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Free read Ð Lumen: A Novel Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Em Outubro de 1939 o capitão Martin Bora encontra a abadessa Kazimierza morta a tiro no jardim do seu convento O alegado poder desta mulher para prever o futuro trouxe lhe um grupo de seguidores devotos; o seu trabalho e lema Lumen Christi Adiuva Nos Luz de Cristo Hristi Adiuva Nos Luz de Cristo ajuda nos parece ue também lhe trouxe alguns inimigosO padre Malecki chegou à Cracóvia por solicitação do papa para investigar os poderes de Kazimierza O Vaticano ordena o a permanecer e assistir B. This is one of the oddest and most engrossing novels I've read in a while In one sense it's a crime novelmystery with not one but two homicides to investigate and two different killers In another sense it's a war novel being set not long after the 1939 invasion of Poland by the Nazis Added to which there are subtexts that seem to be ruminating on matters like the relative subjective nature of good and evilA visionary abbess has been killed in Cracow and the Nazis occupiers are concerned because should the crime prove to have been committed by one of their own there might be a public outcry and rioting And the possibility that she might have died at German hands is a real one the SD are on a murderous rampage through the countryside and unchecked as they are who's to know what other atrocities they might commit on mere sadistic whim Intelligence officer Captain Martin Bora is thus put in charge of the investigation and the Cracow cops are barred from it Also involved is the Chicago Catholic priest Father Malecki who was sent here to evaluate whether the abbess genuinely had the gift of prophecy with an eye toward possibly her eventual beatificationBora and Malecki for a while hugely suspicious of each other must somehow cooperate to find out what happened Both have problems with superiors who seem intent on putting obstacles in their wayAnd Bora has another death to investigate He was billeted in a luxury apartment the Jewish owners having been evicted and likely worse with another officer called Retz whose constant womanizing drove Bora crazy Now Retz has been found dead with his head in the gas oven; the official verdict is suicide but some tiny clues make Bora pretty certain there has been foul playBecause of the general lack of concern among Bora's superiors about either case the latter is regarded as case closed while as for the former the attitude is who really cares about the death of a Polack he must carry on doing his other duties as well And the narrative follows along with him as he does so This is one of the reasons this is such an odd duck of a novel for sometimes uite long stretches the mystery aspects are forgotten This could I suppose give the impression that the text is wandering a bit but in fact they're absorbing and their presence has the interesting effect of making Bora and the story that much real Although Bora is perfectly capable of committing acts that you or I would find repulsive at the same time he himself is repulsed by many of the deeds he witnesses his countrymen perform Even though he's a Nazi he has a core of honor of integrity even of decency and as the book progresses we see this inner Martin Bora stir and The realization is dawning on him that perhaps it's not that the brutal criminals he sees are perverting Nazism but that Nazism itself is fundamentally wrong and that the Germans should not be here in Poland It's this slow process of redemption even though we see only its earlier stages there are seuels that makes Lumen so fascinatingBen Pastor though born in Italy was for many years an academic in the US She has now I believe returned to Italy where she continues to write about Martin Bora She has a series too about a Roman detective However I enjoyed Lumen sufficiently that I'm somewhat timid about trying any of the seuels This is a novel that's complete and completely satisfying in its own rightOverall this is a book I'd heartily recommend although I could see some thriller readers being frustrated by what they might see as its perversities

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Em Outubro de 1939 o capitão Martin Bora encontra a abadessa Kazimierza morta a tiro no jardim do seu convento O alegado poder desta mulher para prever o futuro trouxe lhe um grupo de seguidores devotos; o seu trabalho e lema Lumen C. Set just after the German invasion of Poland in 1939 this is a well written intelligent thriller Captain Martin Bora is a young officer who wants to make his mark while being uncomfortable about many of the things he witnesses and also takes part in The author makes us both aware of Bora's complicity and yet also his humanity His eyes burned and ached with smoke and he wouldn't wipe them for fear of appearing moved because he wasn't as one passage puts it so well His troubled encounter with a previous piano teacher and his complaints about shootings leads to his superior office Colonel Schenck stating We're all in it If it's guilt we're all guiltyWhen Bora first arrives in Poland he is billeted with Retz who is out to enjoy life and relishes the advantages of uniform He is also working with Colonel Hofer who has been visiting an Abess Mother Kazimierza claimed to be a saint This leads to Bora visiting the convent with Hofer where he comes into contact with Father Malecki a priest and American citizen who has been given the task by the Church of investigating the unofficial cult surrounding the Abess When Mother Kazimierza is shot Father Malecki unwillingly has to help Bora investigate Was she a saint Was she involved in the underground or working with the GermansEverything about this book works well drawing you in and demanding to be picked up and read Bora is a very human character and you feel both for him and Father Malecki and the difficult positions both find themselves in Colonel Schenck with his obsession about reproduction and Retz and his complete selfishness bring depth to the book Everyone has something to hide and even Bora and Malecki cannot be open with each other even if investigating together I highly recommend this book and hope that in the series will become available soon If you enjoy this novel and you will you may also like The Warsaw Anagrams and Zoo Station

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Lumen A NovelOra na investigação do homicídio Surpreendido pela violência da ocupação e ideologia dos seus colegaso senso de dever prussiano de Bora é testado até ao limite A interferência da sedutora actriz Ewa Kowalska também não ajud. The key figure in Ben Pastor’s excellent historical mystery LUMEN seems to be a murdered nun Mother Matka Kazimierza was not just any nun Known as the “Holy Abbess” Kazimierza was considered a visionary who could supposedly predict the future In early October 1939 her body is found in a convent in Cracow Poland by a German officer who was surreptitiously meeting with her as he tried to cope with the approaching death of his four year old son The Germans were slowly wrapping up control of Cracow following their invasion of Poland on September 1 1939 In addition they were implementing joint occupation of the country as per the Nazi Soviet Pact of August 26 1939 as the Soviet Union had invaded Poland in mid September to seize their half of the country The German Commander Lt Colonel Emile Schenck appoints Captain Martin Bora to head up the investigation into the nun’s deathLUMEN is the first in Pastor’s well received series of historical mysteries that take place during World War II that Capt Bora a well educated PhD from the University of Leipzig and veteran of the Spanish Civil War is the main character For the investigation of the “Holy Abbess” Bora a Jesuit himself must collaborate with Father John Malecki an American priest from Chicago who had been sent by the Archbishop to study the phenomenon of Matka Kazimierza Once she was murdered he was instructed to remain in Cracow and assist in the investigation with the German authoritiesBora faced a number of difficulties in dealing with the case First his roommate Major Richard Retz had a very productive love life that made Bora very uncomfortable as he was expected to stay away from their apartment for Retz’s liaisons Second were his personal values Though only in Cracow for a short period of time he witnessed a number of things that than troubled him The use of Jewish slave labor; executions; beatings; revenge killings; rape; massacres; seizure of private property; enforcement of racial laws; and the destruction of books and documents from university libraries all went against his moral code Third he resented the constant lectures from his commander concerning what was expected of the pure blooded Aryan male – propagate the Reich for the next generation Lastly trying to work with Father Malecki whose loyalties and values seemed to conflict with his own As the story evolves Bora’s moral confusion no longer controls him as he witnesses what Nazism has brought to Poland Bora’s consciousness raising awareness stems from seeing Ukrainians hanged and “Polack farmers” shot and while some remained alive locked in a barn to be burned to deathPastor has an excellent grasp of historical events that are woven into her story German Russian distrust is on full display over boundaries and accusations that each side is engaging in atrocities The action of the German SD or secret police reflect everything Bora finds reprehensible about Nazi rule The competition between the Wehrmacht and the SS for control of certain investigations jurisdiction and territorial oversight is analyzed carefullyThe core of the story involves why the “Holy Abbess” was murdered Was it a result of her predictions for the future Did she help the Polish underground These uestions factor into the investigation as does the Abbess’ predictions as to whether they were apocalyptic or political Pastor does a remarkable job developing her characters particularly the relationship that grows between Bora and Father Malecki The author also develops the characters of a number of Polish actresses especially Ewa Kowalska and her daughter Helena Sokora who were both involved with Bora’s roommate There are numerous other characters from the Polish Archbishop SS Captain Salle Weber Lt Colonel Nowotny the German coroner among others who greatly impact the plotPastor’s novel is a combination of the Catholic faith politics ethics as some are conflicted by events while others seem to enjoy what ultimately will lead to the Holocaust and murder of countless Poles Lumen light and darkness are in conflict with each other throughout the story and through Bora’s uest for truth the reader should have a satisfactory read If you are a fan of Philip Kerr’s Bernie Guenther series you will especially enjoy Pastor’s work I look forward to enjoying LIAR MOON the next installment of the Martin Bora series