the wild sid The author's detachment is chilling Her need to present herself as a badass hipster is behavior worthy of an 8th grader She's a tourist slumming amongst the sex workers and tells the story with a note taking photo snapping objectification of the locals sort of air that is inhumane at best Still another post feminist telling herself she's a sexy pin up type and confusing true subversiveness with her willingness to use and be used by the patriarchy In a clumsy wrap up that was obviously suggested by an editor who begged for a sliver of insight on Cody's part Cody states that she knows she didn't become a stripperpeep show girlphone sex worker because she was abused as a child She knows she wasn't sexually abused She knows this because she wasn't a very pretty little girl Ugh Yeah Ms Cody pedophiles only like the pretty onesNone of this is about sex it's about power MsCody how can someone so witty be so stupid