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Regiment of Women: A Novel Read Î 6 í It is the 21st century In New York City the worst fears of future shock have become daily realities for its inhabitants There are freuent pollution alerts and detention centres are located Georgie Cornell goes to work in a white tailored blouse and pleated skirt Only Georgie is a manIties for its inhabitants There are freuent pollution alerts and detention centres are located. I love speculative fiction But in order for me to accept it I have to believe there is some chance that what is portrayed in a book could happen We are to believe that in the not too distant future book was published in 1973 I believe it supposed to take place on 2047 only 74 years later normal sex will consist of men being penetrated by dildo wearing women men will wear artificial breasts while women bind their chests and the family will be eliminated Not to mention that men will live in fear of being beaten and raped by women If Berger had imagined a world where women had taken economic power and transferred it to all aspects of society I could believe it but his imagined reality is ridiculous Another problem is that almost every female character in the book seems to either hate men or have contempt for them BTW a film producer Sirad Balducci is pushing a TV series based on the book I can't imagine she is using the book as is all I see on her website is that it is based on the concept of women taking over the world If it ever pans out should be interesting but Covid 19 pretty much stopped TVfilms for 2020

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Georgie Cornell goes to work in a white tailored blouse and pleated skirt Only Georgie is a m. Set in a mythical future Regiment of Women is a weird jambalaya of a novel Gender norms have been swapped with women being the dominant sex Men can be raped harassed by female hooligans on the streets sexually molested by dirty old women and denied ownership of stores they run But the novel can’t make up its mind what it wants to be Is it a comedic farce in which an Everyman gets wrongfully arrested for transvestism a Federal crime and then tumbles from one ludicrous situation to another Is it meant to be a social satire on the foolishness of gender associations Perhaps it’s a strident tract of feminism disguised as science fiction Then again it might be a screwball romance complete with car chases clothes swapping and impromptu robberies albeit without the reuisite amorous talk and with borderline rapeThe title itself is misleading Surely there are women in charge of military maneuvers But they come off as being a bunch of hapless lackadaisical easily cowed laggards who barely put up resistance or a reasonable fight when Georgie Cornell decides to turn the tables on them Military federal agent or cop they’re just not very effectual in their jobs which seems to be a sharp poke in the eye to anyone who claims women can perform in these roles as well as men if given the chanceThis confusion over the novel’s message means that I can’t rank it very highly While the novel is well written with a panoply of interesting characters surprising scenes and no dead spots in its pages its inability to settle on a recognizable idea or theme means that I can’t recommend it to anyone

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Regiment of Women A NovelIt is the 21st century In New York City the worst fears of future shock have become daily real. Berger's concept the terms masculine and feminine still apply to men and women respectively but the connotations of these words are completely reversed Skirts and high heels masculine; trousers and ties feminine Passive and emotional masculine; aggressive and logical feminine From this idea he builds a dystopia where women are in charge and men have no powerUnlike many future dystopias Berger's does not come with a backstory to explain its origins The setting might be 75 years from the 1973 publication date as someone born in 2003 is said to be 45 But elsewhere a vague catastrophe which has laid waste to Manhattan is referred to as the general collapse circa A D 2050 Also mention is made of centuries of female oppression of males though this may be an exaggeration by an advocate of Men's Liberation; besides men are not good with numbers Another clue may be embodied in this example of the novel's humor in Colonel Peckham's address to the new recruits about to serve their 6 month term at a New Jersey sperm camp babies are produced in vitro and born from machines Camp Kilmer Thousands of young men have passed through this camp in its long history and before that thousands of young women en route to the wars and many of those brave girls are buried in some foreign land having sacrificed their lives in the defense of democracyThis very camp is named for one of them Joyce Kilmer the poetess who authored 'Trees' and subseuently died in combat That was a century or ago and yet it is not forgotten Re written post apocalyptic history or alternate history Berger is non committal Berger's idea seems to be to illustrate the arbitrary nature of stereotyped gender roles by putting men literally in women's shoes I was reminded of the male Cheyennes who lived as females in Little Big Man The concept is difficult to sustain over 300 pages The typical dystopian formula is followed the protagonist Georgie Cornell becomes an outlaw and experiences the oppressive machinery of the gynocracy firsthand Through Georgie's adventures the reader slowly comes to accept Berger's world which at first seems too improbable to be creditable view spoilerUltimately when Georgie escapes from Camp Kilmer with a female discontent the novel becomes a version of road trip rom com with the standard attraction of opposites tropes The conclusion brings an assertion of normative sexuality as the runaway couple discover the pleasures of the forbidden act of sexual intercourse hide spoiler