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Pathogen (A Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery, #2) Characters Ó 108 é When a deadly virus surfaces in the small wealthy town of Hidden Valley British Columbia Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship Kate and Andy are also forced When a deadly virus surfaces in the small wealthy town of Hidden Valley British Columbia Dr Kate Morrison and Sergeant Andy Wyles work together to uncover the source of the outbreak As the two women navigate their new relationship Kate and Andy are. Edited 11112016 for some thoughts regarding the ending see bottom of review Because Trigger is one of my all time favorite thrillers this seuel was an easy choice a drop everything you're doing and grab it read for me Lead character Kate Morrison is a hardworking but unassuming ER doctor working in a busy Vancouver hospital The harrowing events in Trigger has added a few physical and psychological scars to the ones she's carried from before a life long guilt over a death she was helpless to prevent Meanwhile RCMP sergeant Andy Wyles her erstwhile protector and savior from Book 1 has become her lover Their few moments of solitude together in the mountains have been some of the happiest times for Kate But coming back to work and the real world she has to learn to navigate the changed politics in the ER accept her newly discovered sexual identity and manage a relationship with a woman who is very comfortable in her own But scarcely has she warmed her seat again before she and Andy are called back into action to handle a mysterious outbreak of flu that sounds suspiciously like it's deliberateSeuels often have a hard time living up to the original especially if the latter is a solid 5 star thriller with a really uniue premise Can the author come up with something spine chllling than a human bomb Turns out she didn't need to In Pathogen the boogeyman is one of mankind's oldest nemesis viruses Kate goes into full investigative mode as she tries to figure out the how's of transmission and treatment while Andy carries on a parallel investigation into the who and the why This focus on medical investigation is what sets this book apart from the first And makes for a fresh in depth look at the real Dr Kate Morrison in action and in her element Being together throughout the book also allows a deeper exploration of Kate and Andy's relationship This is less straightforward than I assumed as even these two mature perfectly understanding protagonists still have some issues to work out chief of which is Andy's tendency to be overprotective and Kate's struggle with her sexual identity Add to that the presence of a creepy and prickly character from Andy's past pesky patronage politics and the breathless and sleepless race to find a cure and we've got one doozy of a thriller with a dash of lesfic dramaWhat makes Pathogen such an effective thriller rests in its ability to sustain tension throughout the book Even in the uieter moments not involving the medical cases there was always an undercurrent of dramatic tension going on between the characters This is due to the variety of nuanced supporting characters that populate PathogenMy favorite parts of the book have to be Kate and Andy's interactions Loving familiar yet still tinged with some uncertainty and tension a perfect example of a new couple adjusting to each other working through their issues together under the most unusual and trying of circumstances sort of like a baptism of fire and succeeding or failing at it I love how the author has continued to develop Kate as a very complex character her psyche damaged and rendered fragile by circumstances but still amazingly resilient Andy's still the same strong silent and fiercely protective type We get to know uite a bit about her in this book because we see her and everything else from Kate's POV and Kate knows her much better now They are so attuned to each other and yet because of the newness of the relationship and unresolved issues things have a tendency to flare up at any moment especially with the added pressure of the case I loved reading how they resolved their issues or didn't Their relationship is so lovingly and sensitively delineated that it feels so special even if it's just a small part of the book The rich plot takes uite a few interesting turns but the meat of the book is the hunt for the virus' origins and the most effective treatment protocol And this necessarily involves looking into the virus' epidemiology it's origins possible mutations virulence modes of transmission etc The book feels very authentic in this aspect and almost makes the job of a virologist sexy Almost I don't pretend to understand everything about how pathogens mutate and invade but the book manages to make the chase uite rivetingPlot wise it does seem unorthodox that the powers that be would call in a hospital ER doc in to manage and track down a flu outbreak instead of say an infectious disease specialist virologist or pathologistbut the author managed to make it work for me Kate's insistence on relying on patient background and history instead of just the usual clinical charts for diagnosis her results oriented approach her non confrontational style her natural empathy for others and her ability to work with the most prickly personalities makes her ultimately perfect for that roleBottom line I highly recommend this book for people looking for a smart tightly written riveting medical investigative thriller that also works as an excellent character study of a woman who's been through hell and back though a little worse for wear each time ugh I'm dreading what the 3rd book will do to hershe may never admit it but she needs to get some serious therapy now before she dives into any misadventures Her unassuming nature survival instincts or lack of it as Andy vehemently proclaims lol and a keen eye for people reading makes her a genuine heroine we can all get into 5 starsARC from NetgalleyEdited 11112016There's an issue with the ending that I haven't mentioned because it is obviously a major spoiler But based on a conversation with reviewer Agirlcandream I think it's a legitimate concern view spoilerOne of the tropes I dislike most in romances is when a character walks away from the relationship for one reason or another instead of staying to talk it out or something Kate actually pulls such a stunt at the very end My initial reaction was one of shock This is so unlike her It's an incredibly selfish move on the surface Normally I would have torn into her abrupt departure as I was going to when Kate goes around babysitting patients instead of looking for the cure But that's one of the things I love about the book everything is so complex On the one hand I want to slap Kate in the head but on the other she seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown there seems to be much going on with her she has so many unresolved issues on top of all these harrowing experiences where she was thrust the responsibility of so many lives She's losing it methinks But then the book ends Personally I think it's a good point to end the book and leave things for the next one I want to see how it all plays out in the next book hide spoiler

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Also forced to navigate a highly political and increasingly panicked community Still bearing the scars of her recent abduction Kate is driven to discover how this virus attacks her critically ill patients while Andy investigates suspicions of bioter. Trigger book 1 in this series was one of the best lesfic books released in 2016 Add in the fact that it was a debut novel for Webb and it is really unbelievable Pathogen was highly anticipated and I really wondered how could it live up to its predecessor The answer unbelievably well This is easily another 5 Stars for Webb without a doubt in my mindWhat I loved about Trigger was the human bomb storyline So new and different than any other lesfic book This book is about deadly viruses something that we have read about or seen as a TV plot Even with something that we have seen before this book still blew me away Than I realized the real reason I love these books is because of Webb's writing After only two books she is already a brilliant writer I hope Bold Strokes Books realizes what a star they have hereI find it harder to write reviews when I love a book It's hard to really describe and put into words how it made me feel I also don't want to give to much of the plot away I will say when comparing the two books they are pretty different This book does not have the heart pounding excitement that was in Trigger But that is not to say this book doesn't suck you in immediately and not let you go until you are finished I'm also impressed that even with all the medical and scientific mumbo jumbo in this book I knew exactly what was going on Webb does not talk down to readers or flood them with facts we can't really comprehendI easily and happily recommend this book to all lesfic fans and I hope mainstream fans would read this to This books storyline is contained enough that someone could read this without reading Trigger but I would recommend reading Trigger first Not only is it important to understand the full connection between the main characters but Trigger is fantastic so why would you want to miss it An ARC was given to me by Bold Strokes Books for a honest review

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Pathogen A Dr Kate Morrison Mystery #2Rorism As the death count rises Kate struggles with a crushing sense of helplessness the pressure to keep the residents of Hidden Valley alive and Andy’s growing concern that maybe Kate hasn’t yet dealt with her troubled pastThe seuel to Trigger. Ffs NEXT